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Lovely Castle Room Escape Walkthrough

Lovely Castle Room Escape

CoolGames8 - Lovely Castle Room Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. Once there, a princess lost in rooms filled with beautiful decor typical atmosphere of the castle, now he must find his way home alone to solve the mysteries. Good luck and have fun!

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Here I thought my chess skills would come in handy. I've taken pics to cross reference all the clues but am confused by a few of them.

Lizzie, there are 2 paper clues for the "love numbers" if that helps. Can't find last sticker for room 1.

Combine paper clues with chess boards for love #s in book.

Rose heart goes on tree-looking thing in room 2. reveals places to put items.

Look for the unique items and find the room they go in. (e.g. cake in bed room)

CG8 is still doing it!

4 pop-ups as soon as you
click anywhere on the page!

Game won't load in "private"
browser, because they want to
fill your PC with tracking
cookies and malware!

The "games" are BAIT! Once you
click, that crud into your computer!

Don't turn off Ad-Block for this
site, and stay in privacy mode!

Fair warning!

Greedy sobs!

Hmm. Stuck with 1 missing heart w/ bear for first room. no puzzles left, all other objects placed.

For those not familiar with chess pieces
Knight - sideways view of horses head
King - Has a "X" on the top of the crown
Rook - A bit like a castle, there's one on each of the first 2 rows
Queen - 4 pointed crown
Bishop - Pretty easy, bishops hat
Pawn - The only other piece, lots of them scattered around.

Mr.T I'm stuck in the same situation.

Only thing I can think of is that there is an alternate solution for Love #'s in the book. tried a few but no luck

I can't stand these games. There are no clues for where to place items then a pixel hunt to find the exact spot that will take the item. maybe I am missing something but I agree with Kev, this is just to get us clicking so they can infest our computers.

I can't see anything else, seems straight forward enough. Last name + color = clue to number from reference.

red X time. between the spammy adds and the total randomness of item placement, not digging this game.

I found it!

In the 2nd room press TAB until you don't see a yellow highlighted box, then hit enter, you pick up the missing heart.

Nice Nigel. That's intuitive (/sarcasm)

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. :)

Nigel Reed, an excellent clue! Thanks!

Thanks, Nigel!

Usually TAB doesn't work for finding items, so it seems highly likely the designer intended the final item to be found this way. And since this developer often likes to reuse puzzle elements, I have to wonder if this technique applied to many of the past games where we were short by just one item. I will certainly have to remember this for future submissions.

My theory is that it accidentally got left under the inventory box and we couldn't get to it. I've never seen this method used before and I've never actually tried to tab+enter to pick up an item in any puzzle. I try to avoid using tab since it's a bit of a cheat really. This was pretty much a desperate attempt to locate the lost item.

Can someone just spoil the book numbers for me?

Shit game, shit clues. Bombarded with spam windows every time with this developer.

and the Anti-Malware is in action. Sorry, but not playing this game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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