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Mirchi Escape The Endless Night Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape The Endless Night

MirchiGames - Mirchi The Endless Night Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to escape from the horror house were you are stuck. You have to escape soon from this scary house. You have to solve some interesting puzzles and get the clue to escape. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Just in time! :-D

Solve puzzle to open door.

Oh, this is a maze...

hi (again) all ☺

was missing your game yesterday, Mirchi...

but what do you want ΑΩ, they are for free, hence thx Mirchi for a fun game for sure ☺

o-oh, that tune is so scary, have to mute...

scroll on flowers in vase

flowers in pots for painting

Sneaky screwdriver at the bottom of the staircase!

Hi Alpha, nice to see you back.

Hi Rüdiger!

I think I've been to all rooms, now going back to work down the clues.

wooden diamond on CB in intersection after white door (in sliders hint scene)

For safe in bathroom, break glass with hammer first before putting wheel on it.

symbol scroll for cans behind wooden shapes, get

key for bathroom

A box for the lever (clue on wall) comes from the box with five diamonds.

where is hammer?

That was in the room behind those flowers which were the hint for the picture.

I think in plain sight.


Once I see a slider I can hear my brain cells locking in place within two seconds, LOL

ah, forgot about my other key - thx merit

Phew, it wasn't a hard one, still challenging enough for me. Out now, great game, thanks Mirchi!

Will stay here for a while.

So it was in the box? Sorry, didn't remember.

missing cyan shield...
there's a locked safe I didn't open yet...

Creepy sound but a very nice game!
Thanks Mirchi!

nope, hammer was in plain sight, forgot about the door key

Hm, where is that safe you haven't opened? That behind the glass?

have my cyan shield, haven't solved 2 arrows for key for safe behind door at flower pots

why oh why Mirchi also starts putting a slider in at the end...?! :-/

If you have the arrows, the hint may have been in plain sight on a wall but let me check that.

at least it wasn't a difficult one

CU in 8G (when posted)...? ☺

Yes, it's in the room to the very right, behind that where hammer was. Look at the background wall, the arrows are seen quite easily.

So you might already have made it on your own... ;-)

Yes, I think so, still quite quite today here.

Quite quiet, what a phrase

not necessary merit, I'm already out

I found the 2 arrows hint in scene with the colour pad chest

oh, darn robot thingy slows my posting so very down...!!!

thx anyway merit ☺

I hate puzzles that reset when you look at the clue.

for that reason I work with the snipping tool ☺
(to find under accessories)

Nice game
Straight forward

well I am stuck, and not too much help up there guys.
I can't find the square for the shapes puzzle. or the 4 colour hint.

IIRC, square was on dresser in bedroom, but not sure anymore...

4 colour hint is from bottles in unlocked bathroom CB
(go right from bedroom, key from can symbols)

Good game

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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