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Ena Graveyard Escape

EnaGames - Ena Graveyard Escape: Towards the Soul is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. Imagine a situation that there was a grandpa and grand son lived in a small village. Later he came to know that his grandson was lost and his soul caught by the vampire. Now as a player you need to release the grandson's soul from the vampire. We are sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

this one is pretty dark...

skull puzzle is mean, you have to restart from scratch when making a mistake...

& tab d/w...

us pickaxe/hammer from candles on pole for skull

Symbol hint for second scene is in first scene but I can't figure out the order.

I am stuck with 2 bones #l and#2 a wheel of symbols and 2 skulls.

I think we need a second clue, Jenny.
It doesn't work using

on 11223344 puzzle, click

both 1 to reveal symbol hint, then both 2 etc.

Four colour code from cross, start with blue.

Globe goes in blue box for skulls slots.

where's #2 bone from Jenny?

Ah, I guess the bones give order for blue symbol puzzle.

Thanks Alpha!

combo clock symbols with number from eyes

Got that symbols thing.
Stuck now with just the 2 skulls, missing 1 cross and no idea what to do with wheel in second scene or where hints are for green/yellow arrow puzzles.

Yes, follow the bones order for blue symbols.
Can't remember where second one was from AO :(

bone from arrow puzzle, sneaky scroll bottom of lamp post in church scene

rod & cloth in most left scene

use rod on rock there

LOL, I completely missed the left arrow from start scene.

4 digit clue combines with wheel for symbols in on gravestone. Scene where you uncovered 1234 symbols.

Green gem in wheel on ground gives clue for spokes. Unlock each on in turn for a skull in each.

I still can get the blue symbols to work. Can you help. I have the 2 bones. #2 is first and #1 is second. But which side of symbols clue is 1 and which is 2??

sorry can't get.

button from under rock for tombstone in same scene for colour hint

I have no green gem, just a cloth and the bones.

Anyone used the cloth?

take the right side from hint top to bottom at left side of puzzle top to bottom
then left side of hint bottom to top at right side of puzze bottom to top

POP Cloth used in far left scene. Blue gravestone on right.

which tombstone has hint for colour puzzle?

cloth number for square buttons in same scene

Out rather weirdly and unexpectedly. I'll hang around awhile.

Yes, that is what I have been doing Alpha. I did it exactly the same 6 times and then on the 7th it opened. SOOOOO frustrating!

IIRC it was far left scene, AO. A sort of Celtic cross with four coloured arms. I must have put something in the centre circle.

or better the order for colour hint in far left scene?

good job Jenny, perseverance rules & 7 is a magic number ☺

Yes AO, orange button from under red stone for cross and colour clue.

Clockwise from blue.

I am missing one skull and still have cloth.

duh took the pink instead of red, have star & globe now

now where does than green square go...?

missing 3 skulls...

POP on the wheel in village

Missing 1 star, 1 skull and finding no hot spot for cloth.

Jenny cloth is used in far left scene on a gravestone. Right side of scene.

my last skull came from turning arrow in far left scene

sequel is for sure

nice game ENA, liked the combo symbol puzzle & bones (symbols are pretty hard with all their arms & legs ☻ ) - thx ☺

As if! I get the final skull and game goes screwy. got a scroll but it won't open all the way.

No stars from me for this mess.

scroll from skull is the end, it opens very slowly...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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