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Ena Dead End Escape 5 Walkthrough

Ena Dead End Escape 5

EnaGames - Ena Dead End Escape 5 is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. In the previous level, you have collected knife with blood stains. But this is not a conclusion, before getting information about John. Jonathan father had suspects on both of them. Now you are in John's House to find some more evidence. Its your responsibility to find out the evidences. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

thx ENA for creating this series, like it ☺

dont forget to hit padlock bottom left to confirm your puzzle solution

examine cup in order, first is


Hi AO, joining you.

use magnet on box with hole on floor for razor blade

hi meth ☺

o-oh, not again that circle part puzzle (it was already one a 8G in a previous game & it's near impossible to make, at least for me - thankfully there's a skip button, when I cannot proceed...)

use blade on sack from garage for the other key part

God is love - how true ☺

use assembled key at night table in bedroom for

scroll with fleur-de-lss hint

I'm way behind you AO cos I've been trying to get the cogs right. They keep getting stuck.

it's a door key you get from handle put drawer

didn't see cogs (yet) in my game... ☻

ah, missed the bathroom LOL

Cogs to left of bedroom. I've given up on them for now in case they need a clue.

No clues needed for dolls. Just line up the colours.

letter hint scroll from assembling dolls at puzzle in new room

key for garage from cogs, get


I don't know if pri needs to be on any particular row. I did it on top row and it opened ... once I'd remembered the padlock.

grey button for shield puzzle

This comment has been removed by the author.

shield fruits


watermelon, papaya, mango

at pri, you must have the gap in centre

How did you get the cogs to work AO? Mine get jammed whether I try moving the little one second up to the left first, or right and down first.

LOL obtained golden teeth from wheel drawer

I moved the bottom cog first, that the top one & then the others, but it was fiddly stuff, cuz cogs didn't go always fully on centre line

only have knife in inventory & missing 1 brown piece for pic...

Thanks AO, but I'm afraid I'm giving up. The cogs have defeated me.

nope, even 2 pieces...

sorry for you meth & thx for your company ☺

one piece for bedroom pic outside bottom right, the other bottom right of window in John pic room
another was bottom of CB in dining room

bill as evidence from wallet from 5#code in John pic room, hint was

behind pieces pic in bedroom

(top to bottom)

bottom drawer beneath John pic gives

time for

bedroom key

Didn't like giving up.
Cogs, for anyone coming later.
It's quite easy to get the top two into position and turning. Then move the bottom one right and down. Then move the one above it up while it's still in its side branch. Bring it left v carefully. If you go to far the puzzle will stick. Move it up till it spins, then move the little one up.

LOL welcome back meth & good job re cogs ☺

And then I lost my internet connection. :(( Back now after much use of a hairdryer. Thank goodness someone is coming to sort it all out next week!

my internet is very slow, too atm (too much traffic it seems...)

my last coin was from drawer in John pic room

oh, the circle part wheel wasn't hard at all for me, just let the yellowish pieces together

Still got an unopened draw in garage. You'd think a detective would carry a picklock :)

after making a photo of John's pic behind that wheel game finished, but it's not the last episode...

POP. Missed obvious hot spot in garage for 4#. Now off to hunt for brown crescents. I have the 3 you mentioned AO.

found 1 brown piece for pic by bed.

yep, they were pretty hard to see...

Got to go. Thanks for your company A0.

pleasure meth ☺

where is the knife? I cant open the leather box.

knife from locked drawer in garage

key from cog puzzle

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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