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Itagora 8.4 Escape Walkthrough

Itagora 8.4 Escape

Lutaru - Itagora Escape 8.4 is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game developed by Lu-Taru. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

I ♥ door games, esp. Lutaru's

btw, you can go back to the previous rooms by clicking the corresponding number top left

Rm. 4: you need tape from the wall in a previous room - get censorious :)

well, I'm already stumped at door 2... if I could read Jap. the puzzle was easier for sure...

clue to rm. 5 is hidden in 4

check under bed

AlphaOmega, did you look under the stretcher for the drawer clue?

Hint: room 7 is clue for safe in room 3.

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@Alpha there's a clue for drawers under the bed I think

Medusa head in safe is not a clue, just need to place and exit!

Hi Maximom, I'm stuck on color code in 6

ditto here just...

Tried the color code forward and backward, neither works. There must be another clue hiding somewhere, I surmise.

POP! Open the color drawer all the way and click on the side with the arrow.

thanks Seraku, nice find - out now

fun game (as always with these guys)

thx Seraku
& what to do with ? paper?

Click on ? that appears at end of string of characters.

ah, thx Maximom
didn't look at the writings as I don't read Jap. LOL

I found it accidentally by random clicking!

Lutaru never disappoints - thx for the great little game ☺

I do not accidentally (yesterday) by clicking the icon. I translated the writing on the paper. Translation I gave a question mark.

Always interesting games!

(What IS that man doing to himself at the end???)

For those who are interested in the other Kanji puzzle:

To enter:
Answer of 1/10 to 10/10

Sorry, 6/10 should be:

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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