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Finding Fairy Escape Walkthrough

Finding Fairy Escape

G7Games - Finding Fairy Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by G7 Games. There is a naughty boy. He hide his sister's beautiful fish fairy. So that girl feel really upset. Now you have to find her fish and make her happy. But its not easy. You should solve some puzzles and find some hidden objects too. Go fast and make her happy. Good luck and have fun!

Play Finding Fairy Escape

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

thx G7 for the game ☺

dramatic tune in this one

check every 2nd draw in kitchen

my last weight was from arrow puzzle

start top left & follow steps

(amount of arrows on each square)

no hungry mouse in this one

use blade on cheese

Can't get gems out of box ??

I am not getting the arrows puzzle ? I see 1 and 2 but only one 3 ?

you need 4 weights

arrows on the squares indicate how many steps & in which direction you have to go

Thanks AO I am still working on it LOL

glass from letter puzzle, hint from scale

top row the mistakes

bottom row the corrections

Oh now got it start top right! LOL

wine is not for drinking in this one ;-P
but for

button grid in 1st room

yep bandy
that's what I wrote above ☺

oops top right I meant *blushing*

You said start top left :P LOL No worries

HEHE No prob. :P

spanner d/w on bolts...?!

What does the note from scale means?

use 2 coins with spanner head

(dunno if that works in RL though...)

Spanner is broke LOL


see my comment at 8:12 AM

Roberto use the mistakes in wording on top then correct them on bottom

colour bird (3 pencils) for crank for

symbol hint

Strange way to use a wrench ?

finally could stop that annoying panel moving

Thanks but need to leave. GL.

blade also for box in inv.

pick gems as per paper order

paper from puzzle behind moving panels

This dots puzzle is ruff can only change the same size ?

I am out of here not digging this one too much Thanks for the help and GL

ROFLMAO - merit would be pleased
a candy in the candle! (internal joke)

& blade is used a 3rd time on


bummer bandy
you missed picking up the coloured gems ;-)

o-oh, a moving pelmanism...

& found Nem... oops, Fairy ☻

What a truly dreadful 'game'! The sound effects resemble a weightlifter suffering from a hernia.

never heard a «ghmph» in the game...!

How to solve Player puzzle? Clicking 2 letters puzzle resets?

it's a match the pairs game

Ah ok! Thanks. I thought I need to type "PLAYER".

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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