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Wow 3D Room Escape Walkthrough

Wow 3D Room Escape

WowEscape - Wow 3D Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to stay in 3D house for your vocation. But unfortunately the door is locked you from outside of the house. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow 3D Room Escape
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This is a nice one, Alpha :)

oh, you're not playing yet? I thought you would be.
Walkthrough worthy so far.
Click the tiles on the bathtub.

Hi arrie :) hope all is well with you

I'm here arrie ☺
just didn't post yet...

The knives go on the wall, the order is found by clicking 'on' the lamp.

can't use brush to wipe the dirt (after placing shovel)...

Hello Yvonne :) I'm fine, thank you very much.
ah, okay, Alpha.

the key found by removing the dirt on the floor is used on the drawer in the scene left of it.

ah, finally after 20 tries approx.

place brush on shovel, not on dirt

place knife to lower right of dust pan

like(d) the colour pyramid

AO that's because it's a dust pan ;)

Good game

ah, thx yvonne (language barrier here)

I don't know why it doesn't work for you :(.
In the couch scene, with one cushion removed, also a tile at the wall can be removed.

use opened detergent on mirror

tedious arrows...

tablets on floor, are no's for far right room, look at orange ones bottom to top

lol, Yvonne ... heheh

use the spray on the mirror.
My, you really need pen and paper here for all those clues.

arrie use snipping tool, makes such a difference

mugs go on CB left of door - need 2 more...

I made the cushion corners red top left, then was able to click lamps

how tablets works in far right room (onlyl 4 digit code)?

don't miss trapdoor on ceiling in tablett scene

oh, why red top left, I wonder ?
But thank you, and yes of course, snipping tool, hmm ..:-)

AO on the locker

under assessories or similar I think arrie

Tablets count sideways and I think left to right

arrie you can find it if you press start and type snipping tool

yes, yvonne
but it's only a 4#code & tablets have 6 columns...?

Where do all the stars go and the 5 digit number?

Alpha, count tablets sideways

AO bottom left to right 5...

bottom to top, sideways - confused atm - ?

I believe tablets are 6342

This comment has been removed by the author.

lol, that was adding to the confusion.

Just : the stars go in the bathtub.
place the red button on the socket and click it, the water will be removed.

I need both 4 numbers,
and a use for the boardgame on the floor.

What is the clue for the honey-bee looking grid on the wall?

ah, like this - duh, thx yvonne
(seems brain eclipse here atm...)

oops, lost internet

oh, and I have 6 numbered colours. Any idea for those?

behind dress in locker far right room

And 'oh snap' occurred and lost everything

LOL, well thank you Alpha.

and how do I open that locker?

6 coloured no's order for stars

arrie, that board game on the floor is for those 4 nos

tablets from bottom to top, left to right

missing bottom right star...

thanks Yvonne, locker is open now.

& 1 knife

no key so far...

yep, need one knife as well, and like Just, I can't find a use for the 5# code in the book.

aaahhh, the 2431 in far right room is giving the order for clicking the switches, another key now.
Start with yellow.
That key goes on the cupboard next to the door.

lol, and the last knife for me is in the couch below the mirror with arrow clue.

laptop hint in gameboard/tablets scene for dots in far left room

now I have the doorkey (I think), but am still stuck with the code in the book.
Nice game.

oh ... duh ... I forgot that the 4# given was on a safe, using the key now ... place for the book-code ...

hint on couch in knife places scene for dials

out. yep, good one, thanks, WOW.

arrie, was nice playing with you, don't see you enough :)

thanks for the help Yvonne, Alpha.

key from dials for pillow scene

slow motion here cuz of robot thingy... :-(

I don't play that many games anymore, Yvonne, but am still around !

arrie good to know :)

arrie by the way practice the snipping tool

oops, accidentally refreshed the game - not restarting...

thx ppl for your nice company ☺

What happened with WOW and G2R? They decreased their quality suddenly at the same time and passed from the nature scenes at interior houses scenes. Are the developers changed? If so, is a lost... :(

thank you yvonne, I use the tool a lot in riddles, that's why the :-).

Started a WT, messed it up, will start again.

done. tough. will replay one more time to check.


Go all to the left.

scene 1.
take symbol on the lamp and knife behind it.
open left panel, take the mug.
(5 by 6 circles on wall will give a leaf).
(arrows will give windmill-wing).
(colourorder from the switches (scene 6) will give colourorder for clicking those switches).
(key (from scene 2) on drawer will give paper for pyramid).
(number on drawer gives key for scene 10).

scene 2.
take mug, set tree-puzzle at the wall, take teal-star.
click side of chair = number (for scene 9).
at the wall, place for 5 knives.
(knives give leaf).
(using dust pan+brush = key for scene 1).

scene 3.
click right panel, take the spray (about item, take off lid).
zoom in on lamp, turn it on = order for knives.
coloured pyramid on the floor (gives red button scene 10).
(placing leafs will give yellow star).

scene 4.
click middle cushion, take windmill-wing.
click wall-tile on the right, take mug.
zoom in on laptop-1, click red button, clue for scene 9.

scene 5. (exitdoor)
place for 4 mugs on small cupboard.
(after placing mug 4 = leaf).
(shapes clue will give blue star).
(key on small cupboard = shape for bath scene 10).

scene 6.
place symbol on cabinetdoor, 2 more needed.
(will give : 2 knives, 1 windmill-wing).
take brush.
3 cushions needed.
key for wall-safe needed (from scene 9).
(put red corners up left, click lamps = how to place 3 mugs).
(using colour order from scene 1, starting with yellow = key for cupboard scene 5).

scene 7.
open hatch in ceiling for knife.
take coloured cushion and dust pan.
take mug, take windmill-wing on tv.
take diamond symbol above tv.
zoom in on laptop-2, note clue for wall scene 1.
zoom in on tablets on the floor, count the tablets in 4 rows (first row=5) =
number for locker in scene 10.

scene 8.
take cushion. click side of couch for knife.
use spray on the mirror = arrows-clue for scene 1.
(wall shapes will give pink star).

scene 9.
take cushion.
zoom in on 3 dials, use numbers from scene 2 = key for safe in scene 6.
(= order of colours for scene 1).
use clue scene 4 = green star.
(placing wings will give red star).

scene 10.
take symbol off the wall.
click tiles on tub, clue for scene 5.
use tablet-numbers on locker = book, click dress for code on the wall for scene 8.
(place red button, click it = place for stars).
(set stars – red top left etc. = safe. place shape = number for scene 1).
(open safe with key from scene 1 = 5# safe. Open book for this = exitkey).

There can be a bug with scene 6.
The safe can open and the key for scene 5 is visible already, without the colour-hint from scene 1.
Lucky you …

coloured numbers.
scene 1 : blue 3.
scene 2 : teal 5.
scene 3 : click left panel, red 1.
scene 4 : green 2.
scene 8 : yellow 4.
scene 9 : pink 6.

Bug: it gave me two yellow stars, i can't put the pink one (bath tub scene)

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Just an observation, but why give hints for 3 mugs when there are four? Or am I just too literal?

Nice game! I liked that it was an interior game :)

thanks yvonnee for your hints, cool one:)

very nice game great hints, needed just a little this time, best thing I learned to use the snipping tool thanks Yvonne AO & ppl, just seen WT Arrie very good although I didn't use it, nice one thanks Wow

This comment has been removed by the author.

Excellent game!

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