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Escape Game: Rustic House Escape Walkthrough

Escape Game: Rustic House Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Escape Game: Rustic House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that someone is trapped inside a room in this rustic house. The person is not able to unlock the door on his own. He needs your help to escape from the room where he is stuck. Get into the house and find a way to release the person from the room. Interact with objects and solve puzzles using the clues to free the person from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Okay - got the ladder, into the house - fire needs to be lit and something's gonna happen to that burger. On we go ...

Oops no - I just had to take the food slice from burger plate, ol

Dip slice into porridge for slider/lever cle

Several puzzles in kitchen. Collect knife. Can zoom in on fruit tray.

Knife on burger for key

Colour puzzle (kitchen) gives fuel can. (Hint from fruit picture, through alcove)

Fuel goes on logs in fireplace

Might be number code from items on fruit tray but not working anywhere

Missed towel above sink. Needs something though...

Finally found place to put ladder. Also - puzzle on window: needs something to slot into holes?

Tut, tut Zu - great big number code on house. How could u miss it?

Two keys - neither works on locked door where person is trapped. Can't see where else to use them.

same place,stuck

Hi rena : ) Yes, I'm going round in circles a bit now. Feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Can zoom in on two food trays - can't do anything with them so are they hints?

Ah - finally got number code from fruit tray to work. Hadn't realised there were 2 number puzzles on set of drawers in dining room scene.

Stuck with the fruit colours, please help.

Trying to remember Jacky. Third was purple (grapes), last was orange ( I think) and first two were green and yellow but can't recall which way round.

Thanks, I was convinced the last one was a lemon, maybe I'm a lemon.



there is a door in the background of the room with fireplace... use one of the keys

The (completed) tray of food in inventory and the spatula with porridge on it are both number clues for the room next to the bench in the stairs scene.

Magnets go in squares puzzles outside (need 4). I'm still looking for 2 magnets. Nothing left in my inventory. Think I'm stuck.

Anybody find the clue for the corners puzzle in the kitchen?

did you get the one from the kitchen..clue pics with forks

you dont need to turn all of them, just replicate the shape of 2 squares

Dani--I saw the word clue under the fork pic, but are the pictures themselves a clue? If so, I can't figure them out...?

turn the corners to replicate the pics in the same position the left one higher than the right one

Ohhhh, so not all of the corners in the puzzle are actually important? Now I got it, thanks, Dani!

ignore the corners you do not need

Just one magnet to go...

I give up, stuck with a magnet, wet towel, food tray puzzle solved and spatula. just don't know where to use them.
Missing the number for bedroom dresser an 2 more of the red marbles.
And two of the kitchen puzzles.
I'm totally stumped.

Hay Beatnik Mary puzzle,, right side have chocolate cake come left side yellow dot corner

you welcome :)... but i can still click the pics...no idea why, and put 5 red balls but no clue on how to change them

Jessy--Yeah, you have to get the chocolate cake over to the yellow square (you can move the other food out of the way), then just four items remain on your tray. Combine their positions with the clue from the plate of food in the back of the first room, and that gives you a number clue for one of the drawers in the cabinet (in the bedroom off the hallway)

2134 in ofter puzzle salve. Clue have next dining table

Pat..wet towel on window in bathroom

Beatnik Mary..miss a magnet too..any idea?

Dany ,,, last seen have a spoon clue up down up means u trun down means diamond its very nice clues

Ofter got a clue in colour for bathroom blue white red salve bedroom

Jesse--Do you mean the pictures of the forks? Are they a clue for the 5 red gems puzzle? I can't figure it out. Is it all just diamonds and U-turns?

OMG YES IT IS! The red gem puzzle is:


U-turns and diamonds alternating (start with U-Turn I think?)

I finally out too nice game and hints very nice tnx FEG nice team work

Yay! Red gem puzzle gives the last magnet, which gives the clue for the last kitchen puzzle, which gives the key card for the locked door. OUT! THanks for all the help, guys!

yees..thank you Jessy!!!

great game..thank you all

i'm out! Ty guys

Placed ladder eventually, got number 8943 which doesn't work anywhere... 1 star

Couldn't get this done in a timely manner even with the walk-through, 1 star... very crap game

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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