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Escape Game: Robot Escape Walkthrough

Escape Game: Robot Escape

5nGames - 5n Escape Game: Robot Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. This is a spaceship and it is carrying a robot to the space for some research. The robot got trapped in a cabin. You must help the robot escape from the cabin or else the mission will be a failure. Find ways to help the robot and make use of the objects you find in the spaceship. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

thx 5n for the game ☺

symbol button hidden behind red panel in s3

Was it 5nGames on my blacklist? Don't remember, so I'll give it a try.

Got the glove from four buttons.

my last symbol button behind grey panel in last room, get


Take care about some hidden panels in the scene! E.g. ceiling in rightmost scene.

Gah, "in the scenes"!

Stuck now. Got the glove, and three metal thingies. One straight, two with a hole at the bottom and a kind of blade shape at the top.

Ah, metal things go on the boxes in 2nd scene. Doesn't help much though!

Handle from door 2nd scene

Yeah Rüdiger, that was one of those metal things. ;-)

I guess I need two more...
Still have the glove

If you change the numbers from that 77777 puzzle in 3rd scene you see there are not only numbers but letters too.

Just to say, don't have any clue for any puzzle.

for 8x6grid: you have to DRAG the bottom left light blue square...

drag the bottom square in the game on screen in last room

hi Hotz ☺ - snap!

you have to fill all squares
(4 game parts, except the red blocking squares)

Ah, thanks!

Got the first two parts but I find that third one hard, LOL

Thanks AO, but this is a bit annoying.

3rd level not easy...

go right & up after the 1st red square

whole solution


Got it. Don't ask me how, I wouldn't get it another time. The 3rd, I mean.

Ui, the red squares are hidden in the last one!

oh, I like this mini game style

in 4. part of find-the-path-grid: you have to mark the red squares too...

last level

go right, left, up, right to get you started

whole solution


glove is used on #block in 4th scene...

numbers from screen code for number puzzle, get

another spiky thingy

HAHA, "BVB09" very nice!!!! :D

Thanks Hotz, that did the trick! I had noticed the grid on paper and worked out two ways but no success as I avoided the red squares. They were different from Alpha's solution, so this one is easier than the third one when you know how to do it.

(had to google that...)
LOL Hotz indeed ☻

Wrong club, Hotz! (Not so far now...)

use glove again to get back red card...

Hard game, but made it.

Eh, got the mobile phone, where do I use that 6# number?

get back red card from where Hotz?

AO, use red card in middle of 4. scene and use glove to get it back...

NOOOOO! I wanted to refresh the comments, not the game!

nice game thank you 5nGames and greetings to Dortmund :)

I meant: get red card, where is it from?

missing middle left spike thingy...

SD from grey thin panel in last room

I won't restart but I peeked into the w/t to see what was meant with the *beep*. I would have played again if the password had been BMG00. ;-)

use scalpel from spike thingies on vent in last scene

AO, use glove in 4.scene to get yellow card, use yelow card and 2-3 steps later you will get red card...

red card for last scene

after obtaining red card back, use it on other number pad

number from cellphone

it's always the in-between steps I'm missing ☻

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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