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Wow Luster Modern House Escape Walkthrough

Wow Luster Modern House Escape

WowEscape - Wow Luster Modern House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to stay in luster modern house for your holidays. But unfortunately the door is locked you from outside of the luster modern house. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from the luster modern house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Luster Modern House Escape

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Stuck at math clue in starting room....

Have a feather, 4 trophies, 2 plants, a knife, and a hammer..


Hey there - game loading ...

Sneaky hidden tile on bathroom floor...

Hi all. Loading now.

Oh, wow, am I an idiot. I didn't even try clicking around the math puzzle :-P

Very simple math, guys. Don't judge.

I have similar stuff to you Ninja. Working on slider pic in bathroom now ...

Lamp from slider pic

slidder picture reds at the top

Need one more lamp. Looking for place to use hammer

Use hammer on pink bedroom mirror for trophy

Where is hammer?

Hi Zu, I got my last lamp from using knife on panel on wall bike scene

Last lamp (for me) from using knife in start scene (not on fruit)

Dot pattern in 2nd bathroom is NOT for flowers above bed--don't waste your time lol

Lol yvonne - must have posted at same time!

Key is for door in room with 3 mugs

Could someone please tell me where the hammer is?

Aaaannndd OUT!

Don't bother trying to use the knife more than you need--it stays in your inventory til the end.

Jenny, if I remember correctly, I think it was on the bottom right corner of kitchen--in line with the cupboard?

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Thanks Ninja!

Trying to remember about hammer Jenny - might have been from symbols on glass light shade...maybe from box on bathroom floor? I know I got it early in game

Use hammer on mirror, room opened with key

Ninja don't leave me.
I am missing feather, plant and 2 lamps for bedroom.

Anyhow - hammer used on mirror in bedroom where trophies are placed

Did anyone find the hint for the flowers over the bed?

Thanks all for the hammer help.

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POP found 3rd plant in bathroom beside hint for dots.

jenny, you get flower hint after placing 3 feathers

Placing 3 angle-poise lamps gives exit key. Out. Will hang around a bit - not sure how much use I will be with remembering where stuff came from ...

Jenny--try background wall tile in new scene bathroom

Just missing one lamp for bedroom now.

Sick of looking for lamp. consider myself out.
not worth wasting any more time on this one.

a shorter solid fun of PSUPSD (pick stuff up, put stuff down) - thx Wow & thx ppl for the hints above ☺

OMG had to use WT to find last desk lamp. It was in a hidden floor tile in the first bathroom (the one you go in before you find any keys to extra rooms). Argh! Okay, out now.

Shorter than I was expecting, but a good game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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