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Unique Place Escape

GamesBold - Unique Place Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. You are the world's leading architects, the beautiful and unique buildings have been created, now your skills are tested in an exciting game that challenges you to be able to solve the puzzle from your own unique buildings. Good luck and have fun!

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Ironically enough, it was announced today that the Basket building in Ohio may go into foreclosure.

Star Wars doesn´t work on door?!

The only one I've gotten so far is Woody. I've tried a whole bunch of combinations of The Dark Knight (Batman).

Except I hadn't tried "Batman". Overthinking. Does anyone know the Black Swan's name? I'm not that into ballet.

And no, Star Wars doesn't seem to work.

I got woody as well, but so what? What happens?

I'm guessing that the places for the objects appear once all the puzzles are solved. I don't have time for that. Good luck Roberto.

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gone girl?

Going in...

Gone Girl, White House Down, Seven, etc. all names of movies (same for Black Swan) but they don't work. Last time GB used these clues the correct answers for rooms 4 and 7 were The Dark Knight and Toy Story, but GB has apparently changed this but I am not going to spend any more time guessing what the others are supposed to be. Assuming this isn't another GB foul up and the game is unplayable. Maybe some clever person will sort it out, but that won't be me!

Nope. Looks like another unplayable GB. Bummer.

I wonder if they respond to comments on their blog since it seems as though they don't check here. I posted just in case...

nick dunne for gone girl.

oh good grief, we have to do all cast names? I had tried Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader for Star Wars, no luck.

john cale for white house down

OK Roberto, you got me back in the game! Thank goodness for IMDb!

OH LORD. That's annoying.

star wars is gonna be hard.

Working on Black Swan...

Need to leave. GL all!

Oh sure, Roberto, leave when we need you most! :)

Room 6 is the Morgan Freeman character in Se7en (SPOILER-Somerset-SPOILER)

I'm plugging away on Star Wars, it's not chewbacca.....

Room 1: 2 golden masks
Room 2: 5 silver masks, 2 masque, 4 golden disks
Room 3: 3 earrings, 6 vases
Room 4: 4 earrings, 2 golden masks, 4 mummies
Room 5: 4 golden disks, 2 masque
Room 6 : 4 ornaments
Room 7 : 2 golden masks, 1 masque

....not Kylo Ren, Pricess Leia, Obiwan Kenobi

4: batman


Star Wars is just "LUKE"


3: nick dunne

Sisli, I can't figure out scene 1. Help, please?

7: woody (male characters)

Try Swan Queen for 1

Be sure to click on green blob in last room to make outlines appear.

AHA!! Thanks, Max! I tried "The Swan Queen" but didn't think to eliminate the article...

1 - Swan Queen
2 - John Cale
3 - Nick Dunne
4 - Batman
5 - Luke
6 - Somerset
7 - Woody

That was weird :)

Sisli, I agree!

Thanks for all the help everyone!

thanks for the clues
I do not know why we play this game :)

We play because we love the challenge! And also organizing ALL THE THINGS.

1 silver mask left and no place to put it. 44/45.

ok , found the place. No hot spot for it.

All silver masks go in room 2. The hotspots are very dark.

Habitat 67! I used to live near that building in Montreal! (in Scene 1)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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