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Escape From Timeless Apartment Walkthrough

Escape From Timeless Apartment

Escape007Games - E7G Escape From Timeless Apartment is another point and click room escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Assume that you visit to apartment with your friends. Your friends went to home after visiting the apartment without noticing that you are still in the apartment. You are trapped alone in it. So use your skills to collect the necessary object and solve puzzles to escape from apartment. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in

just picking up a lot items

press one of the white stripes against large mirror

combine mug with tong and hold into fire.

sneaky key in white hall next to most left lamp

Use umbrella on kitchen lamp. Rectangles white shapes is the light switch.

going round and round, no place for plant or shapes, missing one green symbol and one r/b ball

Don't know what to do with lamps either

Don't miss scissors on far right scene

white stripes are switches, lol.

Put plant in bottom right corner of first room - there is a grey circle there when you zoom in.

the white paper pieces goes together. The brown balls goes on wall in scene with fire place

missing two switches, no hint for 5# so far

The orange balls you get from placing plant go on the orangey rugby ball shape picture to left in fireplace room.

thanks Clodagh, hard to see because of three point symbol

Gika, I did that, used pencil on them then they separated again.

Tiny key on left black table in white hallway scene. Use on the RH wall in room to the left of the hallway.

Aah, white shapes go on lamps, specifically.

for blue/red circles the clue is in far right room. But mine is not working

shapes on lamps work only when switch is in place

where are the tongs?

finally got it! it gives 2 horse puzzle piece. I am still missing light switches to place white triangle pieces

tongs are in first room on table

Aim the red parts of the circles.

I've been playing for an hour now, frustration level is higher than fun, quitting.

Scissors for left edge of bedspread in white/grey room.

Cabinet handle in first room on brown bit to left of white wall just above where you place the plant. Phew - pixelly!

thanks Clodagh

I've got some blue ink(?) & nothing else...

ugh...missing 2 switches.

missing 2 switches too

The switches were usually on the floor. Sneaky little buggers.

there is one switch on the white hall by the right door (bellow directional arrow)

and the other one is on room with big mirror

Escaped....after placing all puzzle pics and using the key on white hall. Left with the blue vase in my inventory

Last paper in the bathroom: fold it to wipe mirror & unfold for color clue.

Stole the blue vase, too.

I just want to chuck that blue ink over the grey sofas now. Leaving before I commit criminal damage...

room 2 window left corner
room 4 on fire place
room 5 doorway right
room 8 on bedsofa
room 9 under lamp left side
still missing one more .....

room 2 window left corner
room 4 on fire place
room 5 doorway right
room 8 on bedsofa
room 9 under lamp left side
still missing one more .....

Yeah, what WAS the blue jar for??

The blue jar was ink poured on open books to give clue for colour order in bathroom. Unnecessary as each ball would only go into correct slot.

Sneaky piece of paper on the right-most light in the bathtub scene (scene 9). You need it to wipe the glass in room 2 and get the color clue for the 4 red squares.

Not too bad of a pixel hunt.

007, please "un-animate" the
navigation arrows.
They are cheesy and annoying!

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Spent 50 minutes of my life on this, even with a couple of hints I can't complete it. I have left a pink book, a blue bottle, 4 circles that I cannot get to match up in the puzzle in the last room, and missing 2 horse puzzle pictures (I guess the result of said impossible puzzle)

If only then spend time on the quality of the game play as they do on the graphics.

2 star poor, had trouble finding all the switches, ty to those who commented. The only real issue I had other than that was finding the blue ball under the white chair in the 3rd room

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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