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Quest for Eclair Walkthrough

Quest for Eclair

MouseCity - Quest for Eclair Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Carmel Games for Mouse City. Manuel is hungry for an eclair. Unfortunately, the only eclair shop in town is all out of eggs! Help Manuel get some eggs so he’ll be able to have an eclair! Good luck and have fun!

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grid clue by window outside

Hi Dazz ! Joining, I want one too !

That is if I get past the tons of ads.......

Number code on cheese counter.

hiyo emess! use hose on hole in wine shop

tricky 4#: 5873

Not there yet Dazz, got cheese and corkscrew. Put hat on toast lol

Hi everyone, loading now.

box: add the 2 numbers front of the number in circle

Aah, missed key in cheese shop

put hat thing on mascot

use stick on drums

use marker you get from mouse after giving him cheese, on the mascot

Nice game, thank you !

where is the stick? and the mouse?

you get stick from the wine-man after giving him the bottle and corscrew, solve the box after pulling it out from hole by hose you get from locked panel, key beside the man

got the stick but where is hint for how to play those drums??

with a magic stick everything is possible...! ☻

on the stick itself

DUH!, thanks Alpha.

very nice little game - thx CG/MC ☺

pleasure Jenny ☺

Just in case, because I first had problems understanding Dazz Leys hint from 5:32: the two number maths is as following: take the two numbers opposite to the one you are looking for and add those. So the two numbers you take are the


which makes- of course


Recycling characters, are we, Carmel Games? ;p

He won't use the hose in the wine shop on the well? I tried combining cork screw but no go.

hose indeed used in wine shop, but on spigot

He won't use the hose in the wine shop on the well? I tried combining cork screw but no go.

cyndee34, get the hose on the barrel with drop of water first

oooops! I mean cyndee43:)

p,ase where is the corkscrew

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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