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Escape From The Stafford London Walkthrough

Escape From The Stafford London

EightGames - Escape From The Stafford London is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a street rider trapped inside a Stafford London. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the street rider to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

what a dramatic music for such a hotel ☻

don't miss key on table in most left room

don't miss stick above bed in scene lef of start

show button for end room

there are slightly 2 different blue at forelast & last row, check thouroughly

oops, didn't see Amajeto is out, bbl to this...

ok, back - key for room right of start, but need 1 more...

Once you place all colored buttons, press them and they will trace out a path. Copy the resulting color pattern to the puzzle one scene left from start.

Torch used on right painting in scene second left from start.

And the numbers revealed by the torch go to the 3-slider puzzle in the scene left of start.

coloured button for board in room 2x right of start

"Maze ball" goes on the picture frame where you placed the up/down/left/right arrow buttons. (Doesn't work yet, so there must be more that needs to be placed.)

don't miss colour symbol in scene right of start, just beneath left navig. arrow

Weird. The triangular pieces may need a few attempts to place. This nets you a maze board.

Thankfully, maze is really easy. No penalties for hitting a wall. The reward is the 2nd key for the wall safe one scene right of start.

BUG! The picture puzzle does not register mouse clicks properly, resulting in selecting the wrong tiles. Looks like you should try to click closer to the upper-left corner of a tile. Near the center, and you'll likely get the wrong one.

Of course, now that I say that, I'm finding it is not working with the upper-left corner either. It is just really finicky. /:

btw (maybe from a previous game...?) there's a chess piece that you can't get in room left of end...

Last paper piece comes from placing the four wooden buttons in start scene. (My last two buttons came from the glitchy picture puzzle.)

@Alpha, there's also a really small key in the scene just right of that one. Perhaps we need a magnifier for that and a stick for the chess piece?

Anagram the paper clue for 4#. Yay! A screwdriver! (:

also in room left of end, hook, bottom of comfy stool in front of bed (how do we call that?)

need string for angling rod...

@Alpha, I'd say ottoman, but those are usually in front of chairs. Just a bench probably.

You'll need the rod, string and hook to make a complete item for getting that distant picture piece on the outdoor patio scene.

need to empty my inventory - where do green square puzzle tiles go?

@Alpha, the green picture pieces are for the safe that needs two keys. (See some of my earlier comments.)

thx Seraku
I didn't find the 2nd key yet, wher in room righ of start is it?

I think I'm just a little ahead of you, but I'm stuck now. So I'll need to wait for you to catch up.

I managed to get a spray bottle and use it on the left picture frame (same scene where you use the torch on the right picture). This has reveals 12 numbers. I think it might have to do with the book (converting numbers to letters) to get a 6-letter code. But nothing is working so far.

POP found string in forelast scene to the left on left armchair

& missing 1 cyan button for the 3 horizontal sliders...

@Alpha, 2nd key comes from solving the maze (scene left of end).

don't miss in room right of start a switch bottom left of bed & wooden circle bottom right in room

ok, then I don't have the button yet to guide thru maze...

don't miss colour symbol in drawer 2 room left from start

@Alpha, I think the maze ball came from the 3-slider puzzle, which it sounds like you still need one more button there. Unfortunately, I cannot recall where I got those three. I think they were just hiding about the place, but one of them might have come from a puzzle.

missing 1 mountain tile (bottom left), have that one from roof already...

well, still can't find that 3 slider button... :-/
unfortunately tab d/w for finding items...!

@Alpha, did you use the knife on the bed with the blue pillows? I think there was a mountain picture piece there.

Hi, finished Amajeto, had some calls, and go around now picking up stuff. Knife (from nightstand in start scene is used on foot of blue bed one to the right).

opened game in another tab
1 slider button behind pillow in room before balcony, but that one 1 have already...

cut bed in scene right of start for (my last) mountain pic tile

then place arrow buttons & move them till reaching slots

HA! there it is, that little rascal of slider button! :-D

Btw, in End scene there's a hidden panel in the bottom part of the cupboard to the right.

@merit, ooh, good find. That's my sixth "switch", although I have not found the place where we put them. But I suspect they related to the one clue on the wall with the six lines with marks at varying heights.

Well, I think I've collected all stuff now but I'm sure the game shows I'm missing a lot. Then you may help me. Now I have to put things together.

Hm. Connecting the coloured buttons went on automatically. Strange.

darn glitchy pic puzzle...! :-/

(8G don't say it's intentional to make it more difficult...!)

@Alpha, I'd hope that it is not intentional. But, still, it seems like a thing that would have been caught during development and testing. Unless that implies very little testing was done before release. /:

finally got pic puzzle, phew

bridge is to the right, yellow bush to the left


finally caught up, now 6 switches & book in inv.
working now on the numbers/letters...

Don't rail at me but now am I missing that slider button. The problem is: I'm missing THREE mountain picture tiles and I have those from bed and balcony. Were there some coming from puzzles?

I am missing the bottom row - sounds like getting them from a puzzle.

@merit, sadly, I cannot recall. I think it is possible, but most should have been lying about.

Got them - those were other puzzle tiles I already had but I swear I had tried each tile on the frame. Sorry.

When will I ever learn to try everything 100x before asking and embarrassing myself? LOL

Oh, yay. I sometimes wish games would let us organize the inventory better. All tiles that go with a puzzle should automatically stack in the inventory. Much less likely to overlook something, plus you could then place them all with one action.

it's the POP merit ☺

book seems to be 8G logic LOL

Yes Seraku, like in Mirchis. They are numbered and in one place and you can't use them before they are complete.

At least my green puzzle tiles were complete. Now I'll do this one...

@Alpha... ah "logic" then. (:

I've tried taking the two numbers and seeing if there is a tile halfway between. This works for some pairs (9 and 3 would be 14) but then it fails for others (7 and 5 are next to one another).

Aaaargh - I finally had almost the bottom rows but since them I'm messing it up more than solving it!!!

There was one tile which I couldn't pick up, then I thought I'd be so clever to quit the game and resume. I still have all items but the puzzle is started over. Sorry guys, I won't go on. That's a typical 8G, some games were not bad but this is not doable for me (not the most patient woman in this world). Best of luck for you and see you next time!

Hi all, I've been playing catchup. The bottom row of the six digit numbers contains all of 1 to 6. I know these can be applied two ways, but I always have trouble switching my brain to see the second way. Hoping for a POP moment.

all right then, merit CU ☺

@merit, that sucks. Well, I may be giving up on this one too. There probably is some clever line of reasoning for this number/letter puzzle, but I'm clearly too dense to solve it. Hopefully, @Alpha will have more success.

@methanwy... wait, uh, how did I miss that?!

That was it! Many thanks, @methanwy!

POP indeed, I had been expecting to put in LONDON, but its a non word using the two rows of numbers and the book.

well, couldn't be bothered anymore to stay here solving this puzzle till tomorrow, have also other things to do - hence peeked at the VWT, but still don't get it
maybe you can find an explanation by knowing the answer



oops, missed your comment meth - nice find, thx ☺

@Alpha, use the 2nd row of numbers to order the 1st row of numbers. Then using the book, convert the numbers to letters by locating where the number is in the lower set of rows and then finding the corresponding letter in the upper set of rows.

Using hacksaw gives gems which gives 6 sliders. They start at 1.

And I'm out! Aside from the glitchy puzzle, this was pretty good, 8G. I was definitely overthinking the numbers/letters puzzle, so I take back my snarky comments there.

AFter switches only one pair of symbols to match each time.

can't see the 2 first matching symbols LOL

@Alpha, my first matching pair were near the upper-left and lower-right corners.

btw each time zooming out & zooming in again, locations of symbols change...!

Its easy once you've started AO because the new symbol to appear is the one which has a match.

3/4 of the way through the game a pop up ad showed up and then the screen went black and I can't finish.

Once again 8games have posted another screwed up glitchy game!

Thanks for hints everyone and for game 8games, but that picture puzzle was horrible.

besides the glitchy pic puzzle it was a very nice game for this style - liked the matching pairs puzzle & the colouring squares one - thx 8G & ppl, esp. Seraku for your company ☺

I am missing one switch

Very glitchy. I had to keep "resuming" when the game stalled out. Very frustrating. This is the second 8G game tonight that I just had to stop because it was so glitchy. I hate the pixel hunts. Sorry, this one just wasn't for me.

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