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Ancient Treasure Room Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Treasure Room Escape

CoolGames8 - Ancient Treasure Room Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. You are a famous treasure hunter, and this is the greatest opportunity you to be able to hunt for treasure in a fashioned room filled with the greatest treasure in the history, but once you get there is not easy to get out because you have to solve a number of puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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every time you click on the compass in first scene it shows another result.
I will collect and place things for right now.

after placing some items puzzles/ clues will show on scenes

Numbers from compass in first scene matches the numbers in scene 5 on wall

Wow first time in a long time I hit a live game.

set clock to time given by roman numeral clues to get "blood jar"

Clock in last scene gives jar. Use roman numerals to set the time

Hey maximom and Wendy :) Glad I am not alone

The trick to setting the colors on the puzzle by the left arrow in room 4 is to set you accessibility magnifier to about 300% so you can zoom in on the puzzle, on the bottom row change the color of the middle left square to red so that you can see the interlock, then very carefully click on the non-red interlock on the far left bottom square 3 x. Otherwise you end up in the scene to the left. Then change that middle square back to the original color. Note: 1=original color, so 2 means click once.

Hi Gika! These are my favorite CG8 games, wouldn't miss this!

In room with swinging silver balls, for the symbol puzzle, look at the clue paper top line, look for a pattern, you will get a blood jar if done correctly.

thanks maximom, but where did you fid the color hint??

HINT: for number puzzle in room 2, use 1st and 2nd lines of clue paper from room 5. You get a tabla if done correctly.

Gika, last scene, appx middle of scene, left of skull, or use tab key to find.

HINT: be sure to place inventory items in their outlines in scenes. Placing items causes puzzles/clues to appear in other scenes.

Oh I didn't even see that. Thanks Maximom!

having trouble with the color thing close to the navigation arrow. :( I even zoomed in

HINT: Room 3 under inventory bar is a color clue and clue for swinging balls.

Gika, try clicking on the non-color interlock about 3 interlocks up on the bottom left square. Try to get your cursor as close as possible to the other square.

On the swinging balls it is nearly impossible to tell when the far right ball is horizontal so just keep trying. If done correctly you will get an "ornament".

Hint: for color puzzle in room 4, use the color hint that starts with white.

If color puzzle in room 1 is done correctly, you get a "jado".

But why would you put something so close to the navigation arrow that makes things so difficult and make player so FRUSTRATED to play the game????

Number puzzle in last room gives an "ancient frame" if done correctly.

Gika, they have done that before and it is really irritating. It almost makes the game unplayable.

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Now I can move on lol

For grid puzzle in room 2, clues are as follows: numbers from spinning dial in room 1, colors from hint paper under inventory bar in room 3, and XO pattern from black box in room 5.

If grid puzzle in room 2 is done correctly, you get a tabla.

Got a "frame" from doing the 6-7-8 in room 3

Hint: shuffle inventory items between rooms to trigger clues and puzzles. So far I have moved around the ancient frames and ancient pictures.

Got ancient picture from doing symbol puzzle in room 3.

Gika, I may have a bug in room 3. I have a black box with the XO clue, identical to the box in room 5, but no puzzle. It appeared after I shuffled some items around.

Spoiler for color in room 4


Oh No Maximom what have you moved around to trigger that??

have you done the 4#'s in Room2??

Gika, got me! The only item I am missing is an ancient frame and that comes from doing a puzzle in that room.

For the swing balls I double clicked really fast on the middle ball, once the right side one was in the air.

I have done all the puzzles, just need the last ancient frame to escape. There are 45 inventory items in this game and I have placed 44/45.

I am missing "tabla" and "frame" and I still haven't done the 4#"s in room 2 and last room.

Gika, you will get a frame from the number puzzle in the last room and a table from the number puzzle in room 2.

"tabla" not table!

where is the clue for numbers in last scene?

Oh I am missing 1 "ancient picture" too

Gika, clue paper in swinging balls scene, same clue paper for for both number puzzles.

I tried using those numbers but no success :) I will try a different combo

MAximom- I can see the other Box with OX in my game too

I got an "ancient picture" from doing the dial puzzle in room 1 (took forever) and the symbol puzzle in room 3.

Maybe for the second XO symbols we have to use the second line of symbols from paper.

Gika, that XO black box should only be in room 5. What other room did you find it in??

Do you mind giving me other hint for the 4#'s??? I have tried a lot of numbers

The one you were talking about that appeared in room 3

But mine box in room 3 I can still see and click on symbols

Sure, first I will hint how to solve: Look at light-colored numbers in row 1, look at numbers below them in row 2, 1,2,3,4, that tells you what order to use the numbers. These numbers go in room 2 (4829)

Same process for last room, use light-colored numbers in row 3 and note what number (1,2,3,4) is directly below them.

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Thanks so much. That makes so much sense now :)

Underground Railroad Escape, the same game

The clue for this will appear in Scene 5 (the first row are the digits for the code and the second row is the order, giving you ‘4829 and 6375’)

So I guess I am only missing the "ancient picture". which by your comment early I will have to so the dial puzzle


what is the logic for the dial in room 1??

I can't not even think anymore :( :(

Gika, as far as I can figure, just keep clicking on the dial until it lines up exactly on 5-24. When you get it right, the dial will go back into the scene and the ancient picture will appear on top of the dial. If someone has a better clue, maybe they can post it.

Gika, at this point I consider myself done! CG8 saves your games so you can always come back later.

And I am out.

For the symbols in room 3. Use the second line for clue in last room.

Maximom I got the ancient picture from the dial at the beginning of the game. I was just playing with it and I got it. I thought it was always there lol

For the symbols look for a pattern in the second line (just like the first)

Gika, see you on the next one!

Did you made it out?

Thanks for great hints as always Maximom. I hope to see you soon :)

No, couldn't finish. Might try to replay tomorrow, though. With all the hints in my notes, should go pretty quickly.

No game, 1 star

The clue for dial in room 1 is in Room 5. There are gray numbers (5-24) below top right place for "Jado" . It is really hard to see is by what looks like an entrance on the right side.

Keep in mind that some puzzles/clues will appear according to what room you place the items.

“Blood jar” from clock Room (roman numerals)

“Ancient picture” from dial room 1 (clue in Room 5- gray numbers on wall not paper)

“Blood jar” from symbols in room 5 (clue in room 6- use first row- pay attention on symbols that repeat or have a pattern)

“Ancient coin” from color panel in Room 4 (clue in room 6- number 1= 0 clicks)

“Tabla” from room 4 color puzzle (clue is from paper in Room 3 top right behind inventory- use 2nd row for order follow the line to 1st row for the colors)

“Ornament” from silver swinging balls (clue is in top right paper behind inventory)- click on middle ball when right ball is up.

“Jado” from doing colors in Room 1 (clue is in Room 3 (use 1st row for order follow the line to 2nd row for colors)

“Ancient picture” from room 3 symbol box (clue is in room 6 (second row of symbols, pay attention on symbols that repeat with a pattern)

“Tabla” from doing number box in room 2 (clue is in room 5- look @Maximom comment @9:10 pm for more detail)

“Ancient frame” from numbers in room 6 (clue in room 5- in same paper as the above)

“Tabla” from room 2 grid (combine numbers from dial-room 1, XO box in room3 and word color from room 3 paper)

“Ancient frame” from 6-7-8 paper in room 3 (paper is below inventory on right side of second column)
using A-B-C = (AxBxC)(A+B+C)(A+B)(C-B)

Place all objects and go past the last room and you are out.

Maximom you were missing the "Ancient frame" from 6-7-8 paper. Look at my walkthrough above, it's the last on the list.

Gika, thanks so much! Even with my magnifier I couldn't see that puzzle without your hint! And out! Also your walkthrough is very helpful!

I couldn't have done without you Maximom. Great team work :)

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The disc stops at the 5-24, when it begins to move the arrow and reach the number 13, you should click on the arrow. Several times tried. Working.

I do not understand. I have not seen in this game hint - A-B-C = A * B * C, A + B + C, A + B, C-B. It is, or it was necessary to look for such a game to know how to solve the 6-7-8?

Nafanja- There is no ABC clue. This is the format they always use.

Cant figure out the symbol clue for the two boxes from the clue in last scene - what am I missing?

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