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Escape From Castello Di Casole Hotel Walkthrough

Escape From Castello Di Casole Hotel

EightGames - Escape From Castello Di Casole Hotel is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his trip, a tourist trapped inside Castello Di Casole Hotel. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:10 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

thumbnail above is misleading - no pool, no palm trees, no sun, no sea in this one, bummer

collecting stuff atm...

Giving them one last chance.

Found the daily candle! ;-)

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:13 AM  

click window parts in order (room below end, hint in end room) for house puzzle hint

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:14 AM  

LOL merit

there are 3 of them! ;-P

But this is playing in Tuscany (at least I've seen a picture of the Florence cathedral), and that's a great landscape to spend your holidays.

Yeah, got them all!

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:17 AM  

gear goes below pic in room below start

Didn't see that window, clicked like mad on the houses themselves! Doh. TY.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:20 AM  

btw re robot thingy
how can I shut down PC when I don't want to lose my game progress...?

Hello everyone, knife used on window in end room.

Good question, I'm even out of the game when I only refresh. But it might work when you pull the power plug of your router.

Hi meth - we can need every helping hand in games like these!

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:25 AM  

assembled map with dots & red line is for sliders

Oh - I don't have the knife yet - thought I had but before this I had played the yesterday's G2J, and THERE I got one... ;-)

Candles go into the top room.

Are you sure you have visited all the rooms Merit? The knife was lying quite openly somewhere, on a sofa or chair I think.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:29 AM  

does anyone figured out re symbols behind gear pic?

Fill the bowl with water (one of the bottom rooms) and pour it on the table in start scene for a 5# hint.

Well Meth, all rooms are marked green, so yes, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm looking for the sliders too and could swear I've seen them before. B-I

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:33 AM  

knife on bed in room below start

Eh - what did the knife do at the window? I have the suspicion I might already have used it...

As there's no knife on that bed, TY Alpha

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:39 AM  

now where does 08645 from start scene go? not at the 4 digit pad on bed in any case...

I keep forgetting about tab. Used it to find sliders in End room, in the wall is a locked panel.

08645 Count the lines.

I am on the queens puzzle. I don't understand it yet.

Tab works? Didn't try that!

Ah, there it is, thanks!

Merit, its the window above
36 clue. If you've opened it, it will be browned out.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:41 AM  

oops, forgot: hi meth ☺

ah, figured out what symbols behind gear pic means

place metal shapes on number grid, then take first that number then the one from candles

Merit, I can't remember, but I've a feeling the knife came from the buildings puzzle room.

Hi Bear...

Oh sorry folks for bothering you, I had the knife in fact, it's just that my inventory was so spread apart that I missed some layers with stuff! Thanks for your patience.

Hi, merit. :)

Thanks Bear and AO for the numbers.

Stuck with the chess puzzle, have 8 crowns but just a hint (from book) for 4 ....???

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:47 AM  

hi Bear & thx re lines

working on chess board now...

Hi Rüdiger, I'm missing one chess puzzle but I could think that the positions in the book are fixed and you have to fiddle around with the other ones to make them not crossed.

I thought that you would have to start from A and work your way down the board to H, so that none of the queens pass each other's rows. Though, that does not seem to be working. Maybe there is another clue that needs to be combined with this?

I guess you need to know that queens can move up down and in both diagonals, so you have to find spots where no queen can move to take another queen.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:50 AM  

chess board

you have to know that a queen can move in all directions

place crowns that none of them are in the way of the others


Oh, I didn't think of that, meth, thank you.

No other clue needed for queens, but my panel vanished before I took a screen shot. I just know that the solution involved my number 7 queen being in the lowest non crossing row.

Aha! Progress! The metal pieces go to the grid in the room to the right of the end room. Place only those pieces that you see the number from the burning candles. Now the picture hint makes sense, Alpha.

It worked!

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:53 AM  

& hi RL ☺

now where to place the red glasses?

Anyone know where to put the pink glasses?

And I have just read that Alpha wrote this before...


       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:54 AM  

POP with the coin to play a mini game...! :-o

No, add the number to the candles's number. Dang, I'm dragging myself into the mud more and more! LOL

Anyone done anything with the blue cup?

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:58 AM  

LOL merit, no prob - that happens to everyone I'm sure ☺

got a boot now from 4 digit code you obtain from glass/coin mini game - liked that ☻

Out. Thanks for the hints everyone.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 2:59 AM  

always playing the robot thingy mini game, so I'm used to ;-P

There was a letter under the blue cup, that's it. The hotspot just stays active after you have taken the letter.

Thank you for the queens, meth, and thank you for the pink glasses/coin game, AO.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:01 AM  

you have to stay in the circle at final turning puzzle, otherwise numbers won't move anymore & you have to reset...!

But it happens often to me...

I'm still missing a chess piece. Went in every room and used tab. I have still the two red glasses with the coin, the book with chess hint, and parts of the safe clue. Missing two blue letters as well.

And I haven't solved the 4# in that bathroom

I wsa trying to punch numbers into the dial. Didn't realised that you need to drag it round.

4 numbers after doing pink glasses and coin game Merit.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:10 AM  

ah, turning puzzle is not the final one, forgot about the letter one

4# code comes from mini game

Thanks Alpha - that was it!
Nice game!

And out. Thank all for your hints and company. Enjoyed that.

Then I might need a third glass...

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:14 AM  

very nice teamwork here, enjoyed that - thx ppl ☺

& ths 8G for a nice game, liked the chess puzzle -
no slider, yeah ;-P

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:17 AM  

3rd glass came from chess puzzle

let me see re last crown... did you have scrolled enough down?

Merit, one last thing before I go. I found that I had to press tab about 16 times before the little yellow boxes showed up on screen.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:18 AM  

my last crown came from 5 digit code by counting the lines of numbers on table in start scene, where you poured water

This time I have scrolled to the very bottom of inventory. I'll check everything again.

Thank you all for your help before you're gone.

Phone call...

Oh, that was my fault, I had put the switch into the socket but not pressed. Going on.

Just replayed. I see you've got it Merit, but for the record:
1 5 symbol puzzle with swimmer
2 table in map room
3 room where you place candles
4 1 down from start room
5 6# puzzle
6,7 slider puzzle
8 5# puzzle.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:34 AM  

finish your phone call, Mirchi will be out soon on EG24!

Liked the chess puzzle!

For those with difficulties on the mini game with the coin: If you miss the first attempt the second should be the glass to the right - worked for me.

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:38 AM  

oh, thx meth
I also started to replay, but you beat me to it ☻

It's finished, and so am I with this game. Glad I gave them another chance as I liked it, thanks 8G, and thank you guys for supporting me so much!

       Anonymous  9/2/16, 3:44 AM  

pleasure merit ☺

CU in Mirchi

Ugh. Picked up knife but it disappeared. Can't be bothered.

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