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Knf Wild Zoo Escape Walkthrough

Knf Wild Zoo Escape

KnfGame - Knf Wild Zoo Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. Assume that your was so bored and went to a wild zoo to spend time. After few hours you felt tired roaming in the zoo so you took rest under a tree. As it was zoo closing time, the staff closed the doors without knowing that your inside. Later you wake up and realised that your locked inside the zoo. If you want to escape from the zoo you need to find the hidden objects and solve some puzzles around the zoo. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

thx KNF for the game ☺

the singing bird would have been relaxing enough without the tune...

well, I have a correct solution for the =17 maths, but it seems you must find the only one valuable...

*valid, not valuable


a minus before a minus in brackets gives plus

stick hint on elephant

5+8+6+0X(-2)-3+1=17 doesn´t work.

Hi AO, don't try and work out the maths when you place the lollipops, you get a scroll with the solution

when i opened up my a=14 coin, it showed me all 4 coins. used that with the key to escape without doing the math puzzle

hm, no 0 (zeros) at balloon puzzle...

ah, hi yvonne & thx
don't have all lolipops yet...

Where to use LR clue?

Hi Roberto, have you put in the red 4 no's from the balloon puzzle? you get a key and use it bottom scene

Ah! Thanks Yvonne! Out too!

Hi ppl done the 2 jigsaws animal 1 shapes 2 cones 2 lollipops a number clue

they even followed the maths rules - nice ☻

animal hints at entrance & right of smaller elephant in numbered elephant scene

balloon maths


coins give values

Red - 14
Blue - 16
Pink - 18
Yellow - 11

maths results
(from top to bottom)


give up need 2 lollys, colours clue , key, camels clue got a l r clue no where to put it done everything I can see except the plus minus maths

Hey Dazz - left? right? Do you know the difference?

Too much weird math stuff loses my interest post haste and I will go play another developer's game

So the four digit code is the four red numbers after you solve the balloon code. Top to bottom

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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