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Horse Farm Misty Creek Ranch Escape Walkthrough

Horse Farm Misty Creek Ranch Escape

EightGames - Horse Farm Misty Creek Ranch Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his trip, a tourist trapped inside horse farm misty creek ranch. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Wrong link...

Lizzie when game opens just go to home page and start game there

Hi bandy.
I did that. :)

They call that a horse? Looks more like a Shetland to me LOL

alternative link:

Lots of stuff to collect. Dum de dum.

LOL I know I have a full inventory. When spelling horse don't for get to set letters up right before bring them down.

Nailed up a rope. Glued the papers on & used flashlight for a symbol clue.

Use brush down from start far left room for color code

Wooden balls go on the board in same scene for a number clue.

Meh. I don't understand the other number clue.

I think Lizzie it is simple math but??

knife is used twice: on horse food and on a hotspot just next to navigation arrow 3 scenes left of start

tab works. Zoom in on saddle just below direction arrow in far left corner scene for another gear.

Working on one of the horse puzzles finally.

5 horse shoes look to give a # hint but???

Gonna come back to this later. Have fun y'all.

Hi all.
I'm taking a screen shot of the horse slider puzzle before putting buttons in, to make it easier to solve when I have them all.

a glitch?? I got all red and green circles, solved this rotating puzzle and got exit key without solving any number code...

I miss the skip option.

I will come back new G2R out

I think I just put a nail in the upper hotspot on the back wall of the scene where the gears are placed.

Ah ... that nail is for where Lizzie nailed up her rope.

I'm missing three picture pieces.

Found 'em. Nice game.

I too escaped without ever entering a code number.

I replayed after escaping early. I now have a candle, one unused hotspot in empty stable, one button missing for slider. Stuck.

When found last button (left in tack room) the puzzle gave a match which lit the candle which revealed the word. Guess what? "HORSE". Duh.

wow, what a great tune! ♥♥♥

me, too escaped (too) early with open horse food, 4 horse shoes & candle & without solving 5 digit puzzle

otherwise a nice game for this style - thx 8G ☺

escaped early too after the rotating horse puzzle, couldn't find a nosebag to feed the little horse nice game

Yet another 8games bug - the four-digit box would not open even though I had seen the clue. I reloaded and resumed and there was the candle. However, the door of the box is now flashing open and closed.

1 star, missing 3 green buttons and 1 gear. The rope, nails, glue and paper puzzle was a nonsense...

I looked up a walk through video to find final gear which was mostly obscured totally unlike all other items... and out.

What was otherwise a good game was ruined by three things:

1) The solution to the 5-digit number puzzle had to do with the 5 horse shoes. Once you put them in order, you had to count the number of holes in each shoe (14, 8, 9, 12, and 5), then use the poorly written "math" clue to somehow come up with "if the number is between 1 and 5 use '4', between 10 and 15 use '7', and 10-15 use '9'", so the code becomes 97794... totally bizzare.

2) Since we all knew that the 5-letter puzzle was going to spell 'Horse', making one of the longer and drawn out puzzle pay-offs a candle illuminating the word 'Horse' was quite lame, especially given that 90% of people will solve that puzzle before ever seeing the clue. The puzzle should have been turned off until the clue is seen.

3) Putting a hot-spot right between two navigation arrows is crappy programming. It took me forever to figure out that I had to use the knife a second time and that it was on the saddlebag just underneath a navigation arrow...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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