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Japanese Garden Room Escape Walkthrough

Japanese Garden Room Escape

Games4King - G4K Japanese Garden Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a Japanese garden room. You need to get escape from the Japanese garden room by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in!

hi(again) all

no autosave this time!
(does it depend which person at G4K makes the game, it changes almost each time...)

4 spiders are the clue for 4 yellow sliders..

I thought, leaves are hint for frogs, but every logical combo d/w...

(as usual, already stumped at the beginning LOL)

AO, bottom to top...

restarted & it worked the first time, so it was a glitch

from bottom to top

4 yellow circles with black dots are the clue for 5 circles in grasshopper scene: strokes for order, small to large...

grasshoppers for door puzzle (cyan/pink)

where to use 4 colors from paper?

Frogs worked for me on about 20th attempt, clicking real slow.

key for 3# gate

had the same trouble: sliders : 2143

Spell PINK down middle of letters

colour paper for door at grasshoppers

adjust only first colour with letters

thanks you

paper for 8 r/l sliders

take the ABs not x-ed out

Clue for eight left right buttons after PINK door.

this game's bugged, just opened the door far right scene with key, then it got closed and can't open it even with key there.
not bothering

which combo of faces did I not yet try...?!
d/w so far...

zoom in on faces first

place pig at bottom of 8 sliders

colour sequence from bee starts with


where to use EAGB?

Can't get faces colours to work even after zooming in.

it's for puzzle in frog scene, not for colours

AO, EAGB is for 4#code...

for colours above righ spiders it's the 4 eggs & bee

don't miss arrow clue on lion rotating puzzle

key from number code for frog scene

Thanks AO

2 balls missing for egg gate, direction levers not solved yet...

on square paper

count till missing square

for what is this pattern after placing all grey balls?
(have to go in 5 minutes & would like to finish...)

the grey balls are clickable & finished

thx ppl for your hints & the nice teamwork & company & thx G4K for an enjoyable relaxing game ☺

Out, thanks for hints.

I can't get the 5 circles in grasshopper scene? Can someone spoil please?

Linda look at the yellow slashes round the edges of the clue balls. They show order to enter. Go from little to big in each case.

Hi guys could you please provide exactly combination for 5 circles
1 2 3

Linda if you done with five circles, please spoil , I was trying a lot of combination start from button, start from up , doesnt work

spoiler for 5 circles:
U:up, L:left, C:center, R:right, D:down


Thanks Hotzenplotz !!!!!!

I am stuck with a paper with squares and a pig!

NVM got it...Thanks to everyone who left hints above.

Nice game :)

Restarted twice now and still frogs do not work with hint from leaves. bottom to top or top to bottom.
What is the trick???

since I can't get the frogs to work with any combination or at any speed guess this game is not to be for me :(

Frogs finally worked for me. Restarted 5 times and then slowly clicked following leaves from bottom to top.

cant get frogs to work. tried so many times I lost count. did them from bottom to top like everyone said but notta.

This comment has been removed by the author.

these frogs are hard to figure out.. ugh!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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