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Golden Bomber Escape Walkthrough

Golden Bomber Escape

BiancoBianco - Golden Bomber Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Bianco-Bianco. In this game, you try to finish the game by solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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And out ! you have to find 2 numbers et 3 "spots" for letters

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I opened the panel with a triangle, circle and square. Words Google translator does not translate. In the words of then ask how much?

Nafanja triangle is "how many B" circle is "how many D"

I do not understand about search 2 spots ...

You have to find 2 numbers, look closely at the first number, it ends with "+"

And for letters, you have to find 3 places with words

One code I opened 2 numbers? 3732, or vice versa? After that, the door opened to the figures. I do not know what to look for shapes.

I see in the expandable ring B and D. On the top and the side.

Shapes are the order to enter # to neutralize the bomb

code is number of B's / number / number of D's

code you need


how many B's - 3
how many D's - 3



Sorry not ponimayu.2B and 3D side. Word for dveryu.B is a triangle, D-circle? A square?

look on top for another B

AlphaOmega ΑΩ, thank you), but I can only see 2 V.Gde The third?

Perhaps re-considered letter B with the door open? If so, this is me and confused)



Bickra at right side
Back on top
Best (clicker - on street, all other words start with small letter)

lol; one star

well, game over :)

I 1 starred this game as it made no sense

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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