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Abandoned Towboat Mamie S Barrett Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Towboat Mamie S Barrett Escape

EightGames - Abandoned Towboat Mamie S Barrett Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, an old man trapped inside the Abandoned Towboat Mamie S Barrett. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the old man to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

I'll play that after Mirchi, that very soon will be posted here (it's already on their site)

Magnet and stick in scene right of start scene

Hi ΑΩ just going in got a little time for skiving lol

will do mirchi also

Hi everybody

Mirchi still not posted?
well then I won't waste my time waiting, so going in...

1st AD after one second!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr!

Hi guys! I would join you if the game loaded.

game not loading

Having game issue too. Pages killed too many times (screams silently)

Two different sets of blu/white symbols: letters and numbers

Hi merineath & Rud L found a cleaver in first few scenes not sure where it sneaked into my inventory

Mine took ages to load, but I'm in now.
Use meat cleaver in room two down from top.

there's a hole in the floor in top scene, but magnet on string d/w there...

4 numbers -and-arrow puzzle (in kitchen with locked panel) give clue for symbols two scenes left

Finally in.

Alpha - put white balls in the hole

I put some white balls 3 I think in a hole & 2 coloured ones appeared but can't pick up scene after 1234 puzzle

in room 2 down from top scene, there's only a window to break with stone

take shart

Laughed to soon. Scenes keep changing by themselves, keys are turning - I have to refresh.

Letters go in leftmost scene. You have to start with the leftmost letter.

Use glass (from window) in scene with barrel


it's used 3 rooms down from top scene on wall for crown hint

Be glad I don't know those swearwords I'm just ranting in English. I could be tempted to write them down. ;-)

Cleaver in broken window scene reveals word clue.
Merit, I had that keys turning thing, but after a while a red cross appeared to back out, and things were normal again.

found mamie with the cleaver on a post zoom in leaves

I think I need to see a hint first - my letters won't go in as mentioned...

anyone used the leaf yet?
also missing top middle bit of paper...

Alpha, use cleaver/knife on wooden post (same scene as rock throwing into window)

in most right scene there seems to be a hammer, but can't take it...

Stick used one down from top.

Thanks meth, will try that. Have cleared my cache and reloaded, maybe that will work too.

Going off to butterfly escape. See u : )

awful maths clue in lots of windows scene under autumn leaves

oh sniffmouse bfly escape out, bbl here - CU there ☺

Butterfly? Yippieee!
OK, good bye!
Will come back later ....

Meanwhile I'll play the Sniffmouse/Butterflies which has just come out.

string in stable door scene looks like a hammer behind pole won't pick up maybe nothing

Anyone used magnet with thread yet?

sneaky blue ball under eg logo same scene

novelty clue in kitchen place numbers & gives you flur de lis sequence

Found my second stick in start scene. Two sticks opens number puzzle one down from top.

sneaky stick outside on side of boat

Completed word gives 2x4 clue, which seems to relate to puzzle opened with sticks.

Anyone find that last piece of paper (upper-left corner)? There is nothing else for me to do at this point, as all remaining puzzles still need clues and there are no more hot spots.

Unless we are supposed to crack that mess of numbers under the leaves by brute-force.

Same as you Seraku.

use hacksaw blade on barrel, then use magnet

use leaf on paper

Wait, @Robert, did you get the complete paper? Where was the upper-left corner? Also, where is this leaf? (:

Where did you get the hacksaw blade Robert.

Leaf was by the Mamie clue Seraku.

@methanwy, thanks. The hacksaw was outside on a tree, mixed in with the bark texture I think.

Or, it was in the grass. It just looks like a thin white sliver. Almost thought it was a thermometer.

Thanks seraku.

The last piece of paper is in the 2nd room from the top (2 number puzzles on back wall). It is in a doorway on the right side.

Found my last paper piece (upper-left corner). In the scene with the 5-letter clue (where you break the glass), it was hiding behind the post on the far right.

Snap! Just found it pixel hunter, but I'm still missing one even bigger piece.

Still have the one 2x4 number panel, which I presume there is another half we need for the complete clue.

And with the reward from the 9# puzzle, now I just need a red and green ball.

my 2nd stick was in scene right of start

Found my last paper in room with two number puzzles.

Hi Seraku found that one in mamie clue scene beside post I'm still looking for the top right had to replaty in Esc fan cos it crashed

I'm in exactly the same position as you Seraku.

how many white balls do you need to obtain the coloured ones?
I put 3 in hole already...

I've tried doing a sort of Sudoku with the two number puzzles, but no go so far.

@joycy, I think the upper-right corner was just behind a door frame in the scene with the 4x4 number puzzles. (I think the one @methanwy mentioned in their comment at 4:59.)

@Alpha, I had 5 metal balls to place in that hole.

can't find 2nd m now restarted I did that one before

just found it next to stable door lol

what to do with all those numbers under the leaves?

You need 5 balls AO. Two come from barrel.

aw thanx seraku for helping me find it :)

Trying to work on the numbers under the leaves. Is it relevant that the long number began with 327, same as the group of 3 at the bottom?

where is the magnet got the sring & what to use the stone for

@joycy, stone can break the glass panel in the scene two down from the top-most scene (refer to the map).

Magnet 1 right of opening scene joycy. High up.

ok bflies fixed now, bbl again for this one...

put the hacksaw blade in the barrel nothing happened do I need magnet to ge it back out still not found that yet

Joycy, the magnet was quite visible. Are you sure it is not hidden way down in your inventory?

ooh thanks Methanwy got it

thanks Seraku broke the glass missed that cos 2 hotspots lol

ok back again ☺

where is hacksaw from?

AO Hacksaw from tiny hotspot on tree trunk outside.

anyone worked maths out yet tried 3rd 2nd & 7th set of numbers maybe related somehow

so tiny... thx meth

I would think the numbers are 3 of the sets but which ones

I think I've just had an inspiration. First two digits in each group could be a row and column reference.

Yay, it works!

@methanwy you might be on to something... there are sixteen (4x4) groups of three.

paper after using leaf is for 9 digit code

read like you normally would read
(e.g in America & Europe)

And out! Thanks, @methawny. And thanks 8G for the game!

Blue balls slider is easy. Gives rest of 1234 hint. But I'd tried that layout already. Now I have to try it all over again :(

Since I'd already done the 1234 solution before I saw the clue, I'm going to consider myself out. See you later.

nice find meth - thx

first number is row, 2nd column, 3rd which one to put in

And thanks everyone for hints, and 8G for game.

I think I always will officially consider myself out at 8G with usually a PITA slider at the end...! ;-P

thx ppl for the hints above & 8G for a enjoyable game of this style ☺
liked the coordinates puzzle


Leaf numbers for the


Holy smokes, methanwy, you're a straight-up genius!

Holy smokes, methanwy, you're a straight-up genius!

finally got time to finish game did every puzzle & out with key thanks all you lovely ppl for very good hints best ways to make my brain work also

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