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Wow Gray Wolf Forest Escape Walkthrough

Wow Gray Wolf Forest Escape

WowEscape - Wow Gray Wolf Forest Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to visit a forest which is located outer of the city. But unfortunately you missed the way out and forest is full of gray wolf. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Gray Wolf Forest Escape

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Going in!

Hi Lzzie just going in

don't miss the scene behind lashing ants

So far so good. Lots of things blending in with the background. The rock w/teeth is cracking me up.

Purple liquid on the egg for another butterfly.

sneaky vase top left of steps last scene

last frog in last scene use torch

Trying to find something to set on fire.

Aha! Thanks.

Click on the middle of the lamp scene for a jar. Spiders go in the jar.

Pour spiders into the pink plant (scene w/purple lilies) for last parrot.

no clue for pumpkins

Pretty easy. I was hoping for a three wolf moon scene somewhere.

Numbers for pumpkins came from the circle puzzle (clue in last scene).

sorry number clue for pumpkins lol

your way ahead of me Lizzie got no spiders

Cannot for the life of me figure out the slider/square puzzle...it looks like two of the pieces are duplicates

Click on the spiders in the ant scene.

Ha found where to put fly saucer a big mouth

Slider: http://i.imgur.com/x88IWZl.png

missing 1 ant

where to use the pick axe?

pop got it from birds

nred 1 butterfly parrot & flower

pick axe used in scene with birds, right top tree trunk

This comment has been removed by the author.

gave me last butterfly, which gave last pink flower, and out.

Thank you Joycy

soapy I used pickaxe ages ago still need 1 of each seem to be missing a scne

There are 10 scenes.

I replayed. My walkthrough - spoiler in ROT13. Decipher here http://www.rot-n.com/

Fgneg Fprar1 - Arjg + sebt. Pbybhe pbqr oruvaq obhyqre (hfr fprar 7). Fcnprfuvc tbrf urer. Tvirf fxhyy pyhr sbe fprar7.
Fprar0 - Nag + Sebt sebz ubyr
Fprar3 - Yvyl + Sebt + Fcnpr Fuvc. Pyhr sebz fprar 10 tvirf ahzore pyhr sbe chzcxva yvarf fprar 9. Yvdhvq sbe rtt uvqqra fprar10 tvirf ohggresyl.
Fprar4 - Yvyl (abgr rtt funcr sbe nkr ba gerr sne evtug gbc, tvirf ohggresyl)
Fprar5 - Pyvpx prageny jurer tenff zrrgf gerrf sbe infr. Pyvpx fcvqref. Trg yvyl. (Nagf yvir urer). Lryybj qbg pbqr sebz fprar8 sbe xrl, hfr xrl fprar10.
Fprar6 - Sver + Yvyl (oruvaq yrsg obhyqre). Urneg pbybe pyhr sebz fprar9 chmmyr sbe oveq.
Fprar7 - Pbybhe pbqr (pyhr Fprar1) sbe ohggresyl. Ahzore pbqr sebz fprar9. Fxhyy pyhr sebz svefg fprar fpebyy nsgre fcnprfuvc. Tvprf trzf.
Fprar8 - Cvpxnkr + lryybj qbg pbqr (hfr fprar kkk)
Fprar9 - Nag haqre terra evat. Arjg oruvaq yvmneq. Ahzore pyhr (hfr fprar7). UrnegChmmyr sbe pbybe pyhr(hfr fprar6). Chzxvaf, pyhr fprar3, tvirf nag.
Fprar10 - Oveq + Yvyl + Arjg. Pvepyr pyhr (hfr Fprar 3) Sver va ubyr sbe sebt. Xrl sebz fprar8 sbe purfg tvirf trzf. Checyr yvdhvq sbe rtt va fprar3.

Cynpr sebtf sbe cvax trzf
Cynpr arjgf sbe ohggresyl
Cynpr yvyvrf sbe pyhr gb oveq pvepyr chmmyr, tvprf nag.
Cynpr infr bs fcvqref (fprar0 cvax gehzcrgf) sbe oveq
Cynpr nagf, tvirf oveq.
Cynpr oveqf, tvirf ohggresyl
Cynpr ohggresyvrf tvirf trz
Cynpr trzf sbe bhg.

what on earth is that

please Wow what is Soapy printing please check it's ok

vase popped up between the yellow & white eggs & I managed to put spiders in

now out after getting rid of spiders & getting last 3 items, the jigsaw puzzle was easy for me I like those nice game Wow

relax joycy. its ROT13 a decryption often used online

Sorry Joycy, I encrypted to hide the spoiler. You can just paste into the ROT13 encrypter to read. Its just the alphabet offset by 13characters. A=N, B=O, C=P


Good game

Hya Soapy it's a bit beyond me lol

Hya Soapy it's a bit beyond me lol

My square-slider is bugged too. Middle-left square is identical to middle-top square. Impossible to finish.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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