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Escape From Timber House Walkthrough

Escape From Timber House

Games2Jolly - Escape From Timber House is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. Just imagine that you've been locked up in a house. Its rooms are constructed perfectly to live a pleasant life. But to your unluckiness you're locked up there and you need to escape from there. Search for the clues, solve puzzles in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Combine flower pots for 4 color answer.

hi folks: TV for 4#

flower color: PBGV

Use the knife on the couch in the far right room.

Ceiling lamps in the start scene are for the sliders in the far right room.

3# behind exit door

Look out of the peephole in the far right room.

Looking for the math clue to the far right room.

It's on the dvd player.

And out. Good game.

Where is there a knife and coloured flowers??

Color hint from Dazz not working. Where are vases??

Flower pots in the first scene. Use the colors of the stripes from top to bottom. Don't count the orange ones.

POP got it myself. Good thing eh since no one is answering today.
big flower pots bottom sides of right scene give 4 colours.

I apologize for not answering promptly but I was tending to my hellions.

The knife came from a puzzle but I don't remember which.

in left room :
waterbottle with .. signalhint (behind label)
book with .. key for .. chest.

hallway, click arrow going right :
spyglass of door reveals .. number for left room = chest.
open chest with key = green diamond.
paper in wastebin with hint for .. shapes-puzzle in hall upstairs = knife.
Open knife = word for left room = toy.
Then use knife on couch in right room (arrow) = red diamond. (first about item knife, click it).

in right room :
remote for .. tv in left room with signalhint + timehint.
butterfly hint for .. left room = toy.

use hints from book, tv, and shark (hallway) in right room = blue diamond.
use time from tv in right room (arrow), change + into a dot = pink diamond.

use hanging lampes in hallway for levers in right room (arrow) = scroll .. hint for shapes/arrows in hallway = toy.

use the colours on the pots in hallway in left room (there's no orange there) = purple diamond.

place diamonds in right room = toy.

place toys in right room = doorkey.

use doorkey in right room (arrow) = out.

Games2Jolly, my compliments, some good puzzles in there, tricky spots to find stuff. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

wastebin is in right room (arrow).
1 on the paper is a circle.

don't forget that toy in right room.

Nice game!! Enjoyed it a lot :)

thx G2J for a very nice game with some tricky stuff & thx arrie for taking your time to write a WT ☺
(thinking of earlier times, when EGDAWT ruled... *sigh*)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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