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Wow Shanghai Palace Escape Walkthrough

Wow Shanghai Palace Escape

WowEscape - Wow Shanghai Palace Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to stay in Shanghai Palace for your vocation. But unfortunately the door is locked you from outside of the Shanghai Palace. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this Shanghai Palace by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi ppl : ) Going in (after game loads)...

Hi Zuleikha!

use rock far left scene

I´m already stuck! Have 4 ceiling lamps, Don´t know where to use colors from glass on the table. Need to find an use for fan, deodorant?, broom, magnet an 5 rings.

In bathroom rub soap against stain on floor (twice) and look at soap/

       Anonymous  9/6/16, 8:04 AM  

Last bulb place was tricky

Roberto use magent on between doors far left

blade and 5 fish from fridge for stove for 5#

key from using candle on cake

hi (again) ev1 ☺

TVM Escapist - with this thanks I appreciate your posting work from the past & in the future
(like that I only can thank this time for every posted game ;-P )

5 rings go on stand but I need 2 more

Maybe this one is longer LOL

use screwdriver in round circle behind fridge for key

Thanks Dazz!

is this gae bugged or something? there's a fly top door but I can't get it

I don't know Dazz I have 3 pots after useing one time ?

Wasn't sure I'd make it after that super long HOG.

you're far ahead from me - don't have the stuff you have already...

ice cubes for glass

Lizzie that was short ROFL!!

Candle does not light the other candles ?

bandy bro! fourth one left of tv

bandy that candle is for cake not the other candles

Razor in plant pot, lantern scene.

I just found oar? under sofa in bedroom

Use razor on hotplate flex

Thanks I missed a whole scene LOL

Use razor on bed cover too

Ok use that stick on fumhood for 4th ring

Hey Dazz - I'd been wondering if it was part of a broom or a hand brush, lol

Well spotted, bandy - just need one more of those rings now.

Rats! refreshed the wrong tab, not restarting atm - GL & CU ☺

What stand 5 rings goes on?

Roberto - in start scene

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh! My puzzle has already those rings when I started.

Don't have clue for those rings though ...

I didn't put 5 rings on stands in start scene, I used the no's from insects 1,4 don't move 2,5 move once 3 move to bottom

So I have 5 extra rings.

Roberto so have I, maybe for other rooms?

I made a blue liquid but don´t know what for.

You don't seem to need the bug that is uncatchable on door in room far left.

I guess they updated the game after we start yvonne, and now we have to find the rings to solve the puzzle. I don´t know.

yvonne & Roberto: I placed rings and then moved them according to flies. Got lantern.

Have a vase and a coin with a squared hole.

So we wont use the rings.

Hi Zu :) I did that without placing rings, used the rings that were already there, to get lantern

Blue liquid is to dip the bulb.

I guess I need a restart as I can't do anything ? Need 2 rings 2 more lanterns put ice in glass and got a color clue but ??

I remember this happened once in another game with some frogs puzzle. I spent a lot of time searching where to use my stuff and never did it.

Theres a lantern left side of lanterns, on wall.

Guess there is a glitch in game, yvonne. I remember playing a game a few weeks ago where there was duplicate stuff. It was still in inventory at end of game.

need to leave. GL all!

Roberto - how did u make your blue liquid? Or did u find it somewhere?

Were is blue liquid ?

Bandy, I had missed one lantern in wall left of TV.

Candle for ball in net behind door in left room.

Zu and bandy have you gone into another room yet?

Thanks methanwy I got that one though ?

yvonne I have other rooms 1 kitchen the other bedroom and bathroom ?

Ok see u later Roberto : )

Guess we'll never know about blue liquid, lol.

I need one of each kind of lantern, keys for doors, screwdriver, hints for what to do with a few items in inventory (e.g thing that looks like part of broom), place to use colour clue.

I seem to have entered another dimension as I now have 3 money bags (weighed), necklaces, a red symbol thing and various other nonsense I have no idea where to use.

So you both haven't got key to new rooms yet?

Check latticework panels in room with bottle.

Anyone use the hand fan or the black and white tube ?

You pour the blue IV bag liquid in to a bowl next to the big water jug, then tip the water jug. take a stick you had in inventory (looks like a fuse) dip it on in there.

Now take that and use it on the paper on the bed scene directly to the left....for a dragon symbol type clue that doesn't seem to be anywhere.

I can't find a stand in start scene for the rings. Can you be more specific please?

Jenny is right room with 4 candles And the icebox

Hi Jack, sweep under the sofa where weighing machine is, for more nonsense lol

I did not need the rings though They were there just click them ?

@yvonne: no keys to new rooms yet.

@ bandy: nope haven't used hand fan or tube thing or strange brush-lie thing yet.

Yep, I did not need the rings either. Thanks Bandy.
I need one more of each lantern. and have found no keys for doors in left room yet. Where does colour code from ice cubes go?

The lights above the bed new rooms click 3rd one off, clue was the candles in start scenes

Guess we are all stuck in the same place.

Ah, ok those symbol cards go in the slots in the bathroom (which eventually will use the paint roller clue).

Also placed 3 money bags but still missing one bag.

Black and white cylinder goes in blue liquid after you have liquid in bowl.

Could someone tells us how and where you got keys to open new rooms?

Ok I found my last floor lamp from dots puzzle in bedroom

Use (now) blue cylinder on clipboard on bed.

Darn, I already have that one. Can you remember where you got the others?

Jenny I think one was under bug left of TV ?

Jenny IIRC the key came from using screwdriver on circle behind fridge. And I think sd came from placing the 5 lanterns.

got one floor lamp from wall left of TV
and one from cupboard in kitchen and one from dots puzzle. anyone remember where the 4th one is?

I'll have to leave now folks I have a class to go to. GL with finishing game. Will look in later to see how you got on : )

The fourth money bag is in the bathroom right of tub hidden behind some tiles

Did you get the one in panel in Bathroom Jenny ?

I have to leave for a bit too. If anyone remember where those lanterns are please post it for me.
Good luck all.

I got a hanging lantern there behind bathroom panel.

Jenny have you used the razor on the bed? Can't remember what came from there.

use screwdriver on tiles 2nd bathroom near top of wall

There are two things to be found in the wall right of the bath. One needs sd.

Didn't checked the weight before, you cannot remove the bags once you've placed them. So I bf it:


I got so much stuff I can't tell what I have used or not. PLEASE take stuff away we have used!

Super sneaky necklace on right sconce in room with lamps over bed.

Honey on toast gives clue for floor puzzle in room to the left of toast.

Thanks Rudiger, now in new room where some of the more random items are used.

Have egg in teacup and card suit hint and moving forward.

Oh god, the rooms never end! I shouldn't have complained about that other short game.

Pour the bowl of roses in hole above egg cups for another red symbol.

Jack, you've found the hint for the cards? Where please?
JESUS they want six fans!!!!!

Use brush? under chair with scales on.

SD on a walkway panel in room with candles for another fan.

nvm found it

Red symbols puzzle give another key.

Alright enough for me GL EV1

Sneaky necklace right in room after second door.

Man. I'm missing a lantern and a fan. I can see a spot on the floor where the egg cups go, but nothing's working on it.

Where is that puzzle for the red symbols, methanwy

Hi Rudiger, have you used another key? place for red symbols in new rooms

I think you are past that puzzle Rudiger. I meant the red tiles in the bathroom with the clue from the clipboard.

I just closed my game tab by mistake :( May come back later, so pls leave good hints.

Not yet, Yvonne, I'm stuck in the eggs/fan room and can't find nothing at all ....

use stone on pot, scene you used screwdriver on floor tile, for lantern

that was my last lantern, which gave me my last fan

Yvonne thank you!!

Stuck in second set of rooms, can't find last dragon card, help would be fantasic

Rudiger, did you put the bowl of petals into the hole above statue, egg scene?

Sorry, Yvonne, where is that scene.
Feeling pretty dumb and blind now ;-)

finally out uggggh too many unmarked spots.

Lizzie :) you're welcome, you've stuck with it

Rudiger no worries, it has been a long slog to get this far :)

escaper I think one came from 3 coins placed ?

Placed on couch that is

bandy :) you're back, how far are you into the game?

I am in rooms with cards puzzle

OK, I give up!
That's a bit too much for an old man....

I don't have bowl of flowers petals ?

Rudiger no, don't give up, what have you got in inventory?

Also Escaper I think I got one from 4 lanterns over bed clue was 4 candles just light 12 and 4

bandy have you placed coin? and put bar thing in opposite hole to get card clue?

Yes done that Is the bowl of pedals in the kitchen ?

bandy, can't remember, did you place money bags? in the bedroom start scenes? did you use dipper in honey in the kitchen? to use on toast?

Ya yvonne done all that I will slowly get there LOL no worries

Finally found last necklace in bedroom up right on lamp!!!

Now I am going some place LOL

Don't miss the sneaky room to the right of the bed with the red symbols. You'll need three lanterns for the "study" and you can open a cabinet above.

bandy, yay, moving forward :)

I am OUT! Good grief !!! LOL Thanks for the help yvonne

hmmm... stuck needing one more fancy lantern for "study", missing 2 fans, and what to do with the yellow outlined circle on the floor between the two stone blocks???

I missed useing stone on the big pot!

shazz the stone on big pot gives you something

aha!! Thanks bandy!! the stone on the pot in the flower petal pool gives the lantern I needed!!

Use SD also same room on tile

I never used the yellow outline not sure what that was for ?

well, of COURSE, my last fan would be hiding underneath a tile walkway!! That's where *I* would put a fan ;) Thanks a million!! Those unmarked spots were killing me!

Anytime I had a heck of time getting through that one LOL

Jenny, the 4th floor lamp came from breaking vase far left room with stone

This comment has been removed by the author.

Part 1

Start room.
- 5 rings, need clue for heights
- 4 glowing bowls needed
- fridge, key needed
- oil can in frame on the right, about item, take off lid
- entrance to backroom

- stick on floor
- cake with candle to be lit
- puzzle with 9 circles on wall
- puzzle with numbers and moneybag-shapes on wall
- door in the back to bathroom

- bee in flowers with 2,5, note green colour
- soap
- stone
- black/white sort of stick
- fan in frame next to window
- 5# needed at wall
- disc at spot above bath

Use soap on the spot on the floor = 4 symbols

Back to start room.
Go left.

TV room.
- 4 lanterns needed
- bee in plant with 1,4, note green colour
- above plant glowing bowl in the wall
- a razorblade on the pot of plant
- disc in drawer
- magnet in another one
- door needs key
- box next to drawers
- go left to room with stone floor

Room with stone floor.
- glass on table
- disc on chair
- take lit candle at sidetable
- keys needed on doors

Use stone on spot at lamp = glowing bowl
Use 4 symbols on box = lantern
Use magnet on spot between 2 doors = key

Back to start room
Go into backroom, use razorblade on the bed = disc.
Use lit candle on cake = key.
Use key on fridge in start room = icecubes, 5 fish.

Go left to room with stone floor.
Put icecubes in glass = colours

Now it gets tricky.
In start room, click the brown vertical line next to the dooropening to the backroom,
it takes you into another room.
Totally unneccessary to make it such a tiny spot.

But, we’re in a kitchen.
- handbroom on the left
- glowing bowl in hanging cupboard
- bee in plant with 3, note green colour
- a bowl with eggs (?) and a jar with honey

Push stick in the hood above stove = disc.
Use key on the suitcase = lantern.
Use razorblade on cable at stove, click cable, place fish, count dots = 5#.
Use oil on spot above colander, a line appears.
Go to the backroom and draw that line by clicking the 9 circles = glowing bowl.
Go to start room and place the glowing bowls = lantern.
Bees give clue for the 5 rings = lantern.
(1 and 4 are up, 2 and 5 are middle, 3 is down).
(if game is updated, first place the 5 discs on them before you can set the heights).

Use 5# in bathroom = lantern.
In tv room place lanterns = screwdriver.
In start room, use sd on frame in the back = gold key.
In room with stone floor, use key on door in the back.

Here ends part one.
(Don’t know if I get stuck now, but I’ll try part 2 as well, it’s enjoyable).

Part 2

Room with water-bottle.
- puzzle on floormat
- take some sort of tube on the left
- 4 dragons needed
- spot up on the wall, left = red sign
- coin in wire, basket, water
Go right into lounge.

- click lamp on the left = dragon
- take necklace off the floor
- scale on the right, bread on the table
- take red book on couch, about item, open = open coin
- use broom under couch on the right = something rectangle.
- remember colour clue? use it on wall = rectangle.
Go left twice.

- take necklace on lamps up right
- click painting = fan
- take vase on bedside table
- take box on the floor
- clipboard on the bed
- take spoon from drawer left
- push large cushion aside = yellow moneybag
- clue needed for 4 circles at the wall
(bruteforce, click 1 2 4 = coin)
Click door, go through.

Lovely bath.
- dragon on the left
- coin in white coat
- necklace on floor
- plastic with blue liquid
- place for 4 rectangles at the wall
- click spot down right of tub = green moneybag

Use sd at spot on the wall = dragon
Go to TV room, place box on the box = blue moneybag
Go to kitchen, use spoon on honey

Back to room with water-bottle
Go right, put honey on the bread = clue for floormat.
Go left, click the correct buttons on floormat = red moneybag
Put liquid into the basket, click waterbottle.
Dip black/white stick into the water, it turns blue, take it.
Use lit candle on the wire, take coin.

Go to lounge, put moneybags on the scale, one by one, see their weight.
Place coins on the couch = rectangle.
Go to bedroom, use now blue stick on the clipboard = order for rectangles.

Go to start room
In backroom, place moneybags on the wall at correct outcome.
(10x20 = 200 = yellow bag etc.) = dragon.

In room with water bottle, place dragons = rectangle.
In lovely bath, place rectangles on the wall = key.

Here ends part 2.
Now to part 3.

Part 3

Go to room with stone floor, use key on the second door.
Room with 3 windows
- take red sign
- take necklace down right
- 3 vases needed for the tables

Place open coin on the wall = egg
Place tube in top opening on the right = card-clue

Go left into room with eggs.
- place for 4 egss and 6 fans
- take vase

Go left into Bedroom.
- take vase
- necklace on the floor

Place 5 necklaces on statues = egg.
Use card-clue on the box = egg

Go to Room with3 windows.
Place 3 vases = egg.
In egg-room, place eggs = key.

Here ends part 3, LOL.

Part 4

Go to Room with stone floor, click door on the right, use key, go in.
Room with decorations.
- take red sign
- take lamp
Go through the opening

Room with water.
- take red sign
- take bowl with pink stuff

Use sd on a floorpanel = fan.
Use stone on vase = lamp.
Go back, go right.

Final room (heheh).
- take lamp
- place for 6 red signs.
click door on the right ……..

- take red sign

Open panel top left = fan
Place 3 lamps = fan

Back to egg-room, empty the bowl with pink stuff on the head = red sign.
Back to final room, place red signs = fan.
Back to egg-room … will this be the last thing??
Place fans = ….. key ….. for …..

Door in TV Room … YAYAY OUT !!!


Thanks Dazz, for the stick, and Yvonne for where to use the broom.
A logical use, it shows I’m not an experienced cleaner :-)

thank you everyone for good tips and clues. Thanks arrie NL fir the WT, without it I couldn't find last lamp for the library.
WOW - I'm truly disappointed by this game. The inventory was the biggest mess I saw lately. And a buggy game? This is new for you. Usually I give you 4 or 5 stars, but now all I'll give will be 3*. Sorry

arrie - THANKS for the WT!!

Fun game!

wow, arrie, thx for taking your time to make a WT - I needed it for several things ☺
& thx Wow for such a marathon of a game, but it's not one of your better ones, too many unmarked spots & using everything on everything to proceed
(long game, long WT ☻)

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