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Escape From The Hilton Bogota Hotel Rooms Walkthrough

Escape From The Hilton Bogota Hotel Rooms

EightGames - Escape From Hilton Bogota is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his trip, a tourist trapped inside Hilton Bogota Hotel Rooms. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning all!

Sneaky spoon in start scene just below the direction arrow.

Now a first round collecting stuff.

Tab works for fixed puzzles and hints but not for items.

4# hint from room above start scene is used in the room to the left.

morning, my last stick was below red armchair in scene with 4x4 letter grid

Sticks go into holes on the wall in top column, 4th room. Eight are needed.

Hi Hotz, good to be not alone!

Three switches are used in dining scene with green chairs. Order to push is above them.

Okay, I've been to every room now. The blue icon shapes go into the wooden thingy on the desk in the room where the sticks go.

Collected all paper pieces. Use stamp on it.

Coloured puzzle pieces are used in the very left room, top row.

In my comment from 12:18 I meant of course row, not column. Sorry for that.

hi remote in dining room hint for light switches in same room

Hi joycy, this is a switching game. When you turn off lights in End room there's a word clue. Use it in the room to the right for another switch. You are beamed two rooms to the right (scene with plant). For turning light on again you have to go back to the switch.

In Start room use one of the keys above the loo. Gives colour code for NSWE.

sighs gotta find stick and spoon..

In second row, left room you can zoom into the desk. I used every item I had there and found out you can put the book on the desk. Then turn on the switch. Pure chance.

Leroy, the spoons were seen easily besides the one from my first comment. One stick was a little sneaky too but I didn't note that, IIRC at the bottom of a bed somewhere.

progress found sticks now..

can't switch the light back off on the word clue room

When you've collected five blue letter buttons and seen the book hint on the desk you can put them into the slots in far right scene in top row. Then turn them around.

Joycy, as I wrote: go two rooms to the left, then you can turn on the light. You're beamed back to the plant room though.

need circles now..

Nice game, good puzzles. No pixel hunting as in other escape games from eight.

Hi merit was referring to the placement switches already did the others lol

looking for the fork

The button you get from that blue letter puzzle goes to the right room in 2nd row (above big plant). Don't know what to do there then by now.

The fork was my last one two, it was on a table I think in bottom row.

Too instead of two, need to dip my head into a bucket of cold water obviously.

got dragon pic on mobile now LOL

my game is sticky not responding very well

still cant find that last spoon..

started again with ainars

Leroy, keep searching!

Those dumbbell looking shapes are used in end scene. Rotating slider, seems not hard though.

ha found the fork on the table near brown sofa

Rotating slider gives last circle shape.

got it..

That circle thing in dining scene was a pain in the behind! If you release the mousefinger while rotating it kind of jumps back to start position.

Oh, the paper clue is not for a lever puzzle as I thought but a frame for the 3x4 letter grid in top row, very left room.

The letters from that puzzle go to scene right of start. For the order mind a hint from the neighbourhood!

got all 5 buttons that wont go in the slots is there a clue to see first

Ah, after getting the right TV for the remote I've got the hint for the 3x3 buttons.

NO! Don't tell me there's a slider at the very end of the game after I've got through without any help! :-O

Joycy, have you seen the book hint as I wrote above?

8G was early today - let's see (looking forward to the PITA end slider recalling my oath to off. cheat ;-P )

found where to put the stick need 2 more

ah, hi (again) all ☺
is it still live?

ditto here joycy re sticks

they go in scene 2x right of end

Hi Alpha, just got the final key now. The slider hadn't been too hard but for some tiles I had to click a hundred times until they moved (and moved right back again).

Go on, it's a really good game today!

where is the grid for telly clue

hi merit ☺

we can turn lights off in 2 rooms, sth new in 8G - nice!

got it did the kvpay thing & got button to put in wall

If the rooms are:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10

11 12

spoons: 8, 9, 11, 12

sticks 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 2x10, 12

This comment has been removed by the author.

Joycy, grid is in room 9, that circle above the plant. You need the button from the blue letter puzzle first to open it.

Alpha, look at my very first comment!

Hi Alpha I found one stick on the floor near the brown material sofa I think need one more having difficulty with the KTVM not working for me

Joycy, go one room to the left and look at the wall for the Z -> A clue!

do we need a bulb first?

got last stick thanks Hotz at 12.17 hint

is little spoon from a puzzle?

Hello all, I've been playing catch up. Placed all my dragon pieces, but can't make them respond.

thx joycy - that was my last, too

ah merit get it now you go back from the plant room & turn the light off in original room

Little spoon in start scene.
Grid for TV hint under arch when you place button.
Can't get it right yet though.

Alpha, no, it's just hard to see, it's right below the direction arrow to go to next scene. And no bulbs are needed.

Methanwy, have you seen the picture on the mobile? Maybe you have to see it first to make the puzzle work.

placing button from kvpay puzzle in arch view gives grid (hint on TV) - drag lines

I think I need a battery for my mobile before I can do that Merit.

Sorry if I didn't write things clearly enough, I'm not an native speaker.

Thanks AO for dragging lines.

oh that little rascal spoon was lying just under right navig. arrow - thx meth

That got me too for a while, meth. Battery comes IIRC from that puzzle in room 9 (opening button from blue letter puzzle, hint for grid from TV clue)

now where was that rotating puzzle with the dumb bell thingies again...?

POP in end room

The dragon pic seemed laggy at first, but its just that you need to drag tiles rather than punch them.

circle thing has to be pushed around not clicked

A lot of dragging things in this game joycy ;)

where is that mobile/hint for dragon puzzle?

Have you got battery for your mobile AO? That should give you pic.

my dragons won't drag can't move them

POP ah, such a mobile (cell phone) I was searching for a hanging one LOL

phone from z-a letter puzzle, put sheet with holes made by stamp on letter grid

joycy, I found that difficult at first. Drag tiles rather than push them. You need to see pic on mobile first.

Joycy, keep clicking like mad. You'll get the lucky punch at some time. That was a pain, the puzzle itself was not hard.

thanks merit re a-z got the pic now for dragon lol

Off now, thanks for the hints everyone.

dragon slider needs fixing very hard to move only responding sometimes

for once I liked a slider ;-P - the dragon one

thx ppl for your help & your nice company & teamwork ☺

& thx 8G for a very nice game of this style - better less items to pick up & more puzzles was really fine ☺

considering myself out eight games you need a little more work on shifting the dragon jigsaw otherwise a very nice game & thank you

Something completely different: Are you able to refresh the mainpage on EG24.com?

I dragged the tiles instead of clicking (but it's already mentionned above as I see... well, better same hint 2x as no hint ;-P )

Forget it, was a temporary problem.

oops, nope merit...
what happened I'm asking myself, let's clean cach & cookies as required...
blogger/Google are removing robot thingy - ah that would be a huge relief (dream on AΩ... ☻)

ah, it's back again ☺

Hi AO thanx I understand the principal on drag its not responding for me I usually can do these kind of puzzles very quick it's annoying cos I had it sussed (means worked out in my head) lol

actually I went back & did it in a few seconds love eight games & welcome new ways for puzzles they get better each time

& out with key thanks all

38 minutes in and I've got a cell phone with a picture, and missing about 4 dragon pieces and a circle, so far so good but getting low on places left to click. No hints so far...

I think I'm also missing 2 pieces of silverware. The problem with these games, too many bits.

Hm Nigel, that time is okay. How does the circle look like? I remember I've got my last two dragon pieces from a puzzle...

For the silverware look at my comment above and the discussion about the spoon below the direction arrow.

there can't be senseless comments here ;-P

only wanted to make the 100th one ☻

Aaaand out. I needed help on the spoon and fork, just couldn't see 'em. High resolution makes for hard finding.

Hello ! Is there yet somebody there ?
I have 3 circles and I don't know where they go.
I miss 3 puzzle's pieces
and I don't know what to do with the colored circle with letters in 3th scene ...

I am missing largest circle for red puzzle and three pieces of the dragon puzzle. Any hints would be app :)

Gazoline - 3 circles go behind puzzle with 8 letters under 8 coloured balls. Hint is in room with colour wheel that has a keyhole underneath it.

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