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Zooo Forest House Escape Walkthrough

Zooo Forest House Escape

ZoooGames - Zooo Forest House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Zooo Games. This is a forest and you are searching for a way to get out from the forest house. To escape from this place, you need to collect clues and objects like apples, tedys, flowers, and etc. Good luck and have fun!

Play Zooo Forest House Escape

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Blue figures go top of blue door

Use pen from beside clock on book

Hey again. Another Zooo Game. Last one was good (though tricky). Hope this one is too : )

Not sure what I got from stars

Number code from book is for right hand door, start scene

Sneaky animal masks in scene through right-hand door

Ggo, see you zuleikha

Bye Dazz. Think I'm stuck now though. Only apple in inventory. Can't solve other number codes and no hint for word puzzle.

Searching around for hotspots...

forgot about cat clock. Use time on purple box.

Use hammer on TV

Missing a bear mask.

I've clicked until I'm all clicked out. Can't find anything else. Need one blue shape, one animal head, 3 more purple flowers, word hint, 2x number hints.

Will take a break and look back later ...

Nice one, animals were hard to find though

hints would have been nice Mig Uri :)


I put 5 stars pink .This gave nothing. There was no change. Maybe a bug in the game?

2 swich at scene with dark cave

teddy bears go on floor first scene

Monkeys are clue for levers. Lit numbers are tricky to read (last 2 are fused), give code for cupboard. Blue shapes are code for house.

the stars are hint for letter code

write number out & only singular

LOL never seen suricats in a game ☻

not a good hint IMHO from suricats for levers

look in which direction their paws are

flash is used in cave left of snake scene for 4 digit code


between pretended middle & last number, there's also one


it's for the room with hammered TV

blue shapes on house do nothing...?

it's the number of corners for 4#code on house

well, for a G4K clone, it was a pretty good game - thx Zooo & thx ppl for the hints above ☺

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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