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The North Island Lodge Escape Walkthrough

The North Island Lodge Escape

EightGames - The North Island Lodge Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a visitor trapped inside the North Island Lodge. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the visitor to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Here we go …

hi (again) all ☺

this is again one for my STM (short-term memory) ;-P

LOL have a hammer, but need a stone to break the glass ☻

us knife in bottom right scene on post

ugh..... got into the game and clicked on my first item and another ad popped up

Hi all
Mine did that weird flicking through scenes before it would load (fault of my slow connection). Hope its not broken for me.

hi meth ☺
had that flicking, too in 1 or 2 previous games & my PC is not slow...

Use honey spoon in start scene.

connection was also ok then...

mm AO, maybe I'm wrong, but it's been happening all the time since my internet speed plummeted a couple of days ago.

still not seeing where to use the knife. also, put glue on stick but don't know what to add to that yet or where to use it

Glue goes on stick.

attach magnet on whole thread in inv.

no scissors needed

Use magnet scene above start.

Don't miss two separate hotspots on chest thing in front of bed scene above start.

use magnet on string to get ball from zoom in on chest

hi Beckster ☺
re knife see my comment at 4:48 AM

tab works to find hotspots, but not stuff

in start there are also 2 hotspots on tree

when you have 4 flower vases, cut with scissors, take flowers, and place in bowl in inventory, for 4 colours

bluish balls go on back wall on patio by yellow abstract art painting

and another ad pop up..... i may have to call this one unplayable for me

hi & thx yvonne
for me it looked like I need a 5th vase, so I was searching & not trying to do sth with only 4 vases doh

everyone know about the map bottom left btw...?!

Hi AO :)

Place switch 1 below start for word clue.

where does the switch go and where do i use the hammer and knife?

Hi Beckster, look at map, down from start, all the way to the right, use knife on post hot spot

hammer is used on crate 2 rooms bottom & left from start

knife see above

where is switch?

sneaky gear pic tile in scene 3 bottom & left from start (patio beach)

AO from map go to end, see 2 white chair backs showing run cursor along there

Switch was lying in the open. On a bed or chair I think.
How to use honey? Smear it on a picture of course.
Code opens eight button chest.

should have mentioned, the chairs at table

sneaky grey ball bottom middle in end scene
(always discovering new stuff when going around LOL)

Grey stones go into glass of water.

also sneaky water bottle in end scene behind table

there are a few bugs for me: first game, couldn't pick up the stick after adding glue to it. Second fame, no problem with stick, but thread+magnet on zooming scene doesn't work anymore...

keyhole for key from 5-digit code in room left of end

K nevermind, thread+magnet finally worked, for some reason...

8 button chest won't open for me..... pressing buttons in order of clue...

use magnet and letters in end scene on map

use chisel & gum stick on 8-buttons box in room with gear pic puzzle (will come at the end for sure, let's see if it's again a PITA...)

Chris, there are two possible ways round of applying the 1 to 8 code. IIRC I pressed 8 first then 1235674.

I have never found the rock to break the glass. Anyone remember where it was?

There's a grey ball by the towels, all the way left from end scene on map

it opens, try with order of the numbers, i.e. 8th button as first, 1st button as 2nd etc.

after placing 5 grey balls, you get the 5 no's you need, to use 1 scene up from start, they are hard to see, will spoil if anyone needs it

stone was in last scene bottom & left of start, at the shore

(have a new game open in another tab)

Thanks AO. Off hunting.

ok, solved most puzzles, stuck with gum on stick, chisel, and a few hotspots (2 chairs, next to tub, 2 sheets). Don't know what to do with 5 clickable buttons in eastern middle room, and can't find yellow n°1. Any ideas ?

now have only chisel, missing yellow 1 button, hotspots in bathroom & on armchair in end scene, also on bed in room with keyhole...

btw would be nice to live there in such a luxury ☻

AO, I thought that was your house ;)

my comment at 5:32 AM re chisel & stick

Blue balls pressed (after using the spray on the active spots in the rooms)) 23434. It is necessary to correctly solve the equation and click on the order (not the right solution) 12345.

Not sure if there was a clue, but I turned all the placed symbols green and got a spray bottle.

LOL yvonne
my house is in L.A. acc. to G4K mentionned in a game ;-P

still need top left symbol...

Chisel and use a stick to the grate in the kitchen, where clicked 8 tiles.

the swimmer...

Thanks for the hints stuck now with nothing in inventory, missing one piece for start scene (L middle) and three gear puzzle pieces and the clue for the blue balls..... arrrrgh!

use chisel above symbol puzzle for 1 button

get the last symbol

This comment has been removed by the author.

The final puzzle is necessary to press on the inner perimeter of the square.

odd maths by using spray at bed, armchair & in bathroom...

hot to solve 5 blue buttons?

do you need to add anything more to the stick? I put glue on it, but it still goes to screen when I click on it

ticket symbol in end scene on brown table in front

nothing to add, take just stick back

AO, bug for me then :(

you may try to refresh the game, there's a resume button

still working on those blue buttons...
(how to apply the odd maths I ask myself)

Spray 1 scene right of start on chair.

AO, tried that, no change, so annoying to get so far, and not be able to finish, oh well, catch you in another game later :)

oh, no yvonne
sorry for you & CU ☺

My last hotspot for spray 1 down from start.

where is the stick?

I've been trying 23434 on buttons but no go. Sometimes they don't seem to respond, so it may be that.

stick in scene right of start inside on carpet

23434 worked for me (clicked very slowly & hard)
plz explain how this number?

where is the place for the letters?

thank you for the stick!

you have to see hint first, but letters go in end scene on tree (use magnet after placing all)

AO first button 1 = 2x1
second button 2 = 1x3 etc.

i know the hint for the letters, but have not seen it yet

you have to click border of big square in gear puzzle to get green buttons
make a screenshot first with snipping tool e.g. to have the pattern (before placing last tile)

doh, thx meth
I can't read my own notes anymore LOL ☻

Can't make the blue buttons work no matter how slow I go, even when I see a clear response to each click. :((

I think I got lucky at the final puzzle, was finished pretty quickly

thx ppl for the company & the nice teamwork & 8G for an enjoyable game of this style ☺

out; thanks for the help

sorry for you meth ☺

Ok in the end. I had another game going in a new tab and got out there. Thanks for company, hints and game.

where to use honey stick?

Hi olga, use it one csne forward from start on frame above the puzzle


Completely lost my way in this house.....until I just noticed there is this navigation button and a map.....feel kind of stupid lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Manon, you're not alone there lol

Forget the game...someone please tell me where this place is so I can go there!!

Is there a magic room to be able to take the stick back once the glue is on it?

Is there a magic room to be able to take the stick back once the glue is on it?

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