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Ms Hamen Ghost Ship Escape Walkthrough

Ms Hamen Ghost Ship Escape

EightGames - Ms Hamen Ghost Ship Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Ms Hamen Ghost Ship. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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on to the next one!

use crowbar then torch in far right room

telescope through port hole

Hi, I'll join you!

stone goes in bucket

turn tap on sink

pour oil bottle onto wooden stick and cloth

hi (again) all ☺

joining, too...

key for briefcase on chair scene with red dot puzzle

loads of number puzzles it seems...

don't miss stick in bucket scene

where is oil?

think it came from placing the 4 red buttons and doing the number pyramid puzzle

thought the W=4 related to exit for long number puzzle. I got:
1251627 = but doesn't work...

long number puzzle numbers actually go up to 12..

ah, new Mirchi out, will come back to this (probably)...

I'm stuck with 3 red rings, an unlit torch (stick+cloth+oil) and a clock paper and no idea where to use...

metal rod goes in scene with briefcase - LH wall

didn't really understand the red icon puzzle, but i solved it for the 5 ghostly icon puzzle - gives matches

coloured icon puzzle that you drag - pink and green line goes around the left side blue icon. You will use ALL the squares to complete the puzzle

knife used on sofa (scene where the ghost puzzle is)

Busy day, had some phone calls. You're way ahead of me, I'm still in first room.

paper clock clue - start with '6' and make your way to '12' for the long number puzzle

WHY OH WHY must they ruin a perfectly good game with a ridiculously annoying puzzle at the end????

Just to say: I went to the room above on map, zoomed into the left part of room and used the torch there to get a 5# hint on the barrel

Hi, where is the top left red button for red cross puzzle? I have the buttons 1, 2, 3 and clockwise...

Hotz - think it came from the far LH room - one of the number clues..

And as always in 8G: Tab works for finding puzzles and clues, not for items to pick up yet.

and where to use "ghost" clue from sink?

The two 4 number puzzle spoiler below:

4212 (LH room)
9273 (starting scene)

Hotz - ghost puzzle in same room as briefcase/where you use metal rod (right of centre)


When completing a pyramid, each number above the base is made up from the sum of the two supporting it.

thanks Robert, I missed this letter code in background...

Where did you get the clue for 4212?

my last clock paper piece was on floor in exit switch scene

well, my forelast...

Bear, the clue for 4212 is EX1T and W=4...

Thanks, Hotz.

That last puzzle ruins the game.

the last circle puzzle is easy: all dots should be in up positions.
if a circle is between 2 positions (eg in north east position) you have to click 4 times on the circle with same color to left of this circle...

That puzzle board with the coloured buttons was sneaky but got it after a million attempts.

saw the hint thru scope, but don't get how puzzle works...

When you've got a # code and two possible place for that it's always the second. That's a law.

POP 1 in centre, 2 middle ones, 3 outer ones

btw that sound is pretty scary when a puzzle opens... :-o

otherwise a very fitting tune

PITA final turning puzzle for me... :-/

bbl new AVM out (so early)...

I'm stuck. Got four red buttons and three red rings but can't find a place for them. My torch needs oil but I'll get that later (have matches too).

I'll never know what was the point with the cross-shaped rotating puzzle. I kept on clicking on the directions and numbers and finally I got the clue for the spooky symbols. Well.

Oh, and I'm missing one shape which goes to the right of the EX1T switch.

Forgot to mention I'm missing a clue for the red/blue/green buttons in the GHOST room.

starting with ghost room
hint was on buttons itself before placing the others, they don't have the same size, start with the biggest & red row was on top IIRC

Progress, changed the order for red/blue/green, had all combinations for small -> big, big -> small works, can't remember which colour was in which row but that's changed quickly. Bruteforcing!

Thanks Alpha, I had clicked too fast on those buttons after putting them in and that clue never returned.

Now four rings, still no place to use them but I'll have to go through all scenes anyway to find the last shape.

POP magic, I was lucky enough to find the shape pixel. Bottom of the lamp in the room where knife was used.

And now I can use the red buttons! :-)

No bats were harmed in this game. Now I know what you all meant with the final puzzle. I find these even worse than sliders. I'll skip it and feel out then. :-)

Thanks for all your hints! Going to Mirchi now, still have to do that from yesterday.

four rings for box behind gate IIRR the location

Thanks Alpha, the fourth shape did the trick. Those were extremely hard to find (in such a mess everything is).

well, as this is the final puzzle, I consider myself out (hate not to finish a game!), but that is even worse than a mean slider indeed - even with the VWT, one wrong step & you have to start over... that really ruined the game indeed & still no skip button or at least 1 step back button...!
thx anyway 8G for the otherwise nice game (liked the ball puzzle) & ppl for your hints ☺

(I also don't have the time right now, to figure it out - maybe later...)

ok, changed my schedule a bit & officially cheated at the final puzzle by following VWT step by step, otherwise I would have been on it till tomorrow for sure...

The in-game commercials have got to stop. I don't mind ads before, but during the game is just plain annoying.
Red X w/ one star as soon as I see any from now on.

Liked the board puzzle, but the circle puzzle at the end ruined it for me.

The mid-game commercials are beyond annoying. When the games are also glitchy, the trouble is more than it's worth in enjoyment.

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