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Rejected House Escape Walkthrough

Rejected House Escape

EightGames - Rejected House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a stranger trapped inside rejected house. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in. Smaller map today.

Sneaky shape and button at the left and right edges of start scene, can be missed easily.

hi (again) all ☺

don't miss yellow puzzle part on bed 1 down from start

thx for the game, 8G ☺

Sorry, it was one left of start!

Hey meritneith : )

Here we go collecting things ...

hi merit ☺

sticks go at little table 1 down from start

Hi Zuleika!

Alpha, I'm working my way through top scenes first.

Arrow hint from far left scene goes to end scene.

& hi Zu ☺

don't miss hammer in top right room

Hi Alpha : ) I must have been typing my earlier post when you made your greetings - I only saw mertineith's name on here - sorry!

Far left bedroom: headboard reveals puzzle - can;t make head nor tail of it.

lever is used in TV room for

arrow hint

If you have completed the paper puzzle, click it once to get some numbers marked.

Still on initial collection duties.

no prob Zu

hammer wall in start scene for yet another arrow hint

In TV room use cloth at fireplace mantle for a 5# clue.

Hi Skeleton, me too but some things are obvious and keep the inventory smaller. ;-)

I think I have a bug :-o
with the yellow puzzle parts - I put 2 together now they are vanished from inv. & the other 2 I can't put together...! :-/

Sneaky place for buttons on wall in bedroom with 'picture' that has ' Kim' and lots of hearts in red (wish they'd number these scenes)

Those brown buttons with patterns go to the wall at Kim B*ng B*tch

oh no, I resumed to see if it helps with the bug, but autosave was not working properly, now have to do some stuff again! :-(

Also use hammer on wall in far right 'top scene for 2 grey shapes

Far right scene: silver arrow buttons go to wall. Need a clue for using that.

Poor Alpha! :-o

This comment has been removed by the author.

Coloured balls go to red puzzle in start scene. Just to say, THAT was clear.

Grey shapes go on wall 2 scenes left of start.

Coloured balls puzzle is easy-peasy. Gives two arrow buttons.

missing bottom left number paper piece...

I do swear the paper puzzle hint with marks is for the blue number puzzle in end scene. If so, I haven't found the correct order. Tried different things. Will do other things first.

Oh Alpha, there was one piece at a sneaky place but in plain sight. Can't remember where... doesn't help you, I know, sorry.

arrow buttons from coloured ball puzzle for grid in room down left from start

In the scene with blue number puzzle: Very sneaky hotspot with a keyhole above paper box in right corner! Don't have a key yet.

bottom left of bed in scene where you place sticks

I'm going to have to run ppl (yet again). Good luck with rest of game - see u soon : )

CU Zu - thx for your company ☺

Found a key in scene left from start with 5#

second place to use hammer is on wall in far right bottom scene. but thank you Zuleika :)

Bye Zuleika, would have liked to have you here until the end.

Key is not the right one for the sneaky hotspot I wrote.

the 4 squares with arrows go in end scene, now where was the hint again...?

Will try hint from TV scene on that!

Forget it, hint has 5 arrows!

my last grey shape was bottom of left door frame
in scene left of start

the 4 shapes give a book with yet another arrow hint...! :-o

After having the yellow book with more arrow clues you can move the arrows of that blue panel in far left scene. Still fiddling around with that.

grey dials go in scene left of start

no clue for 4 arrow tiles, just point to the center..

Ah, got that!

there are arrows in end scene, hint on floor works there

Good to see you Hotz.

For the puzzle and the book clue...

Look at the left row: arrow to right means clicking the puzzle arrow until it's vanished, arrow to right means "pulling" out arrow to the left. Right row is vice versa.

When done you only see long arrows. Sorry, hard to explain!

Gives the keyhole for the key I found earlier.

& hi Hotz ☺

does anyone made already sth with the 4 golden pieces in inv.? (there where's my bug...)

Tuners go in scene one left of start, in the five slots with ARROWS (oh dear) left of curtain. Missing two more of them.

Yes, Alpha, I got them together and have a strange "shape" like a tree or a mushroom. No place to use it by now.

where exactly did you find the key in scene left of start?

sorry, I forgot: Hi everone :)

where do the blue numbers go?

has someone found all 4 sticks? I am missing one..

for which room exactly is the book hint?

Eh - could that 5# thing in the far left scene?


So sorry for that.

me, too only have 3 sticks...

Book hint (10 arrows) is definitively for the far left room. That blue panel.

Arrows are halfway out. You can pull them completely out or push them behind the panel so they are not seen then.

Only two sticks.

Finding the 3rd in a glorious POP moment in same room.

Do you guys have got the magnifier? And if so - did you use it? And if so - where?

now have keyhole at blue spiky circle, but no key

arrows as per book


in-in (not visible)
in-out (all out are completely out)

I have an unused magnifier...

new Mirchi out - will come back to this... CU there ☺

I brute forced 6#code:


So that would be from right to left! The only thing I didn't try. Thanks Hotz!

The key is for the sneaky hotspot in same room.

Actually I hadn't missed a screwdriver... :-o

SD doesn't work as missing wooden stick.

you get key for blue circle from number puzzle from room left to start

SD is used on floor 1 scene left of start...

Okay, what I have:

3 golden buttons
that golden mushroom-shaped thingy
unused clue with 5 arrows from lever in TV scene
unused clue with 4 arrows in wall crack in start scene

What I need:

2 arrow buttons for puzzle in bed, left scene "downstairs"
1 wooden stick
3 hexagonal pieces for TV scene
1 brown button for Kim scene
clue for far right room downstairs

Sea Princess Dolphin, to get SD you have to solve 6#code and use the key in same scene...

Hello all
Magnifier used on circuit board but don't know why.

Princess, using key in hole in the same room as blue puzzle with arrows. Tab works to find those hotspots.

Ah meth, you've always been a helping hand!

Which circuit board?

Sd used on floor panel one left from start

ok thanks hotzenplotz

Missed the floor, thanks Hotz again.

Circuit board from TV after you've found crowbar with sd.

Crowbar for TV

And there's the circuit board! :-D

otherwise I'm massively behind you all. Came in v late.

use SD to get crowbar, use crowbar on TV to get microchip (or however it is called). use magnifier on microchip to get a clue to click on 4 arrows in bottom right scene....

Crowbar is still active...

Can't see a clue on the chip with magnifier for the life of me.

Ah! There's a maze on it, could it be that?

after finding and using some items you will get a red button and 6 colden symbols. place golden symbols and click and all. after that you have to click on 3 red buttons to get them back in top positions

Ui, that's it! Hotz, are you still human?

Ok got it thanks meritneith

Got my last arrows for the bed puzzle. The cog-looking button moves like a chess knight.

I've had problems with eightgames latelly, after a mid-game ad, the screen stays black and I can't play anymore, it's frustrating when it's a big game and it happens toward the end of it!
I'll give this one a try hoping it won't happen this time

And just all those moves I need are not available!

i don't see a maze on the motherboard and the magnifier is not working

Lau Mastrigt, the clue is a orange line in "maze shape" in middle right

I think I won't play 8Games anymore!
Every two minutes an AD!
That's very very annoying!

If you zoom into the board, drag the magnifier at the center part. If there would be a third black slot to the right of the both existing, you would drag the magnifier at the upper part of it. Very hard to explain!

back - everybody already out? ;-)

thank you Hotzenplotz.

That chess thing is cruel, so cruel.

which tool is used to demolish TV?

POP the crowbar

Got it at last.

Doing the hexagon puzzle gives last wooden stick.

Well I'm really giving playing eightgames, way too many in game ads, and on my computer it lags maybe 1 min before the ad and 1 min after so it's just unplayable, I thought that the latest games didn't have as many in game ads but I guess they are back at it again

Yesterday I couldn't find two black books and when I reloaded they were sitting in plain sight in places they definitely weren't in my first game. I think the same thing is happening to me today. Missing loads of stuff.

circuit board for arrows in most right bottom room



What was actually the point of zooming into the Kim board?

Oh! Use the crowbar there (hadn't anything else except for the golden buttons...) for the last brown button.

All that for a spinning puzzle! But as I should have done most of the things I will consider myself out. I'm too late anyway, must leave.

Thanks for help and company!

I can't even play these games anymore. The 15 - 30 sec. sears ad pops up every 1min to 2 min.
Why are you doing this 8 games????

ok now the bug shows its fangs LOL
after playing knight moves puzzle, I got a book where that assembled tree should go, only that I can't assemble it in inv. - well, alas - will look at the VWT what I've missed (the hexagon line puzzle for sure)...

Jenny, this is why I escape from eight games:)

Thanks for the hints, guys. I'm considering myself out, too. Those spinning puzzles can suck it.

Eightgames - please offer a skip for puzzles!

Ugh, after getting all the way through to the last puzzle with the three buttons the puzzle wouldn't damn work. Checked the vid walkthrough, and nope, my puzzle just froze. Grrrr!

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