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Escape from the Room with a Gimmick 5 Walkthrough

Escape from the Room with a Gimmick 5

YominoKagura - Escape from the Room with a Gimmick 5 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Yomino Kagura from Room's Room. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Not the most intuitive game and the last puzzle threw me a bit.

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Just starting!

Clock gives you clue for HMS box

I thought that 6x on the triangle shape would be 6x3 for the corners. But Idk what to do with it and the other number

Clicked some times left button inside cb and box opened?! Guess I clicked 5x.

clue for pic inside switch box.

Roberto that was the LLLLL clue from HMS.

Ah ok! lol

Can´t get pic. Code doesn´t work.

Roberto you have to tilt it. red corner on clue was on low left corner. and on pic it is on low right. I just tilted my laptop to the right and it worked.

I did that but doesn´t work

You mean 1 is bottom right?

Click on:


I´m clicking BR,TP,BR,TL,BL(2x)

Yes Roberto 1 and 3 is low right


hi (again) all ☺

pic corners


note red/brown corner at hint & at pic

head goes on right shoulder while looking at hint



how second click is LL? 2 is on top?

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Oh OK! I was not turning clue to the left, but fliping it instead.

#3 is on a circle #6x is in a triangle and #20 is in a square. Just don't know how to add the numbers together

Glad you got it Roberto

ditto here Gika...

Thanks Gika! You´re always very helpful!

Tried to multiply 3x1, 6x3 and 20x4 and add. But 101 fails.

You're welcome Roberto.

Now lets use our brains to solve that math problem :)

I think it's 9X not X6.

Maybe circle=1 and triangle=2 from clock?

3+ is clue that you must use 9x instead of 6x.


20 x 9 + 3

thanks Nomelted.

Got card used it in box with mugs

I mean, use 9x insted of x6

ah, thx nomelted ☺
forgot about that old trick YK sometimes makes...

YW :)

logically, the triangle at safe should be upside down (standing on it's point) ;-)

I thought I had to follow that colors from mugs. But instead of green it jumps to yellow

Code for last puzzle (mugs-buttons):



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hmm. Makes no sense to me.

Nomelted TY. But how did you get that??

OK. Thanks for the help nomelted, anyway!

Th right cup changes then the right again, then the left etc. I've had that code ready for a while but nowhere to put it! Where did you find a place for the card?

So That hint on mugs was wrong. bc I can't not get Red and green by pressing Right Right.

also, it's interesting that 23 x 6 = 184, which got me to the real solution right next door (thx nomelted for explaining that!)

yo don't take the mugs in order from lef to right, but as per colour order l/r

so if after red comes yellow to the right, continue with the left red to get mugs B-Y

Place card on the right side of the mugs! in the middle of the box

card goes on device right of mugs

Clue for mugs:

All six pairs is a sequence.

Each pair shows (by changing colors) what button (L or R) you must press..

1 pair of mugs = 1 click
6 pairs = 6 clicks

TY AO. I had to reopen the game and I see it now.

vk is right

not the most intuitive game this time, but interesting mental twists as usual - thx YK ☺

Alpha I really don't think the color matters...

how do you explain then just (in other words than nomelted)?

Thanks Gika! How did I not see that? went around the room at least 20 times...

As I did above! Start with 2, same color. Go L to R. 1st step, R mug changes. and step, R mug again. 3rd step, L one changes. Only one changes with each step so it gives you


*and should be *2nd*

thx just
(oops, overlooked your 1st comment re mugs above...)

@just1, I also tried 23 x 6, but according to my math, that gives 138. How did you get 184?

Hi @zoz! LOL. It looks like I pushed x8 by mistake on the calculator. What a way to find the solution! Wish I had that kind of luck all the time :)

...kind of like leaning over to pick up your keys you just dropped, and the bullet thuds into the wall...

Hi ! after reading com above about triangle (and thanks all) I think it's 3 + (9 x 20) = 183

triangle value must be read upside down
perhaps because in triangle "x" is before 6 and to do correctly math it's necessary to read 9x

circle hint 3 +, triangle hint x6, square hint 20
according code wanted ==> circle triangle square

3+ (x6 20) impossible but 3 + (9 x 20) Ok

thx for the explanation, seb ☺

as stated above the triangle in the box itself stands upside down, so instead of reading 6 you have to read 9.

thanks for the LLL-hint, lol, didn't see that.
I like those kind of clues. You always search for L/R but only using one button .. very sneaky and clever.

Good game!

@just1, I know just what you mean. I arrived at the right answer using the wrong equation and doing the math wrong; I never did get a "9" into the mix!

triangle position in the game is not the same now than game played yesterday

had to replay to see this
you're right seb
it seems that YK read my comment at 6:56 PM ;-P

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Excellent game. Only thing that threw me was the L/R clue, because all those L's were scrunched together without any spacing -- didn't realize they were L's.

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