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Magic Clock Escape Walkthrough

Magic Clock Escape

365Escape - Magic Clock Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 365 Escape. You are a traveler who is trying to find a way out of this mysterious land. You need some magic things to solve the problem. Good luck and have fun!

Play Magic Clock Escape

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There's more than one value for letter Y.

Damn Can't find color clue. Sure it's right in front of me.

hi Clodagh

the letters=numbers always go from left to right in the rooms

hi nernst

look at scroll collected in 1st scene

Oh Duh! I missed the scroll in first scene

Thanks AO Found it.

Cant get the colour clue

You need nine puzzle pieces in all.

number puzzles can be easily BFed...

don't get the domino one, plz explain how to get the result

Look at the scroll for the colour clue, geroffmeland.

hi geroff

take the first bunny colours as they are & mix the other colours

Hi AO. Finished the game, but for one of the number grids I had to just BF it - still didn't understand the logic!

Nice game.

for grid, take it row by row, do the maths



I think your spoiler needs a spoiler AO!

Hey can anyone explain the domino one. I just guessed the result

Really nice graphics as always

# = number (as usual)

nice little game as always
domino has me stumped (still dunno how...)
like the graphics as usual - thx 365 ☺

The domino puzzle is so obviously 3......

I think that the solution is derived from the fact that the first pair of dominos add up to 3, the second pair add up to 6, and the third pair add up to 9, so that means that the last pair should add up to 12. The dots already given add up to 9, so we need 3 more...

BTW, that was sarcasm... that answer was most definitely NOT obvious.

thx for the explanation F1

once you know how, it's indeed obvious ;-P

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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