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Kavi Green Room Escape Walkthrough

Kavi Green Room Escape

KaviGames - Kavi Green Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Kavi Games. Assume that your parent went to work early by locking the house. Unfortunately your parent didn’t kept the spare key in usual place. The key must be somewhere in the house. You have find the necessary thing and solve few clues to find the right key to escape from the green house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Kavi Green Room Escape

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hi (again) all ☺

never heard of Kavigames - a new dev it seems - let's see...

jigsaw piece in lamp

blade for chair and couch, from coffee cup

aha, a random number for each new game before you can play - look on top

3x zooming in on phone - wow, not...!

blade for table leg

a pic tile behind standing lamp

somehow peaceful without a tune, no need to mute ☻

spill juice under table left

another pic tile from right wall lamp

place hand on clock for another pic tile behind it

clock hands for dials, gives

3#code for bag

green handle for clock for phone : 025540

now you can apply dot hint on box

click centre of phone after dialing

my last jigsaw was beside table lamp under sheet

balls go under kavi games table, strings by lamp is hint

stuck with pencil, bottle of water,candle and lighter.

Put candle in frame from picture and lit it. Nothing happens

put juice back on the table beside coffee and pout water for color code of chandlier

blade for empty bottle

stuck pencil in middle hole on chair arm.

Thanks Dazz!

3 candles needed for grid buttons

tricky with the glass putting back, who would think of that...

colours from bottom to top

I can't find the last pencil. Books give hint for them I think.

place book top of others for 3 sliders

How do books relate to sliders Dazz?

jenny, 2,1,3

162 for the pencils

NVM I got it.
Out now.
Thanks for the help.

duh tried buttons in alphabetical order first, forgot about hint from phone
(LTM, long-term memory is offline it seems LOL)

for a new dev, it was a really nice game with some tricky stuff (e.g. glass) - thx Kavi ☺

How to even start? What is 3 digit #?

Oh, I guess you have to make three zeros - don't know why. New dev. gotta figure it out!

Great game! Liked it!

look above title top middle on screen

Thanks Alpha!

Pretty clever game!

Nice game.

Nice game.

Pixel hunt under corner of blue mat in zoomed color dial lamp.

Really liked this game except for the pixel hunts for puzzle pieces. Like how hints used more than once and even objects in inventory used multiple ways. Putting wine on table was sort of cheap, but other puzzles were fair and logical. Tough to rate, I guess 3 stars with the potential for 5.

I loved this game. It's a surprise for me that hasn't 4* at least.
I liked A LOT that I didn't have to go through tens of scenes (just to seem like it's hard and complicated), a game can have enough puzzles also with just one scene. I liked the puzzles and the hints. As Tiquer said above, was unusual and unexpected - but in a very pleasant way - the fact that we used the object in multiple way, as well the hints. From me - 5 stars.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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