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Escape from Famiresu Shop Walkthrough

Escape from Famiresu Shop

EscapeCafe - Escape from Famiresu Shop is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Escape Cafe. In this game, you must find some items and solve puzzles to make your way out of the shop. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

thx Shuchun - let's see if one key is behind safe... ;-P

nope just lying next to seat - but a clickfest as usual to find the stuff

paper behind poster

don't eat with the hands!

I can't find the key for the wall code grr

Hi Alpha!

This is the second game from them without the lighter behind the safe.

I can't find the banana-looking thing for maths...

to save you from clickfest ☻

click on edge of left seat

click on bottom of right seat

Ross, one key was underneath the table.

hi merit ☺

it's on the plate, but as I said - no hands used

yeah that was for the safe

Thanks! I had tried it before but didn't hit the pixel. Even now it took me a swollen finger.

LOL merit
for the number safe key, even more a swollen finger ☻ (can't find it either...)

And out, thanks for helping! CU in next game.

tired of clicking around - where is the other key?

♪♫ tell me, where is the key, dear merit, dear merit, the key...? ♫♪

Hi :) for 2nd key

under table corner (where there is the plate)

hi seb & thx ☺

this was the only pixel I didn't hit yet - doh!

thx EC for a nice game of your style ☺

Thank-you AlphaOmega ΑΩ for the clue, i couldn't figure that out.

pleasure bob ☺

I lost fork after looking @ it

found everything else easily

Keep losing fork
Any advice?

you may have fork still in inventory...?
it's pretty hard to see...

sorry Joe! I took it))

don't look at me, felt hungry))

Very quick!

Thanx AO
You were right!

YaY Out
Thanx AO

OMG OMG OMG!!! New different views!!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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