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September 6, 2016

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River House Escape Walkthrough

River House Escape

Games4King - G4K River House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a river house. You need to get escape from the river house by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So, there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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No probs getting into G4K - wonderful : )

hi (again) ev1 ☺

let's see how long it gets till I'm stuck, too in this one... ;-P

Scenes not numbered - drat. Slider clue in left scene doesn't see to translate to tree stumps in start scene

HI ZU I got out of the other one way over my head LOL

Found key (check trees)

key in tree trunk, left scene

not stuck so far

balls as hint for sliders

I have 2 doors open and stuck with a colored ball ?

Hey bandy : )

Ah slider clue is for scene with frogs

Balls ? Were are they AO?

^%*&#@ Robot crap!!

Another key from completing flower puzzle on outside of building

crank is for coffee grinder

footballs on stick in left scene

knocking on wood, robot thingy leave me in peace atm

NVR The left scene !

Tree stumps give colour hint

2031 for stumps outside

Think I'm stuck now - needing hint for keypad, 4-letter word and a couple of other things. Only have 4-colour ball in inventory

at flowers & 2456 numbers puzzle, place

flowers in the corresponding corners & for numbers

think number pad

For logs, 0 is at the top.

flowers and numbers grid, colours go in corresponding corners and put numbers in ascending order with blank at the bottom

I have 2 snow men ?

Good work Alph - was just about to post same, lol : )

Colour hint used in new room through snowmen door

Flowers in order? from what order ?

cut rugby ball (knife from colour puzzle) in room after snowmen for

little key for CB in colour puzzle scene

shovel above frogs in hidden panel

Now have rugby ball, coin, knife and pot filled with ??

Take back the knife

maybe it's a colour thing for you bandy...

Oh GEZZ The cornors my bad !

Use knife on rugby ball for a tiny key. Use key on safe in same room where you got ball

This comment has been removed by the author.

It is the damn robot thing that has me mad!!

Shovel used left of start scene.

use magnifier on


The pot contains seeds.

cut ball, take back knife and use magnifier on it

I think you're ahead of us meth...
(where's shovel?)

where to use book hint?

Use snowmen colours for door code

Use dots hint on TV numbers get code for keypad

Coloured balls go in scene through keypad door

Coins go above frogs

Alpha: use book hint on TV screen in room where you got rugby ball

AO shovel hidden above frogs.

I am missing one more coin ?

have that already, thx anyway Zu ☺

ditto here bandy...

Where to put pot with seeds?

Looking for water now ??

ZU by the tree in left scene

Need one more coin to get shovel

Not way ahead AO, just took a little diversion is all ;) Now an empty inventory and stuck.

Yes though it might be there bandy - but guess I need shovel first?

ZU Above coins secret panel

Facepalm! When ppl said shovel was 'hidden' above frogs I though it meant it was from the coins....duh. Got it now

ah, thx bandy

ditto here nothing left in inventory atm...
need hint for animals, astro signs...

Empty inventory. Need water. What have we missed? Any more secret panels?

Has anyone found clue for spearheads?

Swap balls in empty bucket/ animal puzzle room until their symbols pop up. Gives pot and another beach ball.

use magnifier on knife for word hint.

use new pot to Water the spot where you placed the seeds for 4 new items.

Need hint for gems also ?

Good find Jackattack

nice find Jack, thx

wow, can fill my inventory again

JackAttack u r a star! Ty : )

Plants give coin, ball, butterfly and key

Mop from frogs on poles (left scene)

Fairly straightforward after that for a stretch, now I'm stuck with a mop and a numberpad clue.

Key for caged clue in coloured balls scene.

Jack, thank you

Use mop in snowman door scene

Placing 4 coloured balls lowers spiked 'gate'

Turn gem paper over

dip mop in bucket, but where to use?

Rats! robot c.r.@.p thingy caught me now...!

In scene with snowmen on door AO

Got 2 flower vases and 3 butterflies

On the dots puzzle I had to do some a coulpe times to get them

Stuck with numberpad clue (reverse of gem clue) and have tried all sorts of goofy combinations....and a random vase i've tried to place.

The two flower pots go on each side of the room with the mop bucket.

Butterflies go on panel with green dots in furthest scene (past spikes)

Turned over gem colour paper for grid hint but the last one won't light up. tried both directions.

Axe tree in castle door scene

Where is axe?

JackAttack: use the three 10-dots hint in furthest scene - beyond the spikes

Jenny I found I had to press the dots quite slowly to get it to respond properly. I started the third one at the bottom.

Zuleika did the third one work for you? Mine won't light up at all.
Need 2nd flower pot. and axe.

Use axe in scene with directions clue

Terry Smyth, thank you for shovel hint!!!

Jenny - you get axe after placing flower pots.

yeah, mine won't light up either, the pad next to where you place the butterfly wings . Also can't find second plant pot.

Where's the directions clue, Zuleika?

Good grief no way I can do those butterflys I will say I am out .

Match the butterflies and out. Can't believe I got out of that tangle, lol

Place flowers in pink bucket scene.

Arrows cam from the 6 pads clue up right of butter flys

Thanks Methanwy, after many tries, slowing down even more did the trick.
Out now.

@methawnwy: directions clue comes from the 6 push buttons in final scene. Hint for that comes either from planet symbol puzzle or zodiac sign puzzle

2nd plant is behind that red dot grid. Go really slow on the third one.

Directions clue from 2x3 grid.

thx bandy, robot thingy & very laggy internet slows my posting so much down, hence my question came after your answer

I had to do those dots 2x on some to make them light up

does anyone know where the mop and flowers go?

For pad don't worry about one just start with 234 ect.

Thanks Zuleika, got there now. The butterfly door isn't bad Bandy.

oliveya22 mop goes in bucket flowers go in same scene

Wow, that numberpad. Go super slow. At butterfly panel now, I'm with bandy, i'm pretending i'm out.

methanwy ther is no way I can see those colors

Oh, sorry Bandy. Didn't realise.

thanks! and i need some help with the 467235 clue...

Just click in order from 2 to 7 Oliveya22.

LOL No worries methanwy :)

@ methanwy ok but where does it go? i tried the clickable squares and that didn't work.

couldn't post anymore, couldn't reach reCAPTCHA... :-(

very nice game - thx G4K & ppl for your help & the great teamwork ☺

oliveya22 just click the order 234567 as it is one wall start with 2

oliveya22 See the 2x2 squares middle right first is 2 bottom left is 3 top left is 4 ect

nvm i figured it out! :)

thanks thought!

YEA oliveya22 :)


wheres the clue for the butterflies?

That I don't know ?

NVM i figured it out!.. :) finished the game!

Jenny - you get axe after placing flower pots.

Axe tree in castle door scene

The two flower pots go on each side of the room with the mop bucket.

Wow, I can't believe how much
this game bogged down my PC!

Script errors, slow and choppy scene
changes, choppy drag and drop, etc.!

This shouldn't be happening on the
grade of PC I'm using.

I guess that's what happens when
you disable Ad-Block for them!

So, G4K is now on my "No-Go" list.

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