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Escape Shark Manor Walkthrough

Escape Shark Manor

MeltingMindz - Shark Manor Escape is a new escape created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and Yizzim. Once again, Sneaky has been caught and is currently being held captive at Shark Manor. It's up to you to help him escape! Good luck and have fun!

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I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. Although i'm not really sure why i want to escape that.

A shark who's holding me captive in a manor sounds pretty good.

Oh, it's my least favourite shark. No, lets see, there is a knife on the bed, and a note on the table left of bedroom.

Key over chair, sneakily disguised by beautiful view. Cut with knife.

Map in J, out of bedroom and once right.

Pearl in P on the desk.

Hi ! pearl in H (near most right lamp)

Anagramm shark's name in O for yellow gem.

Green gem in K under apple.

Pearl in L on table.

Hello seb. I already feared i have to play alone and will be stuck forever with sharkmen somewhere looming.

Pearl in S on table (you might've guessed that).

Thanks for hint :)
pearl in E (top right)

Portable fan in Q on the table left. It's blue.

red numbers on domino stones in E are the clue for 4#code in C, gives gold key

Okay, i can't go to J anymore, because it now wants a key for that? I'm stuck.

Blue key in box in I, screwdriver in right bedsidetable in U.

Red gem in F after using SD.

shovel in B is used in T for pink gem

orange gem in A (flower)

Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen, where is blue key?

gold key in box in C, hint in E.

pop, blue key in silver marble box...

I can't get out of D. Stuck in the garden :(

Somebody figured out where to use that fan? Cos i haven't.

Hint for white hint in A is in V.

fan is used in far right room (candles)

shovel in b right hand side click bushes

Safe in S.

Thanks Hotzenplotz. I don't have a green key yet, that must be why i'm still having that blue thing :(

I think, green key was in a wooden box in far up room (sorry, I closed the game, so I can't see the map)

green key in V (hint in A) click on lid of box after each symbol

green gem is apples

blue gem (use blue fan) and order gems colors in N

purple gem in box in D (hint on paper where there is anagram)

thanks for good game and for help !

Sneaky coin in Q

thanks yvonne and everyone for your help, great game!

Sneaky thanks everyone! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Dazz Ley :)

oh, missed it live...

SD in drawer in U

safe buttons in


great, this time blowing out candles & not lighting them ☻

pearls in

H E L P S ;-)




purple gem in direction box in D

Great game. Thanks. But - sob - out with only 49 coins plus the Sneaky coin. (Again!)

found my last coin in C bottom left
out with 50 & sneaky

thx ppl for the hints above & SD for a very nice enjoyable fun game ☺

liked the line puzzle

hi Janet
that's normally my score, too but got lucky in wandering around once again ☺

Thanks Alpha - that must have been the one I missed - I had only found two in C

Arrow hint in note was tricky; I had to read the comments for help. Neat idea. Good game.

Thanks selfdefiant...er...I mean Sneaky! Great game!

I've been playing for years and today I got out with no hints and no walkthrough!! This was wonderful and fun. Thank you SD for your great games, I know how hard you work to keep us happy!. I played this one twice because I was so excited to finish that I forgot to get Sneaky. Loved the portable fan ;) thanks again!!

Are there 50 coins? I for the life of me can't find the last one

my 50th coin was in C

thanks SD.

Did I just get locked out? I cut down the key, exited through that silver locked door, then looked around in a couple rooms, found the letter from Karpys, then ended up outside where I got the orange and purple gems, but now I can only access A, B, C, D, and E, and I can't go back to the room I started in. I need to find a gold key to go from D to J to keep playing.

Did this happen to anyone else?

Thanks, mariagrazia, for the gold key hint!
How did I get from H to D though? Black out from all that beer?

It was J to D that got me "locked out". Sneaky...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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