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Wow Escape Cow From Poland Mountain Walkthrough

Wow Escape Cow From Poland Mountain

WowEscape - Wow Escape Cow From Poland Mountain is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, one cow is trapped by witch in mountain top. Use your talent skills in order to escape the cow from mountain. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Escape Cow From Poland Mountain

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Grasshoppers hard to see, so far 2 in first scene, 1 bottom left on lower leaves, 1 top right in tree leaves

grasshopper on bottom of left plant, scene where they are placed

grasshopper bottom of plant, pot scene

Hi yvonne :)

place caterpillar left side of grass in cow scene, gives food for goat

bandy :) lovely to 'see' you here

I just thought I would say hi I already played this one LOL

placing the caterpillar you get from grasshoppers gives the colours for 3 flowers r,g,g

Where did you get caterpillar? I have a stick dipped in barrel that goes nowhere and a cattail?

bandy, I put the colours in comments for you lol

LOL Ty yvonne

stick with leaf in 4. scene is used on hole in stone in same scene for lizard...

Roberto use stick in same scene with barrel bottom of tree

Hi Roberto, caterpillar by grape vines, note sizes to use on mushrooms, the stick goes on base of palm tree

Hi Hotz :)

Hi All! Thanks. I have 2 caterpillars but cannot put them in cow scene.

the one from vine scene goes on left side of grass in cow scene

hi (again) ev1 ☺

red caterpillar goes into pot

I guess is was not caterpillars I had. I used them to get 5 digits.

Hi AO :)

yvonne, thank you for grasshopper!!! they are really well hidden...

red caterpillar comes from placing 3 symbols

beautiful pics ♥ & relaxing music

Hotz, you're welcome, I know! when I saw you needed 4, I put my special wow glasses on 'nose up to screen' Lol

empty inventory!

what to do with egg or 3 black "axe heads" ?

Hotz 1 scene up from goat put egg there in hole

thanks bandy, I think, I tried that before, but...

where is stick for barrel?

I think AO you need to give fish to stork for stick

Or the red dot to stork I can replay to help

What to do with red stick from hedgehog?

LOL ok now need the fish first... & it will come for sure from sth I don't have yet either ☻
(seems Roberto is way ahead of me...)

AO have you placed 2 red flowers?

Oh! Just use it on cow to end the game! Thanks for your help!

Roberto, use on tree left of cow

sneaky wheat for hedgehog in tree in yellow stork scene (the other is a flamingo ;-P )

not yet yvonne, where?

Yes stick came from red dot to yellow stork

Hi all
I think my green caterpillar for getting goat food came first or second scene, bottom right.

AO one is in view, one from grass cow scene

fish from shrooms, hint

are grapes

AO 2 red flowers go in start scene

where to place I mean yvonne...

ah, ok, too late the question LOL, thx yvonne

AO, telepathy lol ;)

my last wheat from eagle (IIRC)

& the 3 spiky thingies, where do they go? di I need more?

or better do I need more (doh)

AO, bandy's comment 7.44

POP didn't put egg in hole, got 3 slots

Tried to put red worm thing on rock with white one and it disappeared :(

red caterpillar=worm for pot, gave me (my last) cpillar

a shorter, but very nice game of this style - thx Wow & thx ppl, esp. yvonne & bandy for your help ☺

on the flamingo scene, I tried to put a red and fat caterpillar next to the white one and it disappear. I still have another one, I don't know where to place it. Still need a big lizard. I have a leaf in the inventory, also no idea what to do with it.

definitely there is a bug. I placed the fat yellow caterpillar and appears also the red one and one more spot to place the second red one.

A fairly perfunctory effort from whoever put this game together.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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