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Abandoned Crookham Court Manor School Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Crookham Court Manor School Escape

EightGames - Abandoned Crookham Court Manor School Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside an Abandoned Crookham Court Manor School. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

yellow balls for 4 wheels in most right scene from the end (library)

good to know Zebu ;-P

letter & symbol buttons go in empty room with a non-lit fireplace (2 left from start)

black buttons with a brown ring go in top scene (dressing room)

numbers on bathtub

from smallest to biggest, for same room

Hello all, Grey buttons with possibly pipes go in last scene on the left side.

Hi, joining you but I'm waiting for some phone calls so I might be behind you.

Once 4 yellow balls are in place, you can move them about. Need a clue.

right of start is hint for 4 yellow balls it seems

sorry, right of end

The clue for the yellow balls is left of the scene where you've placed them. Hot spot on grey window on the right.

In the last room (top row, far right) there's a hotspot at the open desk drawer for the eraser. After using there's a square, don't know by now what it is.

5#code in stairs up scene (bottom of start) is for upstairs (start)

You need the magnifier for this square - gives the clue for the three colored balls on wall in the same room. You need nine of them.
Has anyone an idea where zo use the key?

Thanks AO abd Rudiger, going off to look.

Downstairs (one from start) there's a 6# clue at the wall between stairs and right door.


where comes magnifier from? & key?

Just to say again: In EightGames tab works for clues and puzzles but not for items. So that might help to find keyholes etc.

assembled green polygon goes in scene 2 up from start

I think I've found the magnifier somewhere and the key I think was from the yellow dots puzzle but I'm not that sure since I'm stuck for an eternity ...

my lasst yellow ball was in start scene bottom left

key from yellow ball puzzle indeed

drag the balls

now where to use key...?

Chalk is used in scene downstairs of start - gives a weird letter hint.
Hot spot on grey wall left of stairs.

Key is used in library right of door.

chalk letters are used in scene right of hint (end)

In the room to the right of End there's a puzzle above the ladder thingy. Put the five brown shapes into the frame and change their order to make them fit into the patterns (hard to explain, something like key teeth)

Good find, AO - Thanks

make a screenshot of brown shape puzzle before placing last tile - it helps to solve puzzle

key for library right of start btw

Just to get at your level, guys: I have a piece of chalk but I don't find a place to use it in the scene downstairs... Can you help please?

Forget it - POP!

Strange, and I had used tab there....

my last paper piece in most right room up from start (ball puzzle & spot for - still not found - magnifier)

Where to use the scale?

Collecting five books gives a symbol hint, by the way.

The slider puzzle in far left room downstairs is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paper for number grid in forelast scene from most right scene up from start (hall with 8 letter code)

missing top tile from this puzzle Rüdiger, do you remember where did you find it?

Zebu, what scale? Rüdiger, NOT good to know.

btw new monkey go happy stage out at


I'm pretty sure the magnifier was lying in the open on a floor AO.

Sure you all knew that you collect green shapes to make a kind of gem which goes into the room with the bathtub, to the right of the green door.

Alpha, missing that magnifier too. If you find it first, tell me, otherwise I do.

Oh thanks Merit, I've been round and round searching for a 6th book.

@meritneith Cannot remember, where I found the scale. Maybe from the 4 bottles?! A white scale, that must be used somewhere …

missing bottom middle green book... (#6?)

& how to use 4 bottle hint?

Has anyone found a clue for the black buttons with brown rings in the dressing room?

Have finally found my last bottle and have no idea how to use it on 4 colored code ...

duh didn't open books, you need only 5

Bottle hint: Look for the level of liquids inside the bottles!

@Rüdiger, do you have the ruler (which I think you get from the slider puzzle)? You need to measure the height of the liquids in each jar.

Zebu, then I still have to do that, sorry. If I get it I'll tell you.

Alpha, I think there are only five books, not sure if I had been able to turn them earlier. But the order is
4 5

so it might be complete - unless I find a 6 symbol puzzle.

POP magnifier in bathtub scene, merit

Has anyone found the red bottle? I've opened the coloured 4# puzzle that should use it without finding the bottle and got a key.

@merit, there are only five green books. Open each one to reveal the symbol code. (You can close the books too in case you forget the numbers.)

Ruler? Nope!
Losing my patience ..........

@Seraku Really?? I didn't had the ruler in my inventory when I solved the bottle puzzle. :-)

there's also a brown paper pad in 2nd scene top of start

Merit, symbols from books used in last room left path.

POP. Just found red bottle by pipe right side in scene of bath under arch.

@Alpha, thanks! I missed that clipboard.

Use the magnifier on the clipboard.

Thanks guys, just went to the room with the corner puzzle and the puzzle for bottles etc., haven't been there for quite a time.

"there's also a brown paper pad in 2nd scene top of start"
Not sure which scene you mean AO.
BTW you can solve the bottle without using the ruler.

Another permutation puzzle with some odd mechanics. One of the buttons rotates the perimeter, while the other three just rotate their quadrant.

I collected ruler in start scene but it disappeared from my inventory... :-/

use magnifier also on paper pad mentionned above

paper pad in scene before you go in dressing room

Whew! Finally out. Thanks to the hints here. (:


can't solve bottle puzzle without ruler, do you remember the numbers to check it out?

@Alpha, Oh, I might have been wrong on the ruler location. I'd have to play through again, as I forgot to write down where I got it.

Congrats Seraku - I give up!
75 min and still missing a lot of stuff ...
GL all!

How did I miss that clipboard?! In scene with bath under arch.

Dang! I can't believe that magnifier was there all the time! :-o

(I must admit I had searched now for ages in the room left from that, there's a bathtub too)

Thanks Alpha!

new Mirchi out - bbl

Solution to 4-color bottles:


AO IIRC I solved the bottles before picking up red bottle by entering 789 by estimating the heights of the other colours then scrolling through the red numbers.

I'll have a little break to play the Mirchi, just to recover. Will be back soon! Thanks so far.

Thanks for the bottle spoiler, had them all but the solution was hard to see.

As I missed the ruler, of course.

back from fun enjoyable Mirchi - thx Seraku for the spoiler, it worked ☺

btw thx merit, message received ☺

now where to use that key...

Ah, big progress: Use the numbers from the paper pad and click the buttons the according times (e.g. 4th button 6x, then the first 4x, and so on). That gave the last three coloured buttons.

Back too AO and going round in circles. Still have clipboard which I guess relates to the 4 buttons in the mobility scooter room, but can't work it out.

Use it in the forelast room in top row (one left from the coloured button puzzle). The keyhole is just below the left red window.

ah, thx merit
I already wondered how to apply those numbers...

Regarding the final permutation puzzle (3x3 brown circles with the icons)...

First, use the lower-right button (which rotates the perimeter) to get the lower-right corner icon in its place. This is the only way to do it, so get it locked in first.

After that, you will only need to use the other three buttons which rotate the four icons within their quadrant.

With the lower-right icon in place, I then worked on getting the bottom row of icons. This meant that I only needed to use the top two buttons to take care of the rest.

POP. First number on clipboard shows position, 2nd shows number of clicks.

By the way: the graffiti in the start scene, at the wall to the left of the downstairs arrow, might be a little impolite...

@merit, I noticed that too when I looking more closely at things. I guess I normally just tune out the writing in these abandoned buildings unless it seems like it is an intentional clue.

Seraku, I wish this was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life, LOL.

LOL had to use my online dictionnary for the 2nd word - not only a little impolite...!

@merit, thankfully, there are some kind denizens of the Internet that keep it from devolving into a complete mess of disgust. /r/eyebleach on reddit usually helps. (:

@Alpha, yeah I did a little research on the school in question... The folks in charge of the place were involved in some not-so-nice stuff*, so the graffiti is certainly understandable. (* I'm omitting the details, as it is hardly relevant discussion for this forum.)

Dang, now I have disgraced myself by writing that - I didn't need a dictionary, haha!

thx Seraku for the slider hint, but for me it's still a PITA - shall I consider myself out or officially cheat with the VWT? ☻

thx for the info Seraku
btw you have such a sublime language (what I like very much), that I need to look several words in my online dictionnary, too... ☺

LOL merit ☻

@Alpha, I won't say anything if you want to call it a game. (:

better call it a day with this slider LOL

@Alpha, re: language - I suppose I get that from my mom, who has always been the ultimate wordsmith in my family. Playing Scrabble(tm) with her is an exercise in futility. (:

I know this forum has quite the international reach. But I have never really noticed anything broken or awkward with your posts, so is English not actually your native tongue?

Alpha, right now I'm watching the w/t. Give me a minute, I'll write it down here.

ok & thx merit

I love to play scrabble!
but my native tongue isn't English indeed

Okay: TL -> top left, TR -> top right, BR -> bottom right

5x BR
3x TR
2x TR
5x BR

Done. Thanks Seraku, but for this kind of sliders I need a helping hand like a little child going first time to kindergarten.

Out now, thanks for helping and your nice company, hope to see you in next games. Have to leave now.

got out without solving line/pipe puzzle & with4 bottles - cheers! ☻

thx 8G for a fine game & ppl above for your hints ☺
(had to mute that ugly tune btw, don't like it at all...)

thx, too merit & the others for your company & CU ☺

THANK You Seraku for the brown circle puzzle hint.That gave me the escaoe key.
I never had to finish the "pipeline" slider puzzel. Gratefully because that is a disaster...

I didn't know there was a ruler. I thought you're supposed to guess the bottle numbers, based on how much each on is filled, which is what I did. I got out without even realizing that I didnt complete a bunch of puzzles, which kinda sucks.

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