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Toll Medieval Room Escape Walkthrough

Toll Medieval Room Escape

TollFreeGames - Toll Medieval Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Toll Free Games. Get into the medieval room escape! Have a real experience of dark ages with thrilling puzzles, baffled objects and jumbled invisible clues. Step up to break the medieval escape! Good luck and have fun!

Play Toll Medieval Room Escape

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No hotspots - just get clicking....

Tiny jigsaw which I can't see properly. Not for me.

click, click, click
pick up items

Click, click, click.......

shovel is used on brick in top left corner of middle room

hi (again) all ☺

ah, those again without hotspots...!
well, while waiting for a Mirchi, let's try it...

pic puzzle


vase for water barrel (not cup)

stuck with 2 cups...

can't place symbol buttons, can't zoom on barrel with apparently hint for 3 symbols...

we can zoom on second torch, but don't know why...

don't know where to use cups, shovel ou string

Those things looking like watches are to open

ok, didn't look at hint in inv. for buttons, but have to back out & zoom in again, otherwise the next button to pick up doesn't move...!

ok, place 4 "spikes" above door and place 2 cups below red "curtains" to open the door...

magnet from using shovel on string for pot in 2nd room

buggy - place 3 spikes, then went to open locked CB, now the last spike has vanished into nirvana while placing...!
game is not worth restarting!

Hi guys! That moment when you solved the jigsaw at last, then going through the very right door, and seeing that there's the solved jigsaw view...

well, zoomed out & there was the 4th spike... doh

now missing 1 cup...

where to dig?

it was under stool in middle room

never solved 3-symbol puzzle...

well, you can do better Toll (can't you - really...?!)

Looking for the digging place like Jon.

see Hotz's comment at 2:40 AM

you must hit the right brick/pixel...!

Doh, missed that comment too! Sorry and thanks.

my comment @ 2:40 AM

I escaped without solving the puzzle that corresponds with the hint on the cask of wine.

Out. Not the best game I've ever played. I think when the good games are published I haven't got time left.

but anyway, Toll, thx for trying (at least...) ☺

Long time since I play these kind of games... Now I remember why.
Click randomly, just picking stuff, no puzzles, no logic, too much finger, not enough brain.

I'll keep sticking with tomatea, vitamihana and others... even escapeCafe is more enjoyable than this.


indeed Jon

Escape Games are like wine... after a couple of years, you get a a sense of taste, and start only drinking "the good stuff".

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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