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Kaitai Dismantlement - Chapter Ramen Walkthrough

Kaitai Dismantlement - Chapter Ramen

Kaitai Dismantlement - Chapter Ramen: Noodle is the sequel to Kaitai Dismantlement series puzzle game from Gam.eBB. The tool you can use is a screwdriver. Your goal is to dismantle the smartphone with your screwdriver. This is the game for those who love the screwdrivers. Good luck and have fun!

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wow, a Dismantlement game after a long time!!!

Can't figure out the egg clue. Any ideas?

NM. Just mentall "assemble" the pairs

It opened on the second and fourth page of the menu. In the second it is necessary to take a pair of right-handed only. 6358. According to the latest look on the disk along the lines of the figures. WORD XYKL

hi (again) all ☺

very LTNS! but I suck at these...

Nice game thanks !

for potatoes, superpose top and down and "erase" white bars (3rd = 2 letters)

for last code

look at title book upside down

On the third page of the letter read less white lines. Third, there are 2 letters.

Please, spoil eggs solution. Thanks!

WAUN not suitable.

for egg, superpose "key holes " per pair
spoiler for the 1st


@Nafanja N first

well I think I need a WT for this one...

Thank you, Seb!

Egg code:


Last code:

NUAW (MENU upside down)

yeah, I ate the potatoes!

YW :)

Understood) Thank you, Seba)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Interesting game)

how to adjust number puzzle (black card)?

oops, had a glitch at black card, only had numbers without anything else (arrows e.g.)

click on black card to see arrows, in menu combine 2 parts of number according arrows places (RRLL)

what about the star cookies with shapes in book?

AO imagine you draw a line black star /center, white star/ center, black heart / center, white heart /center == letter X

ah, very nice - thx seb ☺

great game - you need to think LOL - thx GBB ☺
& thx ppl for your hints above ☺

Very nice to see kaitai after very long time. As usual, I needed help, thanks every one for hints

what is the answer for the potatoes?

Kaitai, wonderful as always. Thanks!

Easiest Dismantlement ever.. but even so, it's a wonderful game! Love this series.

I'm not sure why this game doesn't come up when I sort for "Japanese Escape Games" on this site. I almost missed it.

I'm not sure why this game doesn't come up when I sort for "Japanese Escape Games" on this site. I almost missed it.

Dismantlement games are good. Let's hope this new one fits the mold.

Good one.

Man, I had the logic behind the potato puzzle all the time, just didn't see how 3 or 6 hints could make 4 letters... Textbook case of situational blindness :D

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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