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Escape Challenge 14: Grapes Room Escape Walkthrough

Escape Challenge 14: Grapes Room Escape

TomoLaSiDo - Escape Challenge 14: Grapes Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape game developed by TomoLaSiDo. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi ev'body -

note position of chair, look under tables

note windows

freeze grapes

stuck on clock atm

double click on grapes in inventory for 3 #

Got it - watch when grapes on clock form into a bunch w/ the 'T' on top


I cheated and looked at w/t for clock, ugh, what a difficult clue! Watch the grapes in the center and when they form a grape cluster (3 top, 2 middle, 1 bottom), take a look at where the color circles are on the clock.

Nice game! Only 2 grapes to find for best end

Look at the clock when grapes are forming bunch so three two one from the top down the note where colored rings are.

I had to check the walkthrough. I had no idea how to stop the clock and still don't, even after watching it.

Oh, so you don't stop the clock, you're just supposed to see it? Ugh. Disappointed. I was having fun, until then.

Hi all, for me worked putting my finger on the print button of my keyboard and hitting it when the grape showed up every two turns. I prefer screenshots to snipping tool anyway (Print - Alt+tab - Ctrl+V takes less than a second for me).

Oh, and the game is not buggy when you can't zoom out. Just close the door you've opened first. I must admit I can't leave a fridge door open or a water tap running in games.

still love the music in these ♥

me, too, merit, wanna close water tap & fridge door, but somehow always forget it for TomoLaSiDo games LOL

& I prefer snipping tool, cuz on a laptop without a keypad you must work with more combos than mentionned (Fn key here)

you only need to grape «balls»

I from my side loved the clock, although it was challenging to see the hint (snipping tool doesn't help much for moving stuff)

thx Tomo for a great little game ☺
tables were tricky, too

These games are good - but we should definitely know how many of the theme objects we have to collect... sometimes it's five, sometimes it's four - I've been trying like mad to collect more grapes as the 2 I've already had seemed way too few...

hmm habe 623 fach offen aber fabcode? und anderes fach mit code? uhr konnte ich nicht anhalten,sit die hinweise für diese 623?
kann trauben auch nicht einfrieren,hab links trauben im inventar aber oben im kühlfach gehts nicht rein

you have to put grapes into the glass from colour code

for colour code, look under tables & note position of chair



top bottom top colour dot at puzzle

& clock doesn't stop (you must have a good eye, when grape «balls» are forming a bunch of grapes
& yes, 623 is from clock

I seem to be hitting a bug. Whenever I open the cabinet using the color code from the underside of the three round tables, I can't back out of the cabinet scene.

you have to close the door first (valuable for each door or drawer), then you can back out

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