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Ena Dead End Escape 8 Walkthrough

Ena Dead End Escape 8

EnaGames - Ena Dead End Escape 8 is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. In the previous level, you have found some evidences and then having doubt about John that golden teeth that you collected earlier is Roberts or not. Now you are in graveyard to find Robert's grave whether the golden teeth is Robert's. Its your responsibility to find out the evidences. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

& the series goes on

thx ENA for another episode ☺

Hi AO. Hope to be joining you soon. Loading...

for small/big dots, take hint from necklace

l/r & top to bottom

hi meth ☺
glad you're joining...

sword puzzle is a PITA, but I won't skip it (yet)...

In at last. Looking around.

finally - but will play new SD first (should not last long...) - bbl CU ☺

Collecting masses of stuff and codes. But precious few places to use them yet.

lines on tombstones in left scene for

puzzle in 1930 scene

match the symbols in 1930 scene for slider hint (I think)

Sneaky hotspot bottom right of bat scene.

got egg from placing symbols in circle
(star slot scene)

take water with pot

Stone pieces placed in scene where you place stars. Take 4# from another gravestone in same scene.

Eggs go in triangle one scene right of cat.

6 symbol hint from cat scene for star slot scene

take them like you read

Synagogue, scroll etc symbols go across top row then bottom.

bugs go on wall star in 1927 scene

Bugs go in 5 point star back wall. I need one more.

Beetles go in star puzzle. Same scene where you use eggs.

3 x 3 grid enter letter shapes from date gravestones.

LOL great minds here ☻

Triple snap AO and Roberto!

White and grey symbols to pentagon.

I gave up on the swords.

sliders in cat scene

red is 4x click then 1 less each top to bottom

I'm failing to frighten any animals.

Pour water down hole in grave, bat scene.

Where is swords puzzle?

2nd eye for skull in inv. from flower puzzle

you can swap the 2 connecting

skull gives coin for 1st scene

And bat scene? Am I missing scenes?

Where was the clue for the colour sliders AO?

NVM seen the slider clue. I was overthinking it.

After solving sliders in snake scene you can solve slidres in cat scene.

Can someone tell me where is bat scene pls?

Bat in hole in tree where Z 1930 is Roberto. Perhaps you've already scare it off.

sword puzzle in 1927 scene

Oh! I solved swords already and scared bat as well. lol. Thanks anyway!

Use wine as fuel for lantern.

Oh, you just need to click on the bat a few times. I've been poking it with umbrella, setting light to it etc etc ;)

tree symbols etc. on tombstones in the scenes for most right scene

get round symbol button for 1927 scene

where is lantern from?

did anyone find knife already for sack?

lantern from placing all stars.

thx Roberto
missing 1 star...

Knife from 5 crosses puzzle.

Feed the cat for crowbar and use it on crate to get a creepy doll.

Don't get the equals signs etc. gravestone. I've tried making each row three dashes and two dots. That doesn't work.

2nd coin from tombstone in last scene using crowbar.

where is hint for 5 crosses puzzle?

I guess you need to find all the stars. Have you used umbrella?

where to use umbrella?

on top of door in cat scene.

above cat for bag, that was my last star
(no hotspot btw)

Out! Phew!

use lantern in cat scene

Thanks Roberto for umbrella. My last star too.

missing 2 eggs & 2 coins, several puzzles not solved yet...

use crowbar not only on grave but also on rock in 1st scene for symbol hint (take it)

another egg from assemble the symbols puzzle

Only missing one egg here AO. Got my second very early on perhaps from gravestone shapes 4# clue. Can't remember.

I'm having trouble assembling the symbols. I've tried each pair starting left and right and going down one side then the other.

ditto here meanwhile...

my 3rd coin from giving back pacifier/nipple ☻ to doll

Ah, I had only taken a screenshot of the symbols, not taken them into my inventory.

Crowbar the cobra!

still not solved the line dot puzzle in most right scene - is there a hint somewhere?

You not only need to take the symbols into the inventory. You also need to look at them once there.

Thanks for the doll AO, very sneaky.

cobra? where from?

Hint for that one comes from 4 coins AO

Cobra was in grave bottom left of bat scene.

well, only have 3 coins...

Looking for somewhere to use a shovel. Still got crowbar.

POP grave with cobra in 1930 scene

there are more graves to open...

still have a grey piece in inv. - where does it go?
still missing 1 egg...

Two grey pieces form arms of cross one right of bat scene.

The 4#s for that cross are in the same scene.

1939 scene, a tombstome missing its pieces, now missing the 2nd one...

missed the one in cat scene

Yo, the golden tooth again!

And suddenly I'm out. I'll hang around a while AO.

thx anyway meth

what, still not finished - phew...!

where to use shovel?

In opened grave, opening scene I think for shovel.

Thanks ENA for excellent game.

on grave in 1st scene

now that was a marathon of a game, the hardest thing was to find the hints & the puzzles for them ☻

thx meth & Roberto for your company & the nice teamwork ☺

Thank you too AO and Roberto.

OMG! - compared the time first/last comment - almost 2 hours of playing...! :-o

ok, but I played the SD game for 15 min., too, but still...!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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