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Escape From London Transport Museum Walkthrough

Escape From London Transport Museum

EightGames - Escape From London Transport Museum is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a visitor trapped inside the London Transport Museum. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the visitor to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

stuff is hard to find in this scenery...
(& a long VWT again, more than 19 min.!)

pretty big map, too...

hint for half circles in same scene (above start)

bulbs go in top left scene, but need 1 more...

Hi there! What do you think: Playable today or not? ;-)

Hello all
My internet connection has slowed to a crawl so I hope I can join in with you all. At least it has loaded at last.

Hi meth, mine is still loading too.

hi merit ☺
y'know, playable is everything without a bug ;-P

& hi meth ☺
hopefully you can play...

Dang, after loading all items are flickering. I have to refresh, that helps sometimes. :-/

an air horn beneath letter puzzle in bus scene UU6646 such as colour hint on floor

ah, & a red bird shape (origami)

use spanner on bus wheel Liverpool St. 23 for word hint

& a ticket in same scene

Blue green buses placed far left and up for a ticket.

Refreshed a few times, then cleared my cache. Finally in!

Clue from loosened wheel used in 37A bus scene.

word hint actually number anagram, to use in bus XC8059

I started going to the right. In start scene you can click on the grill of the red bus for a symbol hints. Those go into the yellow ACTON bus but it seems you have to put them in according to the correct order (could insert the first symbols but not the others)

Key from direction arrows used inside yellow bus. A YELLOW London bus?!

3 coins for phone in bus scene AY651

In that same scene there's an arrow hint on the pillar, that is used one left to the start scene on the green 722 LONDON bus, little bit hard to see.

dont have any grill hotspot in start scene...

air horns give more origami birds

Oh sorry, my mistake. One scene to the right!

Went around one round and swear I'll be missing thousand of items.

Now I remember why I rarely play EG. To many things, scenes and taking way to long time.

Scene left from start with green LONDON 722 bus: On the red bus there are three shapes. They are the clue for the 3# on the bus grill in scene with the phone on the pillar.

Hi Byassen! I do understand you but if there are no other games and you are in the mood to play...

get eyes from symbols, placed in order on yellow bus, but now can't find puzzle anymore LOL

Just came a new game, from 5N.

that will be a mean one for sure - eye puzzle in scene with peckham times carriage forelast scene before the end

merit & meth
do you stay here or do you move to new 5n?

In the scene with the VICTORIA/BRIXTON signs you can change the colours of the underground sign. Clue is in same scene below the EightGames link.

Hm, I might leave soon, so if the 5n game isn't that long, I*ll move.

key is used in far right scene of start (inside carriage) for place for owls (have 2, need 3 more...)

almost 9 min. of VWT merit...

I'm in the 5n games. 9 min is less than this one.

better play the new Mirchi coming...

AO I'm staying but very slow to renew this page so not posting so often.

I can't make the underground sign work
pink cyan grey green but nothing happening. Do you have to do something with the purple panels too?

maybe download CCcleaner & clean registry... (?)

nope, meth
purple panel will open for an owl

I had the same problem Methanwy - except that I used a kind of dark slate blue rather than light grey on the third colour down. I had to keep trying, and then eventually it opened for me. I had the colours right, so I don't know why there was a problem. Hmmph.

nvm it worked now. Didn't realise there were two identical pinks on top.

Ah, so that was the reason. I wondered why one of the clicks through the colours didn't seem to change anything.

Anyone found an sd yet for headlight?

yeah got SD! :-D
inside carriage, make all colours the same, first you got a ticket & even more stuff for each new colour

colour hint from bulbs on loco for yellow bus

photos for start scene (no zoom)

green buttons for AY651 bus for number hint

Great! Thanks AO. Such a simple thing to unlock so much. Tickets used far left. Key used in same scene.

I do appreciate it when the sd opens all 4 screws for us :)

missing that key 6 & 1 ticket...

that revealed number on AY.651 is actually a letter hint for 37A bus scene

assembled paper give hint how to fill in the registration numbers on 3 buses

3 photos give word hints for grid

Think of 5 number clue as letters.

When my game was having trouble loading, it gave me the camera pic right at the beginning. Use it in start screen and apply in far left scene.

word puzzle gives (my) third owl

Same here AO. Have cloth and JJ774F in inventory.

and I haven't used (can't use) the six buttons on the bus where we loosened the wheel.

what to do with cloth and six silver buttons on bus and the text icons?

this one is definitely too long - need a break, bbl - CU ☺

Use cloth on green bus number plate top row 3 left of end

Algn owls centre


Thanks Kernowman. That was sneaky of them to makeit look like an opened puzzle.

thank you

back - tickets gave other part of colour puzzle hint for loco scene for key for same scene for air horn for origami bird, but need one more...

Get blue owl to centre first with green and yellow equal distance either side from blue. Bring them into line, then pink and brown.

hi Ker ☺
where comes cloth from?
only have 3 letter & 3 number buttons in inventory...

have an unsolved 3 digit code on AY(V)651 bus, where's the hint?

missing two bulbs

hi Lau
as the bulbs are white, they are hard to see & at least 1 came from a puzzle

One 3 digit code came from shapes on side of red bus next to green 722.
One bulb came after entering colours in yellow bus. I thought cloth came from entering colours far left, but may be wrong.

The final rotator puzzle is a horror.

And it resets if you move away from it!!!

Tried for awhile but just sick of stupid ads popping up in the middle of playing!
You really suck 8 games!

ah, thx meth
forgot about the shapes as I saw them already at the beginning of the play - 3-digit code gave me (my last) origami bird for that cloth

Got to go. May try that slider again later.
Thanks for company and hints.

CU meth ☺
thx for your company, too

& as usual, a PITA at the end...!:-/
well, after trying in vain for some time, I can't be bothered to stay with that puzzle all night long till tomorrow, so I will officially cheat by following VWT step by step ;-P

OMG, over 5 min. VWT only for that puzzle...! :-o
well, not with me, I consider myself out! ;-P
(although I hate not to finish a game)

thx ppl for your hints & 8G for a (too) long game, shorter would be more enjoyable ☺
also, the eyes were hard to distinguish...

Nice game, but X-ed out
on the eye puzzle.

Far too tedious!

       Anonymous  9/15/16, 8:06 AM  

In game ads = automatic 1-star. Go choke on your Cheetos, 8 Games.

Another Eight game ruined by a horrible and tedious time consuming puzzle just to get the exit key. Another thumbs down on this one. :[

It was great up to the eye puzzle.

having trouble getting the sticker with the blue VW camper van on it, have tried the colour buttons several times in the railway carriage but can't get it

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