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Scary Villa Escape Walkthrough

Scary Villa Escape

EightGames - Scary Villa Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a stranger trapped inside scary villa. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

let's get the creeps...!

thx 8G for making another game ☺

I miss Minoto :'(

Does 123 bee still develop games?

lol let's get em!

Hi Jon

dunno, have a look at their game site, it still exists

OMG, already terrified by the scream ☻

Good morning guys, let's see if I can get in.

blue tiles go in bathroom (bottom of map 2nd room from left)

the brown things are actually bats, they go in the 2 holes in wall (more than 2 needed)

fill glass jar with blood from spigot in room next to bathroom

metal rod goes 1 right of start/end

bat goes in hole and comes out the other but don't know exactly why. screen goes black and can't see

use shovel in most right bottom room

shovel used next to bed in last room on right bottom row of map

I had no black screen at bat holes...

Hello all
I just escaped while it was flicking through scenes before starting:) Reloading to do it properly.

Sigh... same problem as yesterday.

hi rudiger

candle goes on carpet in grand piano room

Meth, that's exactly my problem.

ugh ad popped up and then froze...... I have to start over again :(

bummer merit & hi ☺
you'll catch up soon for sure...

Ah. Now I'm in.

oh, no meth & Beckster & hi ☺
you'll catch up soon, too for sure

ah, very sneaky!

you can go upstairs in spite of the ghost!

armchair goes next to tub upstair for a - hand...?!

nope, it's a doll without eyes (hint, hint), gives

evil book

In room with flying ghosts, don't miss the symbol hint on the carpet.

OMG that was a long scream...!

place evil book on box in room of screaming ghost for another cross to place in same room

One down and one left from start, pour blood on chair to entangle ghosts.

how did you get upstairs? I get screaming head and then a locked door

Then pour holy water on the ghosts for a key.

I'm really surprised that I still have no robot thingy torturing me *knocking on my wood head* ;-P

click above navig. arrow (not on it)

3 bats (the brown thingies) for holes give key

also, where did you get metal rod?

missing 1 clown puzzle tile...

(top left one)

alpha, clicked above arrow and still got a locked door

can't find 3rd bat either

rod in room with long screaming ghost

candle goes on carpet by piano

after clicking above arrow you shooed the ghost, then navig. arrow is activated, so click that to go upstairs

and another ad popped up and froze my game. I give up. I'm not starting over for a 3rd time!

thank you all for your help. have a great night/day

dip cloth in tub to get skull hint

running adblock helps...

my last cross from skull puzzle

by placing the 4 crosses you can continue the path

& there's my last tile

in room after long screaming ghost, use knife on pic for


bummer Beckster - CU in another game ☺

Okay, went through all rooms I could get into and collected a bunch of stuff. Now I have to do something with it.

Another key for putting the 3 red shapes in bedroom one down and one right from start.

I recommend to take a screenshot before placing the last clown puzzle tile to have a model

oh no, here it is, the RCT (robot c.r.@.p. thingy) :-(

I have put 3 bats into the hole earlier. I remember the last one stayed in screen for some time. I tried to use every of my items on it, and it suddenly was gone. But I haven't got a key from that.

it was a very tiny key...

Sofa goes by bath.

for those who dunno how to take a screenshot:


there are some very similar tiles, so have a good look if they really match

Hi, how to get past long screaming ghost?

what to do with the black book?

open 4 books in inv. & place black skull on them

Oh, four books? Thanks, need to look for the other ones

give ghost evil book first & then place 4 crosses to get rid of it

No key from bat hole but maybe I've picked it up without recognizing. I have two other keys but no keyholes, LOL

in between check

wine bottle, coin, bones, 2 keys, 3 colour balls 4 paper masks, everything unused...

aha, need another cross and am still looking for the three black books

Today I'm no help at all. Got keys and no holes, hints and no puzzles, buttons and no slots...

in room with spigot, place paper masks on floor & pour wine on them

In bottom row, far right room, there are 6 slots for maybe the coloured balls, Alpha. My "symbolicons" won't go in there.

Hi, everyone. I have a wine bottle, a coin, 4 paper masks, and 5 bones arranged.

The bottom row, far right room is where you put the circle picture symbols. The clue is on the floor in the room where the ghosts were.

merit, one key goes to the door from start, then top, then two to the right

Made some progress, saw meth's sofa hint and could get into that last room.

merit, if you follow that path in top right room is a wall, there goes another key

Colour balls go URRU from start. Need more.

rooms are intricate...

oh, great, a ouija board!

from placing all symbols you get it

place it next to candle

letters are clickable, spell the hint from room 2 left of that one

Thanks ploosy, will check that soon.

forgot to say, place the coin, too at ouija board

Where is the ouija board?

Jesus, that door was too big, haha! But for my apologies: I could not zoom in... Thanks again!

missing 1 bone & still have the other key in inv., otherwise nothing else...

not looking forward to that final puzzle with the buttons... :-/

it's from placing all symbol buttons in room where you use shovel (IIRC the most right bottom room)

I've only found two symbols.

the other keyhole is in most right top room

we had that skull puzzle already in another game...!

Wave the bones over the exit door.
thanks for all the tips!

my comment at 3:05 AM gives 4 buttons more

did you zoom on floor with hint at little ghosts? the buttons go only in that order

In the scene where you get the blood from the faucet. Click the floor, place paper masks, pour wine on the masks, and it gives you the last four symbols.

That clown puzzle is a PITA, even with the screenshot I made, thanks Alpha.

Yeah, I never saw that comment. Thanks.

more colour buttons from long number draw

hint is ouija board game

Got it. Man, there were tiles looking the same but they didn't fit when put together. I recommend to do the plain puzzle first and do the subtleties after that.

Use the bone cross on left door in start scene to escape.

Thank you for the hints, everyone.

ah, final puzzle wasn't so bad than I thought

got 3 more bones from it for exit door

thx ppl for the company & the nice teamwork & pleasure ☺

Alpha, I was the first to comment about the carpet hint. Didn't think far enough, will try that now.

Today that's a maze for me. I know which scene I need but always run into the wrong direction first.

I thought the final puzzle was going to force you to move all colors at the same time, but it was much easier than that. I'm relieved.

Navigation was not so great for this one.

Finally out. Having a blond day, thank you all for help, patience, and company!

still missing 1 cross did the sofa for one pixel hunted everywhere

4 crosses from

- long screaming ghost (give evil book to it)
- skull puzzle
- metal rod in hole (skull puzzle room)
- start screen bottom right of stairs

(the small ones for room with long screaming ghost)

oops fell asleep it's the skull puzzle haven't seen the clue

dip cloth in bathtub

well I zoomed & searched no cloth looked at hints no hint never found a candle either or where to use the knife done all the ither stuff before the screaming ghost door

This game was interesting and I got pretty far, but it froze on me twice. Am just not motivated enough to keep beating my head against the wall.

Hi Zeida if you look into flash settings & untick enable hardwre acceleration if it's ticked that helps

candle on mantle piece & cloth on ceiling above bath duh really blonde today

got out didn't take all that time had jobs to do, Ouija board was ok but buttons was a bit awkward thanks for hints interesting 9games

Where dit you find cloth please?
And only have 2 black books.
And how many masks do we need? I only have 1. I have been looking and looking and looking. So stuck now

Okay making some progress now. Found cloth above bath and skull puzzel gave me fourth . Now have 4 books open and found last blue tile. Looking for more masks

the black mask go on all 4 books
it always goes back in inv. so for the next book you have to take mask from there

you only need 1 black mask

Where can I find the clothes for dipping in the tub? Thx

cloth is hanging from the ceiling in same scene as bathtub

Great game! (the screams was to creepy)

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