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Toon Escape - Diner Walkthrough

Toon Escape - Diner

MouseCity - Toon Escape: Diner is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are stuck in a toon world diner and must figure out how to escape! Look around and see what you can find to help you escape the diner! Good luck and have fun!

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black key in cash register

lined word for 6#:


plastic cups under board for slider box

wrench for sink

bulb for restroom

Hi dazz, loading now.

hi (again) all ☺

thx SD/MC for the game ☺

umbrella for color code: GYBRY

eptied bin in bathroom but nothing there

Hi guys

My game is going crazy. suddenly switched to spanish and say I don't have enough room to pick up black key.

Gonna reload and try again.

sponge for stain in window

LOL 2 colour boxes in bathroom, solved simultaneously...?! ☻

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Jenny, me having the same problems. After reloading I've got my whole inventory full of purple/yellow ropes!

Worked after I reloaded.

LOL escapism. I never even saw any ropes.
Try again. first time it told my the sponge was a coffee cup.

same for me Jen, but it's cool

After refreshing the page and choosing the 'new game' option the ropes are gone and I could take the black key.

Yep, my sponge thinks it's a coffee cup too... :-)

I found a coffee mug that resembles a sponge

Sliders not working for me.

Dazz, does 323121 mean click 3 times, 2 times... or the other way round? (Not that I didn't try both, of course I did!)

sorry! try 212010


I moved a napkin box, found a coin(??) which disappeared; restarted it, and I got 2 ropes in inventory (besides sponge/mug).

In toilet, I see double... 1 box per door.

Thanks! That worked!!

@selfdefiant: I personally hate it when those sliders have to be guessed. 5 possible positions of those sliders and only three different positions in the hint is not good, just my thoughts...

Yes, Jon D., had the same bugs. Besides of those, the game is playable...

escapism I counted each piece and compared the length dude:)

@Dazz: Tried that too, but it still was pure guessing. Could have been 323121. Or 434232. Or 545343. Think you got the drift...

buggy, finally got through it after 3 trys!!!

I have 3 gems (red, orange, green), and three purple ropes. Don't know what to do now...

POP, found box for gems in trash bin for gold key. Never used the purple ropes.

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@escapism, I see you what you mean about the slider positions. Thanks!

Fixed the rope and sponge! Thank you everyone!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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