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Real World Escape 175 - Army Walkthrough

Real World Escape 175 - Army

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 175:Army is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with some man who just come back from the army. He will help you to find 12 sniffmouse icons that will unlock the door so you could escape from the room. Start by looking for clues and try to solve some puzzles in your way. Good luck and have fun!

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first time playing a game by this developer.!

Going in :)

move dials following the pattern

bulb for light, hi Gika!

pulled lamp string for number clue. Used it in room with soccer ball

got light bulb from green buttons in room in soccer ball. Used lightbulb on lamp in same room

ohh Hi dazz! I thought I was here by myself.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gika, you are welcome!
Are you new in here?

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:20 PM  

hi (again) all ☺

oops, almost missed a sniffie live - loading...

Hi Sniff house! I just never had the chance to play one of your games.

grid never works?

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:24 PM  

oh, I just ♥♥♥ that jibberish of the guys in the sniffie games! :-D

My square clues from lightbulb is not working.

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:25 PM  

interesting books btw LOL
Dr. Atkins' new diet revolution e.g. ☻

clue from string on lamp for the shapes:

42315, see the sides for lippy and sniffmouse

mirror beside color code

check the books then for stick

Joining late - game loading. Hi ppl : )

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:31 PM  

oh, yeah & now the harp - great tune - what is it Sniff?

Jazz did your colors by the mirror worked?

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:33 PM  

combine the 2 grid hints for


       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:33 PM  

top colour is right, turn them 90°

Interesting book shelf ....

Got it...colors +90 degrees. Sorry Dazz my computer keeps changing your name to Jazz

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:34 PM  

I think it's Sniffie singing in this tune ☻

mirror gives you color clue:

Green on top
yellow left
cyan right
red bottom

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:37 PM  

now where to use flash or stick...?

i cant get the shapes

Flash used under bed

can't ged the grid to work!

LOL Gika! I like my new name:)

grid works then after color clue, check for white/black

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:40 PM  

flash for under bed
(that was the usual missing view this time LOL)

Gika turn them white first, then click for black

I can't get the grid either.

lines from lamp = shapes?

4 square
2 for shield thing
5 for pentagon
1 for drop
3 for triangle

Finally took me like 5 tries till it finally worked!

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:42 PM  

ah Mr. MC hammer again ☻

thank you Dazz! couldn't figure out two and one was

Linda, you need 2 clue for grid:
one from lamp
the other from color code

I'm not getting on with this at all. Got gird hint (doesn't work). Can't get shapes to work (hint from lamp?) Green button on wall only clicks for 'Lo' not 'Hi'. Can't see stick on bookshelf ...

Thanks Dazz :)

Nice game - thank you

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:44 PM  


make first the one from lamp with placed bulb, then add the diagonal in black from top left to bottom right from the other seen hint

The "HI" "LO" you have to click and drag for it to go to "HI"

POP - got colours clue etc

ICE bound tells you the book which stick is hidden

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:46 PM  

under bed with flash there are lines short & long

LO= short HI=long (hold button till hi lights up)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:48 PM  

use Mr. MC Hammer on helmet

move door handle

pencil for paper for soldier

Ty Gika - trying that but not working. click, hold and drag ...over to Hi side?

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:50 PM  

oh wonder, I got out all of my own...! :-D

thx Sniffmouse, for yet another fab game, just plain fun this one was as usual ☺

Ah just read your post Alpha - makes sense, tvm : )

Zuleikha, click low, then click and hold till hi glows green, then let go for low, then click and hold for hi twice

dont know what to make of what the soldier says after paper???

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:51 PM  

no dragging, only hold till HI lights up

what to do with stick?

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:53 PM  

it' for the horizontal l/r sliders

make the green words green at puzzle (top & bottom), then 2x keep left (red), then right (green)

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:54 PM  

get key behind l/r sliders

ohhhhh!!! that was a tough clue! thank you!

Use stick to reach key, then hammer on cycle helmet, then place door handle. Nice. Ty sniffmouse : )

And ty to all for hints : )

This comment has been removed by the author.

I guess I held long enough while a was dragging that I thought dragging worked...!

thanks alpha!

doorknob gives you 4#

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 12:58 PM  

nope Dazz



lines from lamp, do not work

sorry dudes:
it's GRRGG

Akofod my comment 12: 41 am but keep dragging the string

This comment has been removed by the author.

Also for the grid, the clue under lamp is a different orientation (right side of grid was top for me)

A kofod, for the lamp 1 is the teardrop shape not the circle

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 1:03 PM  

correct morse code



I can't do anything in this game. See no hints or helps in the game itself anywhere and hints like Dazz at 12:11 move dials according to pattern is useless if you can't see or find any dials or pattern.

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 1:04 PM  

not for me, I took grid from lamp as it was, then combo with the other one...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jenny, the line between the dials in the middle, follow the corners

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 1:10 PM  

the green dials at shoes

adjust the dials like the corresponding lines inside the dials, i.e.


buttons going top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left



This comment has been removed by the author.

I placed ff with the letters. But how do you open door?

Gika it's the same door you placed doorknob on

Gika if you have all the Sniffies, it should have said door is open and you just click on it

I did everything. And still says door is locked. I will consider myself out.

Got it. last one was inside closed where you get the flash light

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes, this is just a frustration for me. the dials finally worked but nothing else does.
Not continuing.
Red X for this one.

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 1:24 PM  

bummer Jenny
how can I help you to guide you out?
do comments above not help?

first scene
color code
Low/Hi code
black key frm R/G code
helmet on corner right of door

Jenny, I had to restart till my lamp clue worked

Really not seeing this other "lamp hint"

Got green dials for sniff and bulb, used blub... can't see any other hints. I'm with Jenny. At a loss.

ahhhhh... DRAG the lamp

I'm just a long-time lurker, but I have to comment on the helmet: BOILER UP!

Good game! thanks.
had trouble with the red/green clue, didn't get that one, but Alpha did .. thanks.

Welcome Nothing-to-see :)

       Anonymous  9/21/16, 2:45 PM  

pleasure arrie ☺

& welcome NTS to the PP (posting party) ☺

Excellent game Guntars!

Couldn't have figured it all out without clues from smart people.

That was smart game !!👍

Pretty darn stuck...

Where, Codeman?

Where are you stuck Codeman?

Hi Sharon, I did the directions, placed the bulb and got the first grid hint...that's about it.

...and Hi Janet

There are two hints for the grid...

Now go to the other lamp, hold and drag down the light cord. Will give you the shapes hint

I heard that, yes, can't seem to find the second one. I hear I may need a colour clue.

Ahhh! "Drag". That's the word I was missing!

Yep :-)

Aw geez...look at that

Yay!! Ok you good Codeman?

Was a great game!! Thank you Guntars! As always a 5 star from me! ThxACxo!

You still stuck Codeman?

LOL! Not just yet...is 42513 from that lamp for the shapes?

Hi Austen

Don't remember without replaying but the i is the teardrop shape, not the circle

Hi Codeman.
Yap the numbers are for the shapes.

* i =1 ( I am the typo queen)

That worked...thanks guys! Moving on...

OK, war is over, that's good news. Now WTH does his message mean??

Look at the red /green sliders on the wall

Notice what is green and also the < and > clues for the middle

Thanks Janet...not getting it :(

Dontcha wish we could end all wars with a piece of paper saying "It's over"?

Ok, got it!

LOL! Yes.

Okay, Top and Bottom are green. Then, if I remember the next two from the top are red and then the next to bottom green. Again, look at the < and >.

Okay, typing while you had your POP moment

Finally out. Thanks Janet, Sharon and Austen. This was a tough one Guntars (at least for me). Very good job!

My pleasure Codeman - have a good night

Glad to see you made it Codeman.

Loved the game Guntars.


Yes it was Codeman! Guntars is amping up his game! <3

Amping it up big time! :) So good! Now, I just have to catch up with Angelika's games because I have this phobia where they are waaaay over my head, but I think I just have to apply myself.

Naw - you'll get it. May take a bit more time but it's well worth it.

First time I played one of these without turning the music off. I think it was because there was no singing. The voice can really distract, because you listen to it.

A couple of the clues (shapes and grid) were not so smooth. Who knew first grid had to be turned and why? Slider clue was terrible. It should have at least stayed open long enough to figure it out instead of having to click it repeatedly.

Good pastime nonetheless.

Boy, that was a tough one. Anybody who got that out by themselves deserves a medal.

Dragging the lamp cord was tough to figure, the rest was very good.

worse sniffmouse ever with the stupid click and drag to get Hi. That's just silly stuff

Too tricky for me. X

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