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Wow Rehabilitation House Escape Walkthrough

Wow Rehabilitation House Escape

WowEscape - Wow Rehabilitation House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to stay in rehabilitation house for your holidays. But unfortunately the door is locked you from outside of the rehabilitation house. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this rehabilitation house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Metal pick used in upstairs room (with eyeball) to open the yellow panel.

Squeegee needs to be wet in the bathtub. Then it can be used on the white window in the upstairs room.

Knife has (at least) two uses. First on the butter, but then also on the book upstairs.

Don't miss an off-white rock under the spot where you input the four arithmetic symbols.

Same scene... metal pick used on the square stone tile, bottom center of the scene.

hi (again) all ☺

colour hint from colibri d/w for me...

POP I had to swap the 2 yellow tiles to obtain rose

(it's more a poppy as I can see...)

Rock used on round window, gave me my last curved lamp.

puzzle piece near nav arrow, kitchen scene

Solving Hummingbird does nothing, and its tail doesn´t work on colors in tub scene.

note colours of puzzle birds feathers for bathroom

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Hairpin used as key to door in first scene.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Another puzzle piece hiding behind the vases in the fireplace scene.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Knife used on bathroom rug.

Use the clue from the book upstairs to solve the math puzzle in that bathroom.

Found a match, but no striker. I assume we are going to light the fireplace. *inner pyro gets excited*

POP! Use the metal pick (last time) on the hole in the metal cone thing. It lifts to reveal coals, which can light the match.

Almost missed another puzzle piece on the rug where your broken metal pick falls.


What am I doing wrong?

light match in new scene bedroom in object you opened

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@Roberto, not sure. That should work. Perhaps you need to solve a few other things and then come back.

@Roberto... wait, try swapping the 2nd and 4th tiles in the top row. I don't think you actually solved the hummingbird, since it is supposed to give you an item (hiding behind the lower-right tile).

When you solve hummingbird it stops moving? I still can swap the tiles, but it´s solved as you can see in pic.

Hi all!
Need one more rose and one thing for the bed room

Ah! That´s it! Thanks Seraku!!!!

Use the gap in puzzle pieces for positon to place

Um... I just got the magnifier in the bathroom scene, but I'm not sure what I did. I was helping @Roberto and then tabbed back to the game and it was there?! o:

nvm found it

@Ruediger, huh... I have all of the items above the bed, which gave me my 4th rose. So it sounds like you have found one more rose than me. Any ideas where that might be?

I'm also short one puzzle piece.

Actually, there are still a number of things left. I haven't done the 3x3 puzzle with the 4 colored diamonds. There appear to be four hanging lampshades for the kitchen that I haven't even found one yet. Locked door in the dining room, though that might be the exit.

Still have a knife and a tube of paint.

Seraku did you get the one I mentioned 5.56?

Seraku I think behind the tiles in the bathroom far left - but not sure

use lockpick in bedroom with 2-dots bottle on little round hole right side

1 puzzle piece in bag scene, behind table, left side of door.

@yvonne, @Ruediger, nothing in either of those places, so I think I may have gotten those already.

xmas ball from lit fireplace

where is the clue to solve puzzle pieces?

Got it! My last puzzle piece was in the bedroom scene behind one of the stones in the wall (left side).

Under rag in bathroom, Roberto. Use the knife

1 puzzle tile short, have the ones mentionned above I think, 1 thingy for above bed short, 2 flowers short... but not a short game ☻

@Roberto, puzzle piece clue is the bathroom rug (use knife to reveal clue).

the stick is actually a light to put in xmas ball slot scene

Thanks Rüdiger!

Thanks too Seraku!

still have paint & knife in inv. 1 flower short now, puzzle next to flowers not solved yet...

Oh man... this game is LONG! So many new rooms.

Water jug pours onto large egg sculpture.

magnifier just above bathtub

Found a chisel (or SD part) in new bathroom.
Have a diamond looking thing and don't know where to use it

Cabinet next to 8-color puzzle hides a lampshade.

where came key from for new rooms?

missing 1 flower and 1 white thing above bed. No magnifier so far.

@Alpha, the red key came from the 5 roses, I think.

ditto here, Roberto
just have magnifier (see my comment at 6:30 AM)

In scene with vase on table, there is a set of drawers with a lamp on top. The left side middle drawer opens.

Searched in 2 bathrooms, but cannot find magnifier.

@Alpha, give the magnifier to the eyeball, if you have not already done so.

AO, where are you? if still in lower scenes, you get a hairpin from doing the colours from the birds tail, on the bath tub, which opens door, scene where you cut butter

Anyone an idea what the milk bottles are trying to tell us?

@Roberto, it's in the bathroom that has the pot of dirt on the left side, and numbers puzzle in it. It was fairly central in the scene, behind one of the stones in the wall.



Can someone spoil the math in the bathroom please. I do not understand how book with only 2 symbols relates to this.

@Ruediger, see my comment at 6:35am. You get a pipette to measure liquid level in each bottle.

@Jenny, Multiply the first and second rows, then subtract the last.

where is last thingy for above bed?

(crtl+F with keyword d/w as we have the right name for that thingy...)

hmmm. Can´t find this bathroom. I have the bathroom with colors puzzle from bird and the other is where I cut the rug. Pot of dirt?

Thanks Seraku!

Where is magnifier used?

@Roberto, it's the one with the rug in it.

Easy with that pic. Many thanks AO.

I opened the door already with hairpin & it was from the yellow gems ☺

@Jenny, eyeball guy upstairs wants the magnifier.

Thanks Seraku - I swear I've clicked that damned drawer 100 times..... ;-)

pleasure Roberto ☺

can't continue, as I still don't have the last bed thingy (cylinder or similar)

Wow likes to hide things. A spray bottle can be found in a hidden panel in the wall in the scene where you enter the four numbers on the wall.

My last piece of puzzle was on the left of the puzzle with the weird shaped items on the bedroom where we lit the match

that was it Seraku thx re magnifier

last bed thingy from symbol puzzle hint from eye creature

Spray bottle is used on the planter of dirt in the bathroom. It grows a plant and you get to pick a flower bud.

Okay, flower bud goes on vase. Vase had my final lampshade for kitchen. That just got me my 2nd mushroom thing to be placed under the spot for the orange sickles.

I still need my last sickle, and now two more mushrooms.

One down, one to go. My third mushroom was in the bathroom with the large egg sculpture, hidden panel roughly central in the scene.

Good find Seraku - but where to use it?
Tried it on the vase in the traffic lights room, but no

Where to use the crystal?

With two locked doors still, there is no end in sight for this game. (:

It goes on that vase Rüdiger

Sneaky mushroom in new bathroom right low of shower

missing 1 lampshade...

Doesn't work with me, Roberto.

You mean the white pompom thing?

POP just hanging in egg bathroom - duh

@Alpha, I guess we get so used to looking for the sneaky hidden things, the ones in plain sight get overlooked. (:

Where to use the crystal? Anyone?

Spray goes left on brown thing in "old bathroom"

I am stuck with a multicoloured gem and a chisel thing.
also missing 2 mushrooms and 1 sickle.

Found something, use the kind of SD without handle on the left of the frame where we used the roses

Don´t remember if I used that bowl in mushrooms scene?

Spray gives flower, flower on traffic light vase, gives last kitchen lamp, gives mushroom

need 1 mushroom & 2 sickles, chisel/crowbar & crystal unuse yet...

Thanks Azida, that gives the stop light clue!

@aridza, great find! That just led to a lot of stuff. Now I just need one more crystal.

Great aridza!

I'm out.
Roberto, you'll use that bowl at the end

Thanks arizida - that hint gave me the last mushroom for yet another key for yet another room

Turn on both lamps in the new bedroom where you place the four crystals.

nice find aridza, thx ☺

that gave me last shroom at the end

Out!!!! Thanks for your help!

Click on the lights in the new bedroom - gives color clue

Our finally. Good game if a bit long.

And out! Thanks much for all of the hints folks!

Thanks, WOW, for the LONG game!

I'm out.
Roberto, you'll use that bowl at the end

milk for bowl for another crystal, 1 to go

did anyone solve the 4 colored diamonds, or do anything with bowl on the floor?

And out! Pretty straight forward when you are in the new bedroom.
Good game!
Thanks all for your help...

missing 1 sickle, I bet they will give me last crystal...

AO, left side up in "new" bedroom

Wow, thank you, excellent game, appreciate you taking the time :)

thanks aridza! out too

& again in plain sight in egg bathroom ☻

& out, too - thx ppl for your company & the nice teamwork ☺
& thx Wow for yet another fun long game of this style ☺

Yes, thank you WOW!

poor dog all sunburned

Well - thank you everyone for the all the great hints here! Would never have finished without them.

Excellent game. I think arizda gets the prize today for finding out where to use the chisel!

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