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Abandoned Statue Palace Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Statue Palace Escape

Games4King - G4K Abandoned Statue Palace Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Escape from the abandoned statue palace by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the abandoned statue place. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. You have to be very shrewd and careful because many puzzles are solved with easy solution but these ones are hard to find. Finally, escape from abandoned Statue Palace. Good luck and have fun!

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Oooooh, a live one.

Sneaky key behind barrels.

Death awaits to all who enter here. This is a clue for the sign, count how many times the letters of the word "wait" each appear.

Use the screwdriver on the grate in the floor.

The moving black ball is a snake statue's eye.

The present box can be opened twice.

Hola soy nueva en escribir pero vieja en la página, buenas tardes desde Argentina

Hi, Marcela. Good day to you. :)

thank you Bear for "wait" clue!!

black figure goes in scene with chest, I think, I am missing 1

POP, second black figure from 3 sliders...

No permite entrar al juego, tratare desde otra pagina

Turn off adblock, maybe?

For the color balls, match the balls with the colors around the edge .

I think I clicked, rllr and lrrl to make the wifi guys give me two items. I don't know how that worked.

I have three magnets and a helmet.

Magnets go to box in the room with the grate.

3 magnets for orange box

I stuck with magnets/hearts box and black helmet/crown...

Same here, Hotz.

I'm at same place Hotz.

Hearts, 2 left, 1 left, 1 left. I don't know why that worked but it did.

Put green and red bracelets on the start scene statues.

Thanks Bear! I will ponder over why while I go on.

When you place bracelets the appearence of the discs below the statues change.

I spent a lot of time on the spinning flowers/red green blue circles puzzle. I got them all to the right spots and nothing happened.....

A second helmet below 3#s when placed give 2nd eye. Place gold coin below statue.

The eyeballs go between the two helmets.

same here bear, colored spinning flowers give nothing...

Coins go on the first two statues, where the earth pictures were.

click on placed black helmet to open the mouth...

My flower petal puzzle not working either.

I've tried the 3571 clue in many combinations on the dolls puzzle but nothing is working so far.

Estoy atascada con dos hombrecitos de negro en el inventario y tres imanes. Gracias Tenga por la bienvenida

I accidentally closed the window. Not restarting. Good luck, everyone.

I've trued using pink red yellow green in combination with paper clue on dolls. No success there either.

Ah y un papel con pista de colores

i dont get the wait clue.... has anyone figured it out?

hi all thanks Bear for wait clue but somehow it's not working for me (

Ho oliveya, write the word wait, and count how many w.s a's etc. from the words on the stone

Since I reckon the flower petals puzzle may be a bug, Red X from me.

joycy its 2414

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oliveya es 2414

W 2
A 4
i 1
T 4

I think the bracelets on the statues have something to do with paper hint and dolls

Help me!!!!!! Donde van los dos man de negro

y los tres imanes, estoy perdida...help

thanks! Marcela! has anyone figured out the color paper clue with the curves and arrow.

ya está ahora tengo corona?, papel con oista de colores y tres imanes

Alguien sabe donde poner la corona? Gracias

Where the helmets go?

helmets go in the room with barrels and holes in the floor, above the holes/pumpkin/flower pot

Good afternoon. I need to know where the magnets will I have 3 and a black doll and a paper with colored tracks and another thing I do not understand

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Finndre I was away for a while

Hi Karenina!
You need 2 black dolls, The other one you will find on slider (clue is the squares on wall in room with chest) Also the black dolls have to be placed there. Magnets goes on orange box in scene where you used Screwdriver

the helmets aren't going anywhere in that room?

The clue for black dolls are the half blue circles. follow the arrow going bottom to top.


Oliveya, the helmets go on the two faces in the room under the sliders.

not help him magnets and hearts

what two faces?

where is the heart/ magnets clue?

for magnets and hearts: see Bear @ 9:57 AM

Where is the crown? I'm stuck with crown

And I need a circle to the box where the magnets are

Oliveya, go inside the little door under the sliders. u will see two faces on the wall above the 2 holes in the floor

ok so for hearts just move them to where there is a shadow= number clue

Karenina the magnets go on the box that doesn't zoom then it will zoom I'm still looking for place for cats I have 2 now

Joycy that black cats goes in scene with chest on the room left from the one you placed the magnets

cats go on either side of the treasure chest on the floor in the room beyond the magnet box. use paper clue arrows for them after placing them

Hello I read me?????

Thanks! Terry!

Marcela you need 3 magnets to place on box. Then zoom in on box and move the hearts.

sorry, Marcela, there is no crown, just 2 black helmets. second helmet suddenly appears in scene with writing on stone.

Gracias Gika y Hotz

thanks have at Hearts. it worked

The hearts positions should be

HH - -

has anyone figured out the colored paper dots. I'm stuck on it.

I don't think so, oliveya. Waiting for Hotz to figure it out, lol

I have to go! I will finish this one later.
Good Luck everyone

No me da resultado pista de corazones...Buahhhh

Thanks already the hearts! Thanks for the help

Still missing on disk by door, one on wall by magnet box, cant get the colored dots to work, and have number code i dont know where to use... all i have in inventory is clue paper.... help please!!

Pinkie Pie, I think, we are all stuck at same place :(

Same place as u, Pinkie.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

done that MULTIPLE times... doesnt work

After placing faces, use color clue, get last dial

i dont get it... how does that work out?

Russian dolls don't work for me either. Max, was there a clue for it?

dial puzzle gives color clue for 3 color flower puzzle

My dolls don't work either.

No, just the 3571. Also The dial clue was a little wonky, I think the 1st one may have been reversed. I think I am nearly done with game. After I finish, I can go back and recheck the russian dolls clue.

I opened this game again and tried lots of combinations using 3571 on the dolls. I think it eventually worked on 1753 or 1753.

Still missing a face though. Is there one in the shaking bush?

There was a face hidden in the yellow flowers above where you place the headdresses, found it by chance. Completed game, going back to re-check russian dolls for everyone.

No, I have the face from the yellow flowers.

Russian dolls are 3517!

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks Brandy

Oh Brandi, sorry for misleading people. I thought I had started with 17, but that must have come after the 35 from a previous attempt.
Found my last face by the way, I had only checked the mouth of one of the helmeted guys.

finally out. good game G4k!

Rats! On my 2nd game, 3517! Looks Like GK messed up their clues, sorry for bad clue previously

Also, on the dials, the clues is S W E, but I used N W E.

Russian dolls worked with 3517

went to all the trouble of flowers colour & it won't work til clue, thanks Maximom for arrow clue

& out nice game clues a bit off but enjoyed it thanks all for hints

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