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Escape the Fruit Juice Parlor Walkthrough

Escape the Fruit Juice Parlor

FunkyLand - Escape the Fruit Juice Parlor is another Japanese point and click room escape game by Funky Land. In this game, you have to use some items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Very nice one

Lovely game again by Funkyland.
Will replay to give some hints.

I assume the colored cards from 1-6 are for color code, but don't see the trick

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Hi Dazz :). The trick is how the tables are numbered. Check them.

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Start with the table numbers, combined with the colours of the juices and their number at the counter.
6 tables, 6 colours =
- take the small box, turn and open it for a battery.
- take the coin off of the right lowered plants-in-frame (nice idea btw).

You can use the coin in the kitchen, check what you get = a key for the recipe book.

Take out the card from the book and put it in the cash-register.
You need a 5-number in the kitchen to open the door, it says 'Detox', take that card and hold it in front of the card reader.
o dear, only 4 numbers .... there's one more number however that belongs with Detox.
Look behind the counter.

can't get the color code at all, tried everything

Remember the grid in the recipe-book. choose the fruits accordingly.
Take the OK sign that's in the car.

Check table 3.
The apple box ... look behind the counter, go from left to right, click the buttons in that order (middle, top .. etc.) = a second battery.

Tables are numbered 1 thru 6....there are cards on the counter 1 thru 6 with colors....

Place the batteries in the holder at the other door. Go through.
Mr. Frog gives another card. Hold it in front of the card reader.
click the bananas to change the fruit-symbols as the grid shows = 3 Special Juice Cards.

Let me spoil it for you Dazz ..

the square tables are numbered 4 5 6
the round tables are numbered 1 2 3
Look at the position of the tables
1 = blue, 2 = purple, 3 = yellow
4 = green, 5 = red, 6 = brown.

thanks arrie:)

Continuing ...

Print the Special Juice Cards in the pink box in the kitchen.

While being there ... put the OK card in the whatever-it's-called, I don't know any English words for these things anymore, but put the card there.

The 5 bottles next to the coloured juice cards differ in height.
1,4,5 are heigh. Set the colours accordingly = click 'open', take three bottles, put your Special Juice Cards on them.

Awww...special juice.....had to work without pay to get out...

Give them to Mr. Frog and he gives the doorkey.

The details in this game are as beautiful as ever. Loved it.

Yes Dimwit! We really had to work on this one.
Great that it wasn't that easy.

Out...but believe the OK cards went in the "printer".

yes please arrie!

Agreed....some much better than hidden objects....

though you kindly did, took me time to find the box with printer

That's good Dazz!
You have to do some searching, now you found it yourself :).
I like that pink printer-box.

would like to have that one too:)
thanks arrie, these games always get me, wouldn't have left without your help

oh, I see, I meant that the OK-card-thingy has to go into that holder, where you - after placing it - can set the five colours.

And the three cards have to go through the pink printer, whatever, we're all three out YAY !!

Feeling not so smart now :(

That was a tricky one. Thank you FunkyLand, you're one of my favourites!


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brill game, tricky stuff, just ♥d it - thx FL ☺

& thx esp. arrie for a post by post WT ☻

High quality game. Many thanks!

For a split second I thought the music was West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys

btw, never played such a healthy game ;-)

I have played many of these games but this is now the second Funkyland Game I have been unable to play. The game downloads but there seems to be no way to start the game. What am I missing here?

I missed the screen where you could click on the third round table by its self. That was super annoying.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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