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Escape From Relais Masseria Capasa Paradise Walkthrough

Escape From Relais Masseria Capasa Paradise

Escape007Games - Escape From Relais Masseria Capasa Paradise is another point and click room escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Assume that you visit to Relais Masseria Capasa Paradise with your family. Your family went to home after visiting the Relais Masseria Capasa Paradise without noticing that you are still in the Relais Masseria Capasa Paradise. You are trapped alone in it. So use your skills to collect the necessary object and solve puzzles to escape from Capasa Paradise. Good luck and have fun!

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blue ball under right arrow left room

envelope behind fruits basket for symbols

Hi Dazz just going in hope I can get on with this one too many outside distractions lol

use cloth from dining table on smudge far right for sliders

hi joycy:)
number paper behind fruits, stick it with number behind vase

colored rock under mat far right room

2 rocks for hexagons, get each corresponding color on line

thought that was the 3 clock clue in the bath but not working

my last blue ball was under sheet by bed

knife far left scene

switch on table lamp last right room

thanks gika, missed that thing

use knife on panfor 4#

strange place for a frying pan on a laid table

no problem Dazz

dials: empty the bathtub

spinning puzzle is a pain, finally out

I am out too. Last puzzle was not hard for me :)

Nice game

pixel hunt can't find knife

got it duh was in plain view lol

Joyce knife is in far left room on the table.

This comment has been removed by the author.

scraped the pan

Oops a little late. Glad you found it Joycy :)

need 1 yellow ball slider 4321 won't work

thanx anyway Gika how did you do yellowish slider puzzle

been extremely hot here in Bulgaria today lol

sliders are already at position 1

a nice one for an 8G clone - thx 007 ☺

Yep, nice game.

Really dislike the
animated navigation
arrows though.

Thanx AO didn't finish was really late here

replayed early morning similar to so many games but nice & simple

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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