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Ena Dead End Escape 4 Walkthrough

Ena Dead End Escape 4

EnaGames - Ena DeadEnd Escape 4  is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. In the previous level, you have collected more evidences in Albert's house and got a clue that Albert is owning a bar. Now you are in Albert's bar. You need to find some more evidences here to confirm Albert is killer or not. Its your responsibility to find out the evidences. Good luck and have fun!

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Before you lose your mind trying to fill the 4 glasses off of one barrel, there are actually 4 barrels and each glass is tied to one of them.

Rope is used on counter top in 5th scene

Thanks Mr. Techie!

Knife and lit candle for barrel in 2nd scene

I am missing one of the labels with % etc. on them and 2 circles with arrows for puzzle from paper hint.

I'm pretty far in and am still missing those same things. Lots of puzzles to solve

When you get the wine bottle with the word "wine" upside down, you have to click on it so it turns over before you can solve the # puzzle it is a clue for

hi (again) all ☺

this is a long game, started half an hour before & still not finished

take owner's first name for letter puzzle

3rd arrow circle comes from sliders in last scene

Hi Alpha, It is long. When you find a "wooden" piece with a bottle pic. on it, it goes in the stand in scene 2 for yet another hint.

The sliders hint is one I am missing 1 part of. I need the @

The @ comes from a puzzle cabinet door. can't remember which but keep solving them and you will find it

looking for 1 dolphin and 1 key chain

found the last key chain in plain sight high on a wall in scene 3

Finally found that last one and out!

last dolphin from key chain clue puzzle in scene 2

anyone can explain puzzle in last room?
dunno, what to do there...

missing 1 dolphin & 1 bottle...

last dolphin from key chain clue puzzle in scene 2

The "STAR" puzzle in the far right room is standalone. Point the 3 pointers in the middle that can point to one of the letters in "star" and it will light up. Light up all 4 letters and hit unlock.

Which puzzle are you looking at AO?

thx Tiquer, got ist

the star puzzle was Mr.

have dolphin from key chain puzzle already & still missing one, also 1 dial & still 1 bottle...

what puzzles do you have left?

besides dolphin arrows & dials & bottle flowers, the T shapes, the shape number puzzle in r4 & bottle/glass shapes puzzle in r3...

& the l/r puzzle in s2 - so many...?! :-o

& a locked CB...

Using the lit candle in the cut barrel was the action that cascaded about 10 serial puzzles until the end.

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The briefcase in the bottom right of tools and evidence is not used in this episode.

l/r puzzle from CB with brighter & darker bars
got my last bottle, moving on

where to use matches?

ok! Haven´t found the candle yet!

What does the orange bars stand for?

I have only @ and % symbols. Missing the others.

after more than one hour playing I finally got out - these long games are ones, when you have enough spare time to waste LOL
thx ENA for yet another marathon game with creative puzzles ☺

orange bars & those in-between for l/r puzzle in 2nd room

candle is on counter in a golden candleholder in 2nd scene

Unsolved puzzles:
4 card suits, 4 flowers, 4 two digits, * @ Q %, and missing 1 arrow button.

it's a pity, that hotspots don't disappear after use... :-/

ok! So I solved it by chance already. Thanks.

Thanks for the candle AO.

Where´s the Q symbol?

Is this game an old one? Video WT has been posted 1 month ago?

pleasure Roberto ☺

nope Roberto
but they make the VWTs way earlier than game is published

Loving these. Off to Johnny's house for more informations.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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